By Yabesh Dutta

What is Productivity? It is about quality or quantity?

What are the ways to increase productivity? What productivity depends upon? Can you learn to be productive?

Productivity In a Nutshell

Productivity is not about being busy and overloaded all day. It is about how efficiently you used your time. It is about both quality and quantity!

Productivity can be measured in two ratios input and output. An Input is your time, effort, money, or any resource used to create a result and the output is the quantity and quality of the result. The smaller the input to get to a result, the more productive you are.

You can increase your productivity by sharpening your saw(skills) and getting more thing done.

Productivity= Output/Input

Let’s say Nikhil can complete a task in 2 days. And you can do the same task in one day with the same quality. Then you’re 50% more productive than Nikhil!

“Focus On Being Productive Instead Of Busy”


7 Ways To Increase Productivity

Most people have desks stacked and unfinished projects. They want to be more productive, but they aren’t because of their bad unproductive habits. They are more reactive rather than proactive.

The only solution is- to break bad habits and make new productive ones and take charge of your workdays.

Here are the 7 Ways To Increase Productivity,

1. Manage And Track Your Time


If you want to be more productive, you need to become a master of your minutes. You should know how much you use or waste your time. You have to track your time.

People usually try to track the time in their heads. But according to research, only 17% of people are able to estimate the passage of time accurately. So, humans can’t track time in their heads.

That’s why you should track your time physically or digitally (whatever you prefer).

Here are some time tracking app:

  • Toggl Track
  • Harvest
  • Everhour
  • HourStack
  • RescueTime

2. Use the 2-minute rule (to stop procrastination)

You can never be productive if you procrastinate a lot. And the “2 Minute Rule” by David Allen is the simplest and easiest way to stop procrastination.

It works like this- “If you have any task which can take less than 2 minutes to do, then do it now.”

There is also another version of it. In which, you have turned a task or habit into a 2-minute version of it, so you can start doing it. Once you start doing a task it becomes easy to continue.

Almost anything can be turned into a 2-minute version:

  • “Go for 30-minute Jogging” becomes “Wear your running shoes.”
  • “Do 1-hour yoga” turn into “take your yoga mat out.”
  • “Complete an essay” turn into “mindmap key point.”
  • “Study for exams” becomes “open your notes.”

To complete something, first, you have to start it. Here the only purpose is to get you started. 

[Click Here to get some more tips to avoid procrastination]

3. Do not Multitask


Many people beliefs that they are good at multitasking but it is completely wrong! Your brains aren’t designed to multitask.

Multitasking kills your productivity and may actually physically harm your brain. Research suggests that switch between tasks can reduce productivity by 40%!

So stop trying to everything at once. Do one thing at a time instead and focus on only one thing.

If you struggle because lots of thoughts go around your mind while working, then simply write them down.

4. Delegate the tasks you could

If you’re a leader, manager, or work with a team, then you can’t and shouldn’t do everything yourself. You should delegate it to someone if you can.

Working under a lot of pending work just increases your stress. 

Delegating a task to someone, allows you to focus on higher-level tasks. It will also build trust between the team members and improve different skills.

“If you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to learn to delegate.”

-Richard Branson

5. Eliminate Distractions

If you’re doing everything perfectly but have distractions around you, then it will destroy your focus and productivity. You need to eliminate all the distractions around you.

Before you start your work eliminate everything which can distract you. And also tell everyone(if possible) not to disturb you while working.

If you’re distracted because of your though or worries about something. Then simply, write that down and tell yourself to review it later.

6. Take Productive breaks

Taking scheduled breaks can improve your concentration. But unproductive breaks are opposites.

Unproductive breaks are highly stimulating and addictive. They aren’t scheduled and lead to an unproductive state of mind.

Here are some examples of unproductive breaks:

  • Using Social Media (Without any time limit)
  • News article reading
  • Watching Netflix, YouTube…
  • Browsing Aimlessly

Productive breaks are less addictive and more relaxing. They are well scheduled and improve concentration.

Here are some examples of Productive breaks:

  • A Nap
  • Walking
  • Breathing exercises or meditation
  • Stretching
  • Doodle
  • Take a shower
  • And more+

7. Plan Your Tasks, A Day Before

Planning everything a day ahead helps you visualize your whole day and makes it more productive. It gives you the big picture of everything you will do.

It is not necessary for your day to go as planned but it’s better than an aimless day.

You can simply just make a to-do or tasks list before bed and review it in the morning.

Learning To Be Productive

You just have learned some ways to increase your productivity. But it’s not enough, you also have to practice it. The more you practice it, the more productive you become. It is like sharpening your saw.

So, whats your next step toward prouctivity?

Submitting It Up!

» Productivity= Output/Input

» Multitasking kills productivity

» Learn To Delegate

» Write down the things you want to stop thinking about 

» Take Productive Breaks

» Sharpen the Saw

Enhance Your Learning

1. What is Productivity?

2. Productivity is about the quality, quantity, or both?

3. Think about some ways to increase productivity?

4. What is Saw your need to sharpen?

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