9 Productive Steps To Work Under A Short Period Of Time

You have a task, with a deadline on this week! Most of us gets panic and sometimes we won’t work at all. And it sometimes gets serious maybe it’s your exam or your office task. You have to do those task with efficiency.

But How could you do that? Well, you have to make our days more productive. I have listed 10 Productive Steps to make your days more effective.

Tip: If you’re in bit rush because of your work. You can just read the steps, below:

  1. Relax a bit
  2. Tell everyone that you won’t be available.
  3. Just Start…
  4. Totally Commit to the job.
  5. Wake at 3 or 4 a.m. [Your sleep is really important, but it’s OK to sacrifice it sometimes]
  6. Don’t Multitask
  7. Take Productive breaks, not relaxing ones.
  8. Prioritize Your Tasks and do the first thing first.
  9. Don’t quit until you’re done –even if it takes longer than excepted.

If you have time. Let’s understand each in detail and it’s really worth it!

{Extreme Productive Day- Days that you want to make more productive because of a deadline}

1. Relax a bit...

Before you start to work, you have to clear all the stress in your head. Breathing exercise is the simplest and easiest option.

And 4-7-8 Breathing Method developed by Andrew Weil, M.D, is the best method to distress.

4-7-8 Method works like this:

  • First Exhale the air, you have, completely through you mouth, making a whoosh sound.
  • Now, close your mouth, inhale through your nose quietly with a mental count of 4.
  • Hold your breath to a mental count of 7.
  • Exhale completely through mouth, making a whoosh sound, to a count of 8.

This method lets your blood pressure go down, and let you relax. The reason we don’t include meditation, and other practices because it will take time. And We invest time for them, when we have a close deadline.

Takeaway: Use 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise to distress yourself.

2. Tell everyone that you won't be available

Interruptions can kill your productive day. So telling everyone that you’re are doing something special could stop interruptions from others and keep your day productive.

If not everyone, you can tell to your friends, families and colleagues, in minimal. This step could improve your productivity in a different way too.

After You tell people that you’re working on something special, Could decrease the chances of failure. Because if you failed everyone will know that you failed. Use Peer Pressure to motivate yourself.

Briefly: Telling everyone that you won’t be available could reduce interruptions and You will get motivated to do the task because of Peer Pressure.

3. Just Start

When we have a close deadline, it’s stupid to wait for a special time. You have to start right away, whenever you get time. But it’s sometimes hard to just start because we procrastinate. And it’s not productive.

A Good Strategy to eliminate this problem is to use- “2-Minute” Rule

It works like this:

  • “I have to work for 5 hours” turn this sentence in something like “Let’s first turn on my working laptop”.
  • “I have to go for jogging for 30 minute” into ” Just wear my running shoes”.

This strategy helps you to start the task and make your day more productive. But if you struggle with procrastination, click “here” to get more strategies to tackle it.

Takeaway: Just start working and use 2-minute rule to eliminate procrastination.

4. Totally Commit To The Job

It happens a lot- You planned to complete the in 4 hours but only able to complete 40% of the task in 4 hours. If it’s happens keep 2 things in mind:

  1. You maybe doing a mistake- Maybe you are not doing the task effectively. You are being distracted, so first clear all the distraction and make your time more productive.
  2. Don’t Quit Even If Takes Longer Than Expected- You have to totally commit to the job. You have to complete the task no matter what. You can bet with someone or yourself to complete the task and if you failed you will do that you don’t want to.

If you follow the steps till here, then you have enough motivation to do the task.

Takeaway: Make your hours more effective and Commit to complete the job.(even if it takes longer than expected)

5. Wake up at 3 or 4 a.m

Have you ever planned to go on a trip on 3 or 4 a.m.? I can bet that you don’t even sleep the whole night. You busy or extreme productive days are the same.

They are different from your normal days. And those few extra hours could be really effective as we already that our brains works the best in the morning. And this step will give a feel that you are doing something special.

