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As a Teenager, everyone makes mistakes and they aren’t bad. Mistakes are a sign of constant effort and learning. Teenage is the time when you fall and rise, and it builds your personality that lasts forever.

Smart people learn from their mistakes, but the real sharp ones learn from other’s mistakes. And knowing the mistakes can help you avoid them as a teen.

Here are the 11 mistakes all teens need to avoid,

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1. Procrastination

Procrastination is the most common mistake that everyone did as a teenager. Procrastination is about delaying everything or doing it at the last moment.

Procrastination can cost you many things in life. I also had the habit of procrastination. And when it comes to school assignments or exam preparation, I always relied on my last-moment strategies.

Procrastination can be good shortly but later it makes everyone regret it. If you avoid procrastination, it will help you reach your goal really quickly.

To learn some strategies to avoid procrastination, click here.

2. Having Insecurities

In the Teenage years, many have a lots of insecurities. They usually become insecure about social judgment, self-identity and facing the unknown.

Having Insecurities lowers your efficiency, it affects you in day-to-day activities, and it makes you self-obsessed. It also affects self-confidence, sleep, and cause aggression, anxiety, and even depression.

Every person is born with their own gifts and drawbacks. And the factors they think as bad, aren’t that bad.

Not only Teenagers but everyone should focus on their strengths rather than their weaknesses, instead of criticizing.

3. Bonding with Wrong People

From 13-23 years of age, you meet a lot of temporary people. But the problem begins when you try to stop or change these people. The solution is really simple.

If you don’t like spending time with someone, then simply don’t spend time with them.If you have any negative person around you, just cut them off.


4. Not having a balance between career and social-life

This is one of the biggest mistake Teenagers make and regret it later. They either focus too much in their career or their enjoyment. They don’t understand either the importance of career or social life.

So, I would tell a teenager to have a balance between then both. You can neither live a unsuccessful nor a unsatisfied life. You need to be satisfied and successful both.

5. Not spending time family and friends

Teenager often think that “now they are cool, they have grown up”, so they don’t need to spend time with family and friends. But they forgot something.

The time they spend with friends and family stays forever. The people are with you now, won’t be with you forever. 

Not too much but atleast spend 15 minutes a day with your family and friends. Enjoy your life and have a balance.

Make more memories instead of money.

6. Ignoring your Passion

Many teenagers choose or get forced to choose money instead of passion. They ignore things they enjoy and choose something they don’t like. At the end, they end-up living a depressing life.

You can earn the same (or more) money from your passion. You just need to explore it and invest time in it.

” The Most Successful People Follow Passion not Paychecks. “

7. Believing everyone or everything

There are lots of innocent people who easily trust everyone. The world is not what it seems, it will need some life experience to understand it.

Those movies aren’t real. Most of the celebrities are not good role models, most of them are used to influence you. Don’t Believe on everyone or everything.

Doubt them and ask questions before letting anyone anything that they can use against you. Be ready for both good and bad. 

Before you go and trust anyone, ask yourself “Wait a minute, Is this really true?”

Never jump to the conclusions, to assumptions and to think “I am right.” Because there is always more to the story.

8. Being arrogant and aggressive

It’s not a mistakes but a problem. Many teenagers can’t control their anger and they became arrogant about everything. This also affects your relationship with your friends and family.

Teenagers need to control themselves and understand the root deeply.

(Click here to learn how to deal with anger)

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9. Having a Fixed Mindset

People with fixed mindset believes that their intelligence, their talent and the basic abilities are fixed traits. Having a fixed mindset doesn’t allow them to grow.

A Fixed Mindset can be the worst thing for teens or even adults.

Everyone you should know the difference between fixed and growth mindset. And have a growth mindset to grow in life.

10. Teens take either Late or hasty decisions

Many teenagers either take hasty decision or a really late one and even don’t take any decision at all.

Just ask these questions before taking a big decision;

  • What will the consequences be?
  • How will it influence me?
  • What are my other options?
  • Is it really the right time?
  • Is it the right thing to do?

Don’t take late or a early bird decision in life or you will regret it later.

11. Not Spending time wisely

Teenager often think that they are young and have more than 60+ years time. But they often forget that not everyone live a long life. I personally know some people who died in their 30s.

They waste their time in games, movies, social media, etc.

Teenagers have the time, energy and freedom. If this time is used wisely, it will change your life forever.

Common but Productive Things to do in life;

  • Read books
  • Learn new skills
  • Explore new stuff (e.g- start a blog)
  • Learning a new language

Lastly, focus on being productive instead of busy.

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Here is your summary:

  1. Procrastination
  2. Having Insecurities
  3. Bonding with wrong people
  4. Not having a balance between career and social life
  5. Not spending time with family and friends
  6. Ignoring your passion
  7. Believing everyone or everything 
  8. Being arrogant or aggressive
  9. Having a Fixed Mindset
  10. Late or Hasty decisions
  11. Not spending time wisely
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