8 Habits To Kill To Fast Track Your Health

8 Habits to Kill to Fastrack Your Health

Every time we have been advised by our elders, motivational speakers, and influencers that we have to adopt some basic good habits to live our lives more healthily. How good habits affect our health! And how it rejuvenates our whole body system with full energy and life!?

But one thing which nobody emphasizes is that there are some habits which are totally wrong for body mind and soul as well. These are some habits which we should totally avoid, as these are not contributing to a healthy lifestyle

Eating more than your appetite

Intake of more calories than your usual diet can affect your appetite and digestive process in a negative way. Overeating or stress eating can be a disorder that needs proper medical guidance. But just eating to fulfill your desire of eating delicious cuisine, because of not having any control, ignoring what is appropriate for yourself can cause health issues. It can lead you to drowsiness lack of concentration throughout the day also can lead to obesity in the future. Some of the reasons for overeating can be stress and boredom, and you tend to eat a lot of junk food and snacks subconsciously to get distracted from disturbing thoughts.

How you can stop over-eating?

First of all, while eating, try to eat slowly and have a watch on bites you take at once. When you chew your food properly and consciously eat whatever is on your plate, then there are very few chances of overeating. Secondly, when you realize that you have overeaten (which could be due to any reason) you can take a walk after the meal so that it will help in the digestion. As it will burn some calories, therefore it can be helpful in the prevention of the harmful effects of overeating

Not drinking enough water at regular intervals

Well, water is one of the most important fluids for our body. Almost all kind of mechanism going inside us is probably going with the help of water. Therefore, we are advised to drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day. Not drinking water can cause some problems like dull skin, upset stomach, low energy due to dehydration, abdominal pain, and many more. It can even cause some long-term issues such as kidney stones and in severe cases even failure. Hence we know why drinking water is essential for good health and why it is important for us to adopt a habit of more drinking water.

What can you do if you don’t remember to drink water?

There are several apps for making a track record of your Calories and water intake, so you can always use them. Even if you don’t want to use any kind of fancy app, just put a simple alarm with the label of “Drink water” and you can use it every one hour. So in this way you can drink water every time the phone vibrates. Also, there is another simple way, you can fill a water bottle and keep it next to you where ever you work. In this way, you don’t need to go to fill your glass again and again, and also whenever you see it you can just take a sip and can drink water at regular intervals.

Skipping Breakfast

This is one of the worst habits which you adopt in your teenage years. Probably, due to late-night studying and working, you don’t wake up at breakfast time and you try to skip it. Or maybe if you want to lose some weight you might try to skip breakfast. It can be good for the short term but it will not help you in the long run. In the initial days, maybe, you can lose some weight but gradually when you will start skipping breakfast every day your hunger will grow at the time you will eat lunch and will probably eat more than your required diet. In this way, you end up eating more, and also your metabolism becomes slower. It means the calories you take it will be a lot more difficult for you to burn them and you will end up gaining more weight.

What you can do to adopt a habit of eating breakfast daily?

The first thing you can do is try having a light breakfast. It will give you more nutrition and fewer calories, in this way you will feel light and will also have the energy for the day. You can control eating such that you can take at least half of the normal intake of the meal you generally take. Secondly, you can try eating less at the time of dinner. When you are not full at night you’ll automatically feel the need to eat something as soon as you wake up and in this way slowly you can generate the habit of eating all the meals of the day. Your metabolism will be faster And it will also keep you energetic healthy and fit.

Having a wrong posture

Sitting, standing, walking, and sleeping in the wrong posture can affect you worse than you think. When you acquire the wrong posture, your body slowly takes that shape and gradually it affects your muscles and degenerates joins. It will start causing pain in your neck, shoulder, back muscles, and joints and also can do spinal dysfunction.

What can you do to get a better posture?

While standing and walking you should not apply force only on one of your legs. Also, try to stand with your back and neck erect. While sitting you can take the help of a chair to keep your arms on the table or the armrest so that you do not bend when you are working. Also, you have to make a conscious effort in making your posture correct so that it will affect you badly in the long run.

