7 Easy Stressbuster Activities To Do in Lockdown

7 Easy Stressbuster Activities

To Do in Lockdown!

By Vibhuti

There are different kinds of people in the world. Some of us like to plan every small activity which is going to happen in the near future while some of us like to go with the flow and feel what happens. But one thing which is common to both type of people is that we all look forward to all the interesting events which is going to happen soon.

But we all know what happened in the year 2020 (actually in 2019). No one could have ever imagined that we all have to live like caged creatures that too in our own houses. Everything became very unpredictable that it made very difficult for everyone to keep up with the same behaviour and deal with various emotions.

So everyone of us is trying to escape with this situation and are in dire need of some great stressbusters to relax.

Is working out, yoga and meditation are Stressbuster activity?

I know it’s very important to build up your immunity and be more healthy as this is the need of the hour. All these can happen with proper diet and some regular exercise which helps you gain your stamina and immunity.

Many people before the pandemic who were in their twenties usually were so busy with their studies, career, socializing with friends or with different people to build a business that they rarely got any time to focus on their health. Which makes it difficult for them to do these activities as a stressbuster. Although you should do some regular mind relaxing, stretching and breathing exercise for maintaining good health but I don’t consider it as a delightful or joyous stressbuster activity.

Obviously intense working out session yoga practice and meditation helps you to relieve stress in the most dreadful situations. But I am not including these as we all know about benefits of doing these exercises. But come on it takes a lot of motivation to stand up daily and follow these practices on a daily basis. As the pandemic has hit our life and shook us completely it’s already hard enough to getup and do our daily household chores. And amidst all these as most of us don’t want to leave our bed and blanket …so it’s very difficult to find a motivating force which tell you to work out.

Therefore I am telling you some light mood lifting stressbuster activities which are really beneficial and helpful in relieving stress while you are at home whether because of lockdown or not.

7 Easy Stressbuster Activities in Lockdown

1. Break the Monotony

Bad habits

While reading this article just take a second and rewind all the events and recall what was the last time you changed the orientation of the things in your room. Maybe not so recent. You know what when we keep repeating and doing same things and activities regularly for quite a few days it becomes our habit. And these habits can be good but also bad as well you never know when one of your good habits turn into an obsession and will make you a freak who is never ready to accept any kind of change.

Therefore it is very necessary to break the monotony of a life and do small changes in life.

For example changing side of your bed to the different corner of your room just so you can experience what does it feel to sleep at different side of the bed. Or you can change bed sheet which is in coherent relation with the bedroom colour and gives you a positive Vibe.

You can also decorate your room with all the the accessories you have always wanted like beautiful Dream-catcher or fairy lights or posters of your favourite fantasy character or you can draw a painting on the wall.
You can always add the scent of your favourite smell in your room. Do anything to break the monotonous tone and then feel the positivity it brings to you.

2. Take a walk on your terrace.

Due to so much hustle bustle in the life, our generation has forgotten to appreciate nature around us. Spending some time with nature can really bring great changes in our lives .

In the evening time just go to your terrace Take a walk gazing at the Green Leaves waving back to you as if these are welcoming you in their home. At the night time while walking down the street feel the breeze touching your face, moon light shining brightly providing you all the peace and tranquility.

And gazing at the stars up in the sky while lying down brings you coolness in life. All these things might look like a poetry by William Wordsworth or Robert Frost but believe me when you do all these things , they actually can do great wonders and will definitely act as a great stressbuster activity . The lockdown has provided you with ample amount of time so why not try it and feel the very bliss of nature .

3. Arrange your room

Organise your Room

We all can agree to this fact that while we work from home there is a huge lot of mess created in our bedroom. It drives us crazy, some of us might feel it and others may not . But it definitely affects our subconscious mind and makes us irritable .

So this is a great stressbuster activity to clean up all the junk . It may include arranging your cupboard and keeping all the clothes in a particular method and getting rid of all the clothes which you no longer need. Also you can arrange your desk where you do your office or school work so that next time when you get to it you don’t feel irritated after seeing it.