An extreme productive is a special and different from normal days. And I don’t recommend to wake at 3:oo a.m. on a daily basis. It will effect your sleep and that can have negative effects like, bad memory,fatigue,stress,etc.

Tip To Wake Up Early: Keep in mind that you have to something really important in the morning. Exactly like the trip example. And lastly you can always set an alarm.[If you want more tips to wake up early, click here

6. Don't Multitask

Now many say- “I can do multitasking”, and if you also think that, think about it again. Some studies have found that multitask could make your task 40% less productive. 40!

Multitask makes you super-wrong instead of super productivity. It also have a lots of other negative effects, like:

  • Multitasking Damages Your Brain: Your brain can’t multitask, it actually jump back and forth. It also increases stress and decrease your reaction time
  • It reduces productivity by 40%
  • Decrease the quality of work
  • Increase the level of mistake
  • Getting tired really quickly

So you have under the negative effects of multitasking, don’t do these things while working:

  • Watching television.
  • Having a conversation(on call)
  • Using social media
  • Eating
  • And more stuff…

7. Prioritize Your Tasks...

I hope you already understand ‘how important prioritizing is?’ and ‘how it can kill a productive day’.

Imagine, You have a important hard task to do, and that’s your first priority. But you have more 10 easy not-so important task, and not your priority. Most of us, even me sometimes, do those 10 tasks first because they are easy. But it’s a mistake!

That’s why prioritizing your task, and do your first priority first could save you. So please don’t underestimate this little step because little by little and then a little becomes a lot.

Takeaway: Prioritize your task. And keep your first priority first.

8. Take Productive breaks, not relaxing ones

Momentum is everything and you can’t lose it. Only a a few minutes of social media or television could destroy your momentum. And you can make your day extreme productive until you keep the momentum.

You have to take productive breaks that you like to, not the relaxing ones that destroys your momentum. Here are some examples of productive breaks and unproductive breaks:

Unproductive Breaks:

  • Watching T.V.
  • Using Social Media
  • Having a Conversation for no reason
  • Working on something else

Productive Breaks:

  • A 10-15 min nap
  • Cardio Exercises
  • Breathing Exercises
  • 2-10 min of Meditation
  • A Walk

If you want your day to be extreme productive (days that you want to be more productive because of a deadline), then you should only focus on productive breaks. Normal breaks are allowed for normal day.

Takeaway: Take only productive breaks, for an extreme productive day.

9. Don't Quite Until You're Done

Quitting in the mid-way can became a habit. And if you quit once, you will increase the chances of quitting again. And this could be really bad or toxic for you.

Just like quitting, Getting Done also can be a habit. And if you complete the work once, then it increase the chances of repeating it. It also has an additional benefit, It unconsciously resets the limit in our mind.

Getting Done and Quitting is an option, like any addiction. The more you choose something, the more you get used to it. And it’s completely your choice to choose the better one. 

Remember the key “Totally Commit To It”


It happens to a lot of people that sometimes you have too much work. But listen “it’s common”, but everyone can’t complete the work. And at this point it’s an opportunity to be better than anyone else.

It’s an opportunity to prove yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you succeed or failed, the only hing matters is ‘Whether you gave your best or not?’. 

You have to believe that it’s possible. Follow the steps and give your best…

Remember- “Totally Commit to it”

Submitting It Up!

  1. Relax a bit
  2. Tell everyone that you won’t be available.
  3. Just Start…
  4. Totally Commit to the job.
  5. Wake the Earliest
  6. Don’t Multitask
  7. Take Productive breaks, not relaxing ones.
  8. Prioritize Your Tasks and do the first thing first.
  9. Don’t quit until you’re done

Enhance Your Learning

1. How many times you experienced work pressure?

2. What is the 2 minute Rule?And how we can use it?

3. How can you distress yourself before work?

4. Why you should ignore to multitask?

5. Do you prioritize your tasks?

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