About us

Who are we?

Briefly, we are book lovers. We love to read books. We love to review books.

We are a bunch of 12th class students bound by same passion. Meet our team.

Vibhuti Haldhar

Priyanshi Bhadoria

Mohd Zaid Afzal I think too much and then consider myself a writer.

Parth Agarwal- A lover of books and supporter of readers.

Why we are doing it?

I have seen people losing everything. I am not joking. I figured out the biggest reason of their failure. It was not willing to learn. I believe books are really good to learn.

Falling in love with books is same as falling in love with learning.

-by Parth Agarwal

Why you should trust us?

I will not give you this answer. Our content and our blog will give you this answer. It will be commendable if we prove our pen to be mightier than the sword. You will experience it yourselves.

How do you see this website?

We help you to find right book. There are huge number of books. How can you find the right book? You have right book, you will love books. This is what we want. In short our mission is to

Help you fall in love with books

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Do you have any questions?You can simply contact us!

Be sure to tell us in comment. What’s your WHY? for reading books.