Not getting enough sleep

There are many medical reasons for the lack of sleep such as stress, depression, high blood pressure, obesity, trauma, etc. With the reduced hours of sleep, you can become extremely sore and irritable, you can experience mood swings and it can badly affect your whole day.

Here are some ways which can help you to get some more quality sleep,

You should avoid using any screen or gadgets before your time to sleep. It engages your mind in other activities and it gets tired which will help you to get to sleep early. Also, you can try some physical activities in the evening time so that your body needs to take some rest and it will also increase the time of your quality sleep. You should also try to avoid any kind of caffeine intake so that it does not disturb the normal sleep cycle. In case of serious medical issues as insomnia, it is better to go to a therapist or a doctor so that you can have proper medical guidance and the proper procedure to follow to get quality sleep.

Eating late at night

Many research shows that eating late at night can affect our health badly. It will lead to weight gain and many other problems like indigestion, high level of blood glucose-insulin cholesterol.

What can you do?

You should adopt a habit of eating your last meal at least 2-3 hours before going to bed. It will enhance your digestion, and there will be no such problem as high cholesterol, high blood sugar, or high blood pressure. If you are really feeling hungry very late at night then also you should avoid food items high sugar and caffeine and food with high fats as chocolates, cheese, ice-cream, etc late at night. But you can eat some low-fat cereals, fruits or dry fruits so that it will diminish your hunger and also it will not be bad for your health.

Getting no physical exercise

We usually make many excuses to skip our workout routines and physical exercise. This is a habit you should never adopt. If you don’t work out, it can make you really unhealthy. It can even lead to many issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes obesity, and even heart diseases. It is often a myth that skinny people do not need any kind of physical activity as they will lose more weight. It is a wrong notion as doing workouts will make you internally fit, your muscles will grow stronger and your internal organs will work properly. If you do this you will not only become physically fit but also there will be very fewer chances that you will acquire some long-term heart disease or any other illness.

What can you do if you do not like workout sessions?

It’s not that you have to go to a gym or join any club to work out and become fit you can totally do some physical activity on your own, at your own pace, according to your convenience. You can any kind of workout which you like so that you do not get bored and it does not seem like a burden. For example, if you like dancing you can start with Zumba or any other dance workout. You can do rope skipping or swimming. Secondly, thing is that we often get laid back as there is no external pressure on us to perform any physical activity. Therefore, you can decide among your friends to work out together so that you will get a motivation to meet and do workout and in this way, you will also have a liability to perform physical activity every day. Hence, will adopt a habit of doing physical activity daily.

Wearing headphones all the time

The new generation, definitely including me, is surrounded by different kinds of gadgets. We are also particular about our privacy and space. We even in public gatherings are tempted to use our phones and headphones. Wearing headphones, earphones for your phones all the time can have a disastrous effect on your ears and brain as well.

As of now, this is the also kind of need of the hour that we have to use earplugs or headphones because we have our office meetings or school, college online classes, etc. What you can do to decrease your duration of wearing a headset in a day:

You can just stop doing these meetings, online classes. Sorry, for the lame joke. You can try and give a five or ten minutes break every half an hour so that your ears get exposed to the atmosphere and there will be fewer chances of growing any kind of bacteria or infection inside your ear canal. In this way, your ears and brain will also get some rest.

Secondly, you must always make sure that you do not listen at a very high volume. You should keep the volume around 60 or 70% of the maximum limit. This will prevent permanent loss of hearing and damage to any part of the ear.


Therefore we know, As much as it is necessary to follow some good habits, we should know that we have to avoid some particular bad habits which can lead to some really bad consequences. Okay, who thinks it is easier to write an article to change than to actually change your habit. You are right but these efforts you made will be worth it. You must try to avoid these bad habits. It will surely show immense changes inside your body and outside in your personality.

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