Adventure books for kids

ADVENTURE BOOKS FOR KIDS teach you the true meaning of adventure,travelling and most importantly life! So we have reviewed some adventure books for you to travel different worlds.

“That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.”

~ Jhumpa Lahir

1.The girl who drank the moon

This book by Kelly Barnhill is certainly one Of the loveable and interesting Adventure books for kids. The way suspense has been woven with various emotions, keeps you intact with the story and makes it even more magical. Besides giving pleasure, this book forces us to acknowledge some grave issues of society.


Let’s get into magical but a haunted world.

  • The gloomy clouds has covered the city as elders circulated a rumour that an evil witch dwells in the city. Every year a child has to be sacrificed for that witch.
  • One fine day we realize that there is actually a good witch Xan who rescue children. Luna,the protagonist…. Similarly Xan saves Luna and raise her along with dragons and monsters apart from her family.
  • Accidently Xan feds Luna moonbeads but due to spell her magic is suppressed till she became a teenager.

To know how Luna’s life changed after her magic powers revived you can go and bye this novel :

2.Where the wild things are

This book by Maurice Sendak Is a children’s classic literature to which the kids can relate. This book touches mind of young ones describing some moral lessons.It Shows that children are usually whimsical in their decisions.It is an enchanting and mesmerizing story showing how parents love their children unconditionally!


  • Max, a mischievous boy threatens his mother to eat her up. Therefore as a consequence to this, his mother didn’t allow him to have supper that night.
  • So there he set to sail his ship of imagination in a world of unruly wild creatures. Fearlessly he fights and began to rule over them.
  • Eventually he gets back to his home and what he finds there “the supper is still hot”

So, fasten your seatbelt to ride over the journey of imagination with max. To enjoy get this book:

3.Robinson Crusoe

Robinson crusoe is an amazing novel by Daniel Defoe. Defoe starts from religion and repentance and ends with recognition of self-identity and human’s capabilities to survive in this world of danger. It also shows that Utopian world can be possible only without society and Humans.


  • One day, at Hull, Crusoe saw one of his companions board a ship bound for London. He did the same as his companion and boarded the ship.
  • On one expedition, their ship ran around on a sand bank. Then wave came and killed everyone except Crusoe.
  • Crusoe managed to survive for many years. He also found some natives and made one of them his slave. With the help of his slave Crusoe makes a boat.
  • Then some Spaniards come and start shooting the natives. The next morning an English ship arrives in the bay. Crusoe rows his boat to the ship.

But will he get rescued?!! To ride on the boat of adventure along with Crusoe click here

4.Percy Jackson and Olympians: The Lightning Thief

This amazing novel by Rick Riordan will take you to a different world where modern day and ancient Greek mythology are mixed together in a hilarious chain of events.This is a fast-paced exciting fantasy story full of friendships,Greek mythology,magic,mystery,bad guys and girls,and constant adventure.


  • Percy Jackson , a 12 year old, dyslexic and hotheaded boy, who keeps getting in trouble and always has to switch school.He thinks he is a bad kid.
  • Until he reaches at Camp Half-Blood, where he finds out that He is the son of Poseidon– the God of Sea. Now, Zeus’ master bolt has been stolen and he’s the top suspect.
  • To get rid of this accusation, he goes on a dangerous quest,accompanied by a daughter of Athena and a young satyr, to find the true thief in order to avoid a war between the Gods.

To be a part of this adventure go and buy this book:

5.Around the world in 80 days

When you step into the world of Jules Verne, you step into a world of possibilities and endless adventures. You also meet unforgettable characters.To me, he was the most interesting and emotional character Verne created And this is definitely one of the go-to adventure books for kids.


  • Phileas Fogg, a rich Englishman, accepts a wager from his friends at the Reform Club to travel around the world in eighty days. Of course, none of his companions believe he could do it.
  • The wager was set at a remarkable 20,000 pounds.Along the journey, he met a man named Fix, he happened to be a detective.They quickly become friends, but Fix has an ulterior motive.
  • Later, in India, they rescued Aouda, a lovely woman who was about to be sacrificed by sati. They came across many problems throughout the journey.

The most important question is:Will Phileas Fogg make it in time?To find out go around the world in 80 days.

6.Treasure Island

Treasure Island is a book by Robert Louis Stevenson.I recommend these exciting adventure books for kids and love the way this book describes the amazing life and thrilling story of the the crew, the boy and the pirates.


  • The protagonist has a treasure map and goes to an island to find the treasure.The only problem is that there are pirates on the ship and they want the treasure too.
  • The pirates have started a mutiny and they are fighting for the treasure ruthlessly, and killing the good crew who are trying to find the treasure for good.

To know what happened to… How did he fight with pirates and found the treasure

7.Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s web by E.B. White is one of the most heartwarming stories ever written. It teaches all ages of children what generosity, kindness and friendship really are.


  • This book is about a girl called Fern who saved a piglet from being slaughtered. From then on Fern raised the pig and named it Wilbur.
  • When Wilbur grew too big for the house, he was moved to Fern’s uncle’s barn, where Fern wouldn’t get to see him that often.Wilbur yearns for companionship but is snubbed by the other animals.
  • Then he meets Charlotte, a gray spider whose web is in a corner of the barn door, and they become good friends.
  • But soon after, they learn that Wilbur will get slaughtered next Christmas to make ham and bacon. So Charlotte promises to hatch a plan to save Wilbur’s life.

Did she fulfil her promise? And if did she do it?To read this amazing tale of friendship,go and buy this book:

8.The Neverending story

This great novel by Michael Ende is one of the best Adventure Books for your kids. a story within the story. It will help you to extend the boundaries of your imagination.


  • A young boy, Bastian Balthazar Bux, son of a dental technician who seems uninvolved with his child after the untimely death of his wife (Bastian’s mother). Bastian is fat, bow-legged, not particularly academic, bad at sports, and is relentlessly bullied at school. One day, as he is pursued by bullies, he flees into a bookshop, where he steals a book called The Neverending story.
  • The plot then fluctuates from Bastian to the tale of Atreyu, a young hunter being sent on a journey to save the land of Fantastica and its ruler, the mysterious Childlike Empress from the Nothing that wants make Fantastica vanish.
  • Eventually it is revealed that Fantastica is actually the land of human dreams .The only way to save it from the Nothing ,is for a human child to enter Fantastica and give the Childlike Empress a new name.
  • At this point, Bastian is dragged into Fantastica and gifted the mystical Auryn by the Childlike Empress, a symbol of her power inscribed with the words “do what you wish”, which had previously accompanied Atreyu on his quest.

To know, how Bastian gives the Childlike Empress a new name and will he be able to come back to reality? Buy this book :

9.The Secret of Platform 13

This book by Eva Ibbotson takes you to the uncertain world of thrilling adventures. Under platform 13 at King Cross Station a secret door called ‘gump’ opens every nine years for only nine days. The gump is the only way to a magical island kingdom populated by ogres,wizards,harpies,hags and all sorts of other fantastic creatures.


  • Nine years