Why Stress Trap The Most? 6 Effective Things To Follow

6 Effective Things To Follow

So Getting anxious and stressed is getting very common these days.

In this Techno Era with a super uptight schedule, not only adults or youngsters but also teenagers and children aren’t able to keep up with the pace. This leads to stress.

The mental trauma is getting very serious. This is the need of the hour to get ourselves mentally stable for surviving happily in the traumatic times.


What are the possible reasons for being stressed??

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» Why you get stressed out?

» 6 Things That Reduce Stress

Deep Breaths

Break the monotony of your life


» Summary

Why We Get Stressed-Out?

Social Anxiety

In these times of pandemic and social distancing, all of us are facing great trouble in meeting people and getting ourselves mingle with them. Many of us don’t know how to get along with people easily. How to make bonding with strangers.

Also, so many people have different kinds of phobia as some people are frightened of getting onto the stage in performing what they want to in front of thousands of people. some people are frightened of getting to meet people in a social gathering.

These are some main examples through which we can see how everyone is dealing with their own kind of problem and trying to overcome it in whatever way possible. But the one thing we do not acknowledge is that every person has to face a tremendous amount of stress in overcoming these weaknesses and turning it into a strength. Some people even stop trying because of the stress they have to deal with.

Work and Over-Productivity

In this very competitive world, all of us try to compare ourselves with some other person who is trying to do miracles in his life. We continuously downgrade our self-belief and self-esteem by thinking that we are of no good and everyone else except us are doing great in their life.

Also, we force ourselves too much to be over-productive because we have been doing nothing for many days or months. One thing you all must know is that following a very hectic schedule will not make you happy and productive but it can definitely make you a stressful and dejected person.

Being relaxed is one of the main requirements to be healthy and ray. Sleeping and taking rest is as important as doing your task and household chores.

Grievances Against Past

This is basic human behavior that for no reason we keep on holding to past memories even if they hurt us. Past events keep coming back and haunt you. Sometimes, other people against whom we have complaints, we try to blame them to make ourselves feel a little better but sometimes it’s our own actions which we regret.

Both of them are not right. To blame anyone or anything from the past and getting sad over the choices you had made in the past is only going to make you more stressed. Because everyone knows you can not change the past. But what you can change is the future by not Overthinking and making better decisions.


But we all can admit that nobody wants to be stressed. And we all think we get helpless in stressful situations. So here are some small steps you can take to get relieved from stress.

6 Things That Reduce Stress

Deep breaths

This is one of the go-to methods that I follow whenever I find myself amidst a situation I cannot fight with full strength. Whenever I feel exhausted or getting stressed I just close my eyes and start taking deep breaths. You can count on me on this that is method definitely works.

Not only in the anxious or stressful times but also when you are losing your temper and don’t know how to deal with difficult people and difficult situations just start breathing deeply and slowly. This is the instant stress-buster.

Break the monotony of your life

Being monotonous in your daily life is one of the reasons people tend to get stressed and anxious. Following the same routine 24×7 can make you more of a puppet. As you will only be getting up to complete a certain task and then you merely live as an active human being which needs happiness and interesting things his life.

For example, in a day to day life, you have to go to your office, complete your task, come back and have your dinner and then go back asleep after binge-watching.

You can break the monotony of our life by just having a walk on your terrace on cool breezy Nights with utter silence. Maybe listening to music or reading a nice book can also help you to break the monotonous routine. And make you a little more active throughout the day.

It is a myth that if you follow a certain uptight schedule and you can be productive and happy. But according to my, it is a wrong notion and what right is that -by being overprotective we can only make our mind more stressed, which will not only lead to some weakness but will also affect our upcoming day and tasks.


This may sound a little tiring but believe me and science also says that when you exercise, different kinds of hormones generate within your body which really help you to relieve stress and feel happier.

Giving your body a little physical stress can help you a great deal by distracting your mind from negative thoughts and energies. And also help you to focus and concentrate on the positive things which can uplift your mood within no time.

If you are also one of those people who do not like working out at any point of time in the day then you can relate to me. I was one of you and always tried to make excuses for not working out. Excuse maybe your studies or your hectic schedule but once you train your mind to work out even if only for 15 minutes. It can make your day a lot better just by giving few minutes of your day to work out.

Start with something you like as some people like dancing so you can do Zumba or any other kind of dance activity as your workout. Other people may like running or playing any kind of sport like football or cricket. It can also help you to relieve stress. Some people like swimming they can follow that is a workout routine which is also a great stress buster.

Yoga, meditation, and a Balanced Diet

Yoga and meditation can be said as extensions to exercise and breathing techniques. But these two methods need proper time and procedure. As many yoga positions will help you to relieve stress but you will need to follow them daily as they will not yield results instantly.

The same goes with meditation you will not notice the result within one day or one week. But when you practice it daily for months then you can definitely feel the body responding more effectively. And you can feel the change but following these two methods.

Also having a properly balanced diet will enhance the capacity of your body to deal with stress. A proper diet with a good amount of nutrients will add value to the results of yoga and meditation. These are the methods that need proper dedication and consistency to yield better results.

Clear your thoughts

Clear your thoughts either by writing them down or by talking to yourself in your mind. This is one of the methods I personally use a lot. When I am in great confusion and I do not want to talk to anyone else. Or if I don’t know how to put my thoughts into words before anyone else, then I simply talk to myself in my head just by closing my eyes. And instantly I can feel my thoughts getting assembled properly.

The second thing which I do is that write down my thoughts in a diary when I have the proper time and energy to do it. Sometimes there are things you want to say out loud but you can not do it due to certain conditions. As those words might hurt people… Then this is the best method to clear the clutter inside your head without thinking about anybody else.

Spend time with family and friends

When you think that you are of no good and can not do your work properly, just go to your family or any other friend who you think will understand your condition and problem and HAVE a conversation.

But one thing you have to keep in your mind is that those people are your friends and not your therapist so never assume that they will have the solution to your problems. But having a conversation can help you to gain perspective of different people and then you can be in a better position to deal your problems with.

A friend or your family can help you to solve your problem but it is you who have to take the initiative to solve it.
So have a nice and long conversation with your go-to person. Even if they don’t have a solution to your problem but getting a burst of good laughter with them can really help you to relieve your stress.

Medicals Prescription

This is in the extreme condition when you think that your mental health condition is getting worse and none of the above methods is helping you to feel better. Then feel free to go to a therapist and get medicines prescribed by a psychiatrist.
Mental health problems are real and every one of us must take them seriously.

Getting stressed over things is normal. But if nothing is helping you then seeing a doctor is the best option in that case.

Nowadays everyone is stressed facing anxiety or mental health problems. One thing you all must know is Stress on normal.

Dealing with stress is also normal but if the frequency of being stressed and anxious is getting more and more with time then you should know the problem is getting serious.

6 In Short!

» Deep Breaths

»Break the monotony of your life

» Exercise

» Yoga, meditation, and a Balanced Diet Strategies 

» Clear Your Thoughts

» Spend Time with family and friends

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