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You’re are being lied, consistently. Sometimes by yourself.

We live in endless stream of misinformation, sometimes we are forced to believe and sometimes make own wrong beliefs.

We have heard a lots of myth about learning. Those myths limits your capabilities and mindset to learning. We have to identify those lies, to learn faster, better and in a joyful way.

Here’s The 7 Lies of Learning by Jim Kwik (in Limitless Book).

#1.Intelligence is Fixed

It’s actually a deep believe, we kept in our minds that Intelligence is Fixed. If someone is smart, we think it’s what he/she is (again I’m not talking about little sharma). 

Actually we are unfairly uncomfortable by the fact, that everyone is different. You are not a machine, we are not manufactured. So it’s common at some point someone can learn faster than you!

Why- A good question!

We have two sides of our brain(left brain and right brain). We need Left Brain to- learn and do math, facts, logic, linear thinking.We need Right Brain to- Creativity, intuition, big picture, emotions.

So if you can’t do math maybe you’re more creative. And it does mean that you can’t learn maths? You can but not by the way you are doing it now. You can visualize math and learn it in a creative manner. It’s Simple- If you’re struggling, learn it in another way.

Your Intelligence is not fixed, you can learn anything depending upon how you learn. We have some learning styles- different ways people learn.

You have to adapt a Growth Mindset instead of a fixed mindset. So keep in mind you can always grow.

Truth: It’s not how smart you are it’s how you are smart. There are lots of learning styles and different ways to learn, and you just have to find yours!!

New Belief: Intelligence is Fluid. It’s your ability to reason and think flexibly.

Salvador Dali's Quote

#2. We Only Use 1% Of Our Brains

Some of you heard this myth from your friends. This myth comes from some Sci-fi movies. That we use only 1% of our brain, and in the movie there is a guy with 100% unlocked brain! But it’s a complete myth.

The truth is we use every part of our brain, multiple times! Just like our hand and other parts of our body. Different parts of our brain plays different roles. 

so this myth isn’t true. In an interview with neurologist Barry Gordon from Johns Hopkins, said that this idea is “so wrong it is almost laughable.”

Truth: We use most of our brains. Some of us use our brain better than others. Just as most people use 100 percent of their bodies, but there are some bodies that are faster, stronger, more flexible, and more energized than others. Limitless is a book can help you use your brain more effectively (read more below).

New Belief: I am learning to use my whole brain in the best way possible.

#3. Mistakes Are Failures

Failure didn’t even exist. We often think our mistakes as failure. But Mistakes aren’t failure, Mistake is something positives, tells that you are doing something new and learning and growing.

Einstein said- “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

Even Einstein did makes mistakes but no one knows him more that, we only only remember him for his contributions.

So why we fear about making mistakes. It could be ingrained, at school by judging and punishing for your mistakes and measuring your capabilities depending upon a set of numbers.

Truth: Mistakes does mean failure. Mistakes are sign that you are trying something new. And make sure get a lesson after a mistake.

New Belief: There is no such thing as failure. Mistakes aren’t failure, they are to learn.

Quotes by Albert Einsterin Hd|lovebooks|Learning

#4. Knowledge is Power

We have heard this phase a lot- ‘Knowledge is power’. But we are lacking something Knowledge alone is nothing.

If you learn something and can’t use your Knowledge practically. It’s literally nothing! It’s actually lacking ‘Action’.

If you don’t know how to use Knowledge, sooner or later you will forget what you learned! So If you have Knowledge, you also need a practical use of it.

Truth: Knowledge is not power. It only has the potential to be power. And it only became power when you use it.

New Belief: Knowledge x Action = Power

#5. Learning New Things Is Very Difficult

Sometimes learning seem to be hard or challenging to do. But first we have to understand why that happens.

This happens because when you are learning something, you are trying to do it outside your present capabilities. So you have to improve your capabilities of learning.

The best thing a person can do is to learn how to learn, there are a lots of books for that.  And if you want a book, we suggest Limitless by Jim Kwik( To learn more click here).

Truth: Learning isn’t something hard. It only becomes hard when you go a way outside you comfort zone(only outside is good, not a way). You should work to improve your capabilities.

New Belief: If a person struggle with learning. Probably he don’t know ‘how to learn’.


#6. The Criticism Of Other people Matters

Kids are the fastest learner. Because they do what want they want to do, no matter what. They don’t think about what their friends and parents will think of them.

We do care what other people think. Can you go outside at rain and start jumping on mud? NO. That’s why this myth is too weird because even after we know the problem we can’t eliminate it.

It sometimes really hard to Ignore people’s criticism. You can also read the book- The Subtle Art of not giving a F*ck or some free summaries of it, if you want.

But think Kids fall 300 times and gets up every single time without an embarrassment. If Kids can ignore others, why you can’t?

Truth: Don’t take criticism from someone, you wouldn’t take advice. People will criticize you, no matter what you did. Don’t allow other’s opinions to run or ruin your life. 

New Belief: It’s not other’s job to like,love, or respect me. It’s mine.

#7. Genius Is Born

We think, we are not smart enough, and there genius people are just born genius.

Genius is not born. They are made through deep practice. Bruce Lee his entire childhood was a struggle and his inability to fit in. He always gets in fight due to his frustration and weak academic background.

But it was his consistent effort, of thousand of hours of deep practice, makes him great and the world still remembers him.

Truth: Greatness isn’t born, it’s grown. Through deep practice and consistent effort and deep practice.

New Belief: Genius is not born, it’s made through deep practice.

learning by JIm

Review Your New Beliefs

1. Intelligence is Fluid. It’s your ability to reason and think flexibly

2. I am learning to use my whole brain in the best way possible.

3. Mistakes aren’t failure, they are to learn

4. Knowledge x Action = Power

5. If a person struggle with learning. Probably he don’t know ‘how to learn’

6. It’s not other’s job to like,love, or respect me. It’s mine

7. Genius is not born, it’s made through deep practice


You have understand some common myths and changed them by your new beliefs. So let me give you some action steps to let the information shink in:

  • Take a good look inside you and if you believe some of these myths. And how it limits yourself.
  • Find a way to put this information into action. Because Remember! Knowledge x Action= Power. You can’t achieve anything by only knowledge without any idea of practical use of it.
  • Think about those situations you allowed other people’s opinion to run or ruin your life. Will you allow someone to do that again?

Try to complete at-least 2 action steps. And no excuses because you delays action, learning delays you!

“Give a person an idea, and you enrich their day. Teach a person how to learn, and they can enrich their entire life.”

– Jim Kwik

Learning How to Learn Book Recommendation

We have a lots of limiting belief and even after eliminating those beliefs, it’s not necessary you can learn anything easily.

And if you struggle with learning then, you probably don’t know ‘how to learn.

Then I will suggest you ‘Limitless by Jim kwik, founder of Kwik Learning.

Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life

– Jim Kwik

 Learn how to…

  1. Be Limitless and why it’s important.
  2. Find a Purpose
  3. Energize yourself
  4. Focus
  5. Study effectively
  6. Enhance Memory
  7. Speed read

…And more 

Note: The links of book are affiliate links. What is it? It is simple, whenever you buy a book from our link, you support Love Books. We stand for growth. That means you are indirectly helping people to grow in life with books.

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