5 Most Stunning Mythology Books To Read in 2021

5 Best Mythology Books

To Read In 2021

By Priyanshi

We tell ourselves stories to live, and also in other to imagine. When life can be too real—with family to entertain, work to finish, and bills to pay. These Stories can be an escape into a different world of imagination.

By reading these Mythology books, not only you can imagine a different world, but can also better understand the society surrounding it.

Here are our picks for the best mythology books.


Mythology by Edith Hamilton

“Greek and Roman mythology are quite generally supposed to show us the way the human race thought and felt untold ages ago.”

Mythology‘ by Edith Hamilton, expresses the limited worldview of not only the author but the book itself. Primarily concerning the Greek and Roman myths and gods, Mythology collects some of the most famous stories in one place. Eighty of the world’s greatest myths and characters, from the gods of Greek mythology to the Norse heroes, retold and explained with engaging text and bold graphics.

All the greatest hits are here, including Jason and the Golden Fleece, the judgment of Paris and Fall Of Troy, and Oedipus’s folly at trying to escape fat,e and many more. Mythology also contains fewer myths and the histories of tragic families; the only kind that the Greeks had in their myths.

There are myths of tragedy and love, most of which end with a dead beauty who has caused the creation of unknown flowers. Greek and Roman myths are filled with passion and emotion; people do terrible things in the heat of passion, often finding intense regret and grief in the aftermath. Heroes do great things, but almost always end their lives in the tragedy. If someone is loved and they die, it is a safe bet that their lover will kill themselves in grief.

As someone who has a bit of interest in Greek mythology, this book is a perfect match.


Half blood

Half-Blood by Jennifer L Armentrout is the first book of her Covenant series.  This series is still unique on its own, however, and an awesome read. (If you do decide to read the books, then you’ll know what I mean when I say that the series is worth it just for Aiden and Seth). If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you read the Covenant series. It is based on Greek mythology and makes for a very entertaining read.

In Half-Blood, there are the Pures, a race of beings that descend from the Greek gods, and the Half-Blood, an offspring of a Pure and a human. Pures have it the best, they can be on the council, be a guard, or a sentinel which is a group of fighters that hunt and kill demons. Half-Bloods are either servants or, if they are lucky, they train to be either a guard or a sentinel.

Half-Blood brings a lot of themes to the table.  There is action, and romance, but there is a big theme here of class, and racism.  People who are either chosen to become a warrior, and protect the pure-bloods, or become a mindless (literally drugged into a zombie-like trance) servant, all because of the concentration of blood from God’s.  Pure Blood doesn’t have it easy either, often forced to marry so continue a pure line (which leads to affairs, which leads to half-bloods).  It’s a great book, and I am so looking forward to the rest of the series.

3. HARAPPA - Curse Of The Blood River

Harappa by Vineet Bajpai

“This book is one of the best read for mythology lovers.”

Harappa — Curse of The Blood River” is the magical mix of history, mythology, and fantasy that changes the thought process of readers; which in today’s world of entertainment is hard to come across. Harappa– Curse of The Blood River by Vineet Bajpai sits comfortably in this mythology sub-genre. The novel does work in a certain way since Vineet ensures that the story moves fast and the pace never drops – an essential trait for any thriller.

Harappa is the story of Vidyut and Vivaswan Pujari: two people separated by three millennia but joined by blood. The story of Vivaswan takes place in 1700BC i.e Harappa times and the story of Vidyut takes place in 2017. The storytelling is split into parallel tracks, with each following the story of our two protagonists in their respective chronological eras. The story oscillates from history to mythology, from the occult to religion, from exorcism to gunfight, from tantric to warriors, and from love to ambition. It knits 3700 years, powerful ancient and modern-day characters, and a nail-biting conspiracy–all in one literary thriller.

This book has everything that should be in mythology fiction but above all the writing skills of the author deserves a special mention. The way he has made this story gripping and unparallel page turn is something worth appreciating.

It’s a fantastic read for all the lovers of fantasy, magic, myth, something close to horror and history. Vineet Bajpai has woven a whole new reality with Harappa: Curse of the Blood River. Hats off to him.


The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan

The Hammer of Thor is the second book in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series from Rick Riordan, the author of the ultra-popular Percy Jackson series. While Percy Jackson lives half in the world of the Greek gods, Magnus Chase follows Norse mythology. As in all his series, Riordan sticks to his signature humor in the face of dire circumstances, so nothing gets too dark– not even the idea that Magnus is already dead and living in Valhalla.

Thor’s Hammer is missing again. The thunder god has a disturbing habit of misplacing his weapon– the mightiest force in the nine worlds. But this time the Hammer isn’t just lost, it has fallen into the enemy’s hand. If Magnus Chase and his friends can’t retrieve the Hammer quickly, Ragnarok will begin and everything will be destroyed. Magnus is just as amazing as he was in The Sword of Summer. He is witty and fun. He has his compassion with him, but, that’s why I like him, and maybe that is also one of his faults. He cares too much sometimes. And he will stop at anything to help his friends.

I don’t think there was anything that I didn’t like about The Hammer of Thor.
It’s one of those books that makes you laugh at, bit your nails, and nearly brings you to tears. It’s everything that you want in a book, wrapped into one. The Hammer of Thor not only showcases the characters that we already know and love, but introduces us to more that you cannot help, but fall in love with.

Overall, The Hammer of Thor is an engaging hilarious novel that takes you on a journey that you never want to leave. 

It’s about friendship, family, and finding out who you are. It’s nailbiting, entertaining and one for everyone.
I think all the avenger fan need this final book.


Raavan by Amish

The third book in his Ramachandra series, Raavan: The enemy of Aryavarta is one of the most engrossing and captivating reads I have come across The book follows Sita: The warrior of Mithila and Ram: Scion of Ishkvaku all multilinear narratives that form the background of the next two books, in which the characters come together in one grand narrative.

This book can be compared with an epic Bollywood film where you will see romance, drama, action, philosophical exchanges, and some humor too. But at its heart, Raavan: The enemy of Aryavarta is a love story. It’s moving in its simplicity and some parts are overwhelmingly grief-stricken and the emotional thread that runs through the book is straightforward, touching on clichés of love and loss.
But it is in these plain eyes that readers will probably find the greatest resonance.

Throughout the book, Raavan’s suffering, after losing the only woman he loved, is deep-seated and terrible. It eats him from within, while on the outside, he becomes the world’s wealthiest man– powerful, cruel, and ruthless. A fierce warrior, brilliant scholar, ruthless businessman, powerful king, artist, musician, and statesman all rolled into one, Raavan is known in mythology as the villain who kidnapped Sita, wife of mythical God, Ram, in the epic Ramayana.

The story Amish wrote after all of this is not only enlightening but thought-provoking,
particularly when it highlights problems such as the caste system, racism, patriarchal evils, poverty, addiction, and child abuse. Racy and well-paced, it’s almost akin to an uncensored Bollywood film – there’s gore, torture, violence, passion, and heart– which is bound to make it hit among fans and uninitiated readers alike.

Have you read any of these books? Or Do you think that we missed your favorite one?

Comment below. 

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