You can arrange the other draws and cupboard where you keep other stuff which is lying around in an unordered manner that it makes it very difficult for you to find one thing which you need at a particular time.

Cleaning your environment can untangle the mess in your head and can make you little bit more sorted. and when I talk about cleaning up the junk I also consider the digital junk which has been created in your laptops ,PCs ,IOS and Android phones.

You can arrange all the folders in a proper systematic order so that it it is easier for you to find specific file. It will not only help you to become more arranged but you will notice that while doing it… You will come across many photographs or videos you have taken long time back with your friends , families or pets. And after watching all of them these can really bring you a smile which can make you forget all the stress you have been having all the time.

This also work on the physical photo albums…. You can go through it to have a nice time and relive all the memories. This activity is really effective as a stressbuster.

4. Do an ammature painting

Many of us may be good at painting and many of us may be not. But here we are not judging ourselves on how good or bad we are at painting , sketching or using brush. Just take a pen, pencil, paintbrush whatever you feel like and is convenient to you and just start doing whatever you feel like.

You need not to have any kind of skill to do this. you may start with dooling as according to my experience this is one of the best way to analyse my thoughts as i doodle whatever way I feel like. You can also paint a picture of nature, sketch of anything or making a portrait of your parents friends etc. Believe me it is one of the best Stressbusters.

5. Take a Long Bath

Bath: Stressbuster

We really underestimate the fact that a long hot shower can really help you to relax. When your sensory organs comes in contact with water it calms down your temperature and have a soothing effect on your body. Hot shower as a stressbuster is really effective.

You can also add some scented candles and light music to the aura.

Also if you have a pool in your apartment you can sit and put your feet inside water. It also provides you a cooling effect. It’s a great Stressbuster after a hectic schedule throughout the day.

6. Have a conversation with yourself


This lockdown or pandemic has given us the opportunity to reconnect with our old friends, relatives who live across in different cities, states or overseas. Definitely it’s a great Stressbuster to talk to your friends and bond with them once again as your hectic work schedule never allowed you to do so before. Also sit and chit-chat with your parents and siblings about your life, interests, opinions and get them know you better.

But besides all this do not forget to sit idle and have a conversation with yourself. Today’s life is surrounded by technology that even when we are alone we are not lonely. We do not give us Anytine to think about life and different situations.

Think and notice even when you are alone You put aur earpods on and listen to music and podcast which is also Stressbusters but due to all this we forget to spend time with ourselves. Bring positive vibes to yourself and think about good things in your life. This is one of the reason why our generation is so confused with everything what happen in their life. Learn to channelize your thoughts. This exercise will not only give you perspective but also is a Stressbuster activity.

7. Do Something you are afraid to do in front of people.

homepage-break your limits

Life always gives you chance to live it in one or the other way. All of us are not good at everything, there is always some activity you want to do but you are always afraid of the judgements. So this is the time pull up your socks and go for it.

If you want to dance but do not know how to do it, then probably start by doing whatever you know and just start grooving on beats. Further you can watch tutorial videos on YouTube and learn from there.

If you want to cook or bake anything, just go in the kitchen and spend some time with the ingredients but only condition to be taken care of is “Do not hurt youself”. So if you enjoy the process of cutting, cooking and plating , then it doesn’t matter if the food item is edible or not. You should have fun this is the only motive of this Stressbuster activity.


Different body reacts in different ways to the same situation. So probably your way of showing frustration and being stressed is very different with how others show it. But the very core of the problem remains the same.

So these were different types of stressbusters which you can try according to your mood and priority. We all need a break with all the negative thoughts and stress we are going through.

Hope this helps you to make your life little better and happier. If you find any stressbuster activity helpful, then do share it with your friends and family members and help them relieve their stress.

Which one is YOUR favourite Stressbuster?

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