11 Great Morning Habits for a Healthy Mind (and Body)

11 Great Morning Habits for a Healthy Mind (and Body)

By Yabesh Dutta

In this blog, we will share with you 10-morning habits that improve your both mental and physical health. These habits will help you overcome laziness, procrastination and make your life better in every aspect. You can pick up the habits most suitable for you and if found this helpful share it with your friends. 

1. Wake up early 

Waking up early can be a challenge when you can sleep instead, but it’s possible. It’s tough at the start, but with time you start to master it. Waking up early makes you productive, focused, feel energetic, improves sleep quality, etc. We enjoy nature, peace, quietness, wet grass with the beauty of the sunrise.

Even if you are the latest riser, you can become an early bird. You just need practice and commitment to achieve it. 

We know it’s tough in the beginning. Therefore, we have 8 tips on how to get up in the morning.

2. Drink a tall glass of water 

Did you know: About 75% of the brain is made up of water. That means, dehydration even as small as 2%, can affect how your brain functions and can cause acute changes in memory and attention. After 7-8 hours of sleep, our body gets dehydrated and according to Harvard Medical School, this may dry up our brain cells and may cause laziness, frustration, or headaches.

It is best to drink one or two glasses of water as you wake up; This will give a boost to your metabolism and remove the toxins from your body. Additionally, it’s better to drink the water slowly while sitting on your bed or on a couch. 

3. Make Your Bed

William H. McRaven has said, “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed” in his incredible graduation speech on youtube. Even David Goggins, who is known as the world’s toughest man, explains (in his book Can’t Hurt Me) how —when he had to leave back his loser self and improve in his life then he started off by waking up early and making his bed. 

There is a psychological reason behind making your bed and that’s the reason why it’s also followed into the military. Making your bed correlates with discipline and when you complete making your bed your brain gets the signal that you completed doing the first task of the day, which motivates you to complete more tasks in your day. 

4. Listen to Music

A person’s music taste shows his or her personality. And listening to a particular type of music alters your mood and can make your entire day good or horrible. If you listen to classical, calm, or instrumental music at the beginning of the day, it will make your mood calm, positive, happy, or motivated. 

Don’t listen to any rock, aggressive, or rock music but a calm and instrumental one. You can listen to rock and hip-hop any time in the day but try to avoid them in the morning.

5. Read Books 

If you’re looking for a good start to your day, reading some pages of a good and inspiring book might be the thing for you. “Leaders are readers“, every successful person knows the importance of reading books. This allows you to not only gain knowledge but also to learn what the best minds learned in their lives. You can start by reading biographies of successful people or some inspiring stories for at least 10-15 minutes. 

We recommend the book “Life Changers: Dreamers & Doers” by Robert H. Schuller. This book has many short inspiring stories of 1-2 pages. This will allow you to read a new inspiring story enough for your morning motivation, even if you have 10 to 15 minutes. 

6. Deep Breathing

For most people, even meditation for 10 minutes is very difficult. However, doing some Deep breathing is easy to adopt as a habit and also works pretty much the same. Deep breathing has many benefits like feeling calmness and peace, improved focus and concentration, a decrease in stress, anger, and anxiety with a boost in energy levels, and much more. 

If you struggle with stress and overthinking then deep breathing is beneficial for you. There are many ways to practice deep breathing. It doesn’t matter how you do it, however, we suggest you start by simple deep breaths for 2-5 minutes minimum to the maximum you want. 

7. Move your body 

Orthopedic Surgeon Glenn G. Shi says that doing a good proportion of stretching for some time decreases the chances of injuries in your bones and joints, benefits muscle growth, relieves muscle pain, keeps stable blood pressure, and allows oxygen to your brain. If you struggle with laziness or have pain in your body, doing 10 minutes of stretching may help you fix the problem.

So if you only do 10 minutes of proper stretching each morning, stretching every part of your body. Then, you will feel more flexible and active for the entire day.

8. Take Sunlight

Sunlight for humans is as important as for any other animal. It provides us with Vitamin D and increases the production of serotonin (also known as the happy hormone) in our brain. Further, Sunlight positively affects the General Cognitive function which improves and keeps our mood stable. 

Taking sunlight in the morning naturally makes you feel active and alert, because of the Circadian Rhythm (also known as the body clock.) You don’t need to even go out, just wideout the curtains and let light in. However, it’s better to go out.

9. Cold Shower

Taking a cold shower works effectively in the morning to eliminate laziness and make you more active. Cold showers are promoted worldwide by many productivity coaches, as it gives you a clear mind and also boosts your energy levels. Research shows that cold showers increase the count of white blood cells, which protects us from diseases. I also take cold showers every morning to get a more energized body, mood, and mind. 

10. Reflection

Instead of using your mobile phone, you can use the time to reflect on yourself and your life.

Peacefully think about your life, yourself, your goals, purpose, and your performance. Do your goals align with your purpose? And your actions align with the goals? 

Think about how your day should look and how you can improve your day. Use this time as a time for yourself. And ask deep questions to yourself.  

11. Plan Your Day

If you want your day to be just as you want, then you must follow the habit of planning your day. Giving just 10 minutes to plan your day can save hours, make you more productive, and do what is important. It keeps your brain organized and disciplined, increasing your overall performance.

You can use various ways or use many systems to do it more effectively. Most simply, you can write a list of actions you want to do on that day and set your priorities. Visualize when you will do each task and try to complete your top priorities first.

My Morning Routine 

Pre-Morning Routine:

  • Brush
  • Drink a Glass Of Water

Morning Routine:

  • Exercise (Mostly Walking)
  • Planning
    • Prioritization (using GTD)
    • Schedule the day (Time Blocking)
    • Tracking My Progress
  • Reading a Book

Post-Morning Routine

  • Learning a skill
  • Taking Some Courses

Final Thoughts

After going through the list and my morning routine, I am sure that you might have an idea of how your morning routine should look and which habits you need to include. Make sure to start easy and take small simple steps. You can start with just one habit but it’s important to start. Don’t worry, if you fail for a few days just try to be consistent.

If you have any suggestions, do comment below.

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