How to exactly revise?

You forget most of what you <b>learn!

By Parth Aggarwal

How to exactly revise?
Bro if you want to get good marks or you need to learn something you need to revise it many times. This is really very important. Here’s why,

Whenever I hear this information, I am like “Okay, I understood I need to revise but how do I revise, how much should I revise and the biggest question how to schedule what to revise every day.”

Now let’s take a deep look at the forgetting curve. Say for example you learn 10 ways to propose to a girl on Monday and on you get the chance on the next day to propose to her. You were just going to propose to her but you came to the realization “Oh Gosh, I need to propose to her but words have already said a big ‘Noooo’ ”

Assumption: You have not revised the lines after the first learning

Now I think so you got the question. Do you need the solution also? Okay, a big yes. So here is
the solution

After the first reading,

Revise Immediately
Revise the next day
Revise Next Week
Revise Next fortnight(15 days)
Revise Next Month
Revise in 3 Months

Okay now you are ready to propose any girl. Sayonara byee bye. Actually till now the articles I have read so far are just like these. They told me what to do but didn’t told me how to do this. So I was left on my own to take out the solution. Actually not alone, I met some great people who shared some tips. I combined their tips and my realizations to forge them into a technique that will teach you how to revise, how much to revise and most importantly give you a schedule for what to revise, It’s a simple three parts process

1. Flashcards
2. Revision Spreadsheet
3. Studi

1. Flashcards

Use can use two type’s of flashcards

1. Manual Flashcards
2. Software flashcards

Manual Flashcards

It’s actually one of the easiest and fastest ways. You can help it to memorize small and unrelated things that come your way for example the name of your girlfriend’s grandparent or a client’s phone no.

This video explains how you can use flashcards

video link-

Software Flashcards

It’s actually a bit more advanced but that does not mean difficult. You can use it to learn anything that requires more amount of memorization and is structured.

Video link:

2. Revision Spreadsheet

There are two types of revision spreadsheet

1. Short term Revision Spreadsheet
2. Long Term Revision Spreadsheet

Short Term Revision Spreadsheet

It’s really simple. You have to take a paper and wite down everything you have learnt today on a paper. Make three checkoffs in front of it. You will use it for two to three immediate revisions i.e just after reading, revising it the same day at night and then revising the next day.

Long Term Revision Spreadsheet

When you get three checks on an entry in Short Term Revision Spreadsheet you move it to Long Term Revision Spreadsheet. A long term spreadsheet is just a simple google sheet or excel sheet which helps you decide which chapters to revise.


3. Studii

It can be used as a substitute for revision Spreadsheet or use for recall rehearsal of mind maps and recall rehearsal. You can use it either way or you can use it in both ways. I personally use it for recall rehearsal of mind maps and memory palaces.

Note: It’s only present for android and not OS. Sorry for that. Please put a separator. You can use the above techniques for revision or don’t use them. You have a choice. But please make sure you revise because you don’t have a choice with revision. You got to do it. And if you have any tips for revising things better. I would love to hear that in comments box.

“A Picture is worth a thousand words, but a memory is priceless.”

Submitting It Up!

Three simple ways to revise:

» Flashcard

» Revision Spreadsheet

» Studi

Enhance Your Learning

  1. What is Forgetting Curve?
  2. How much you need to revise?
  3. How to revise the much you need?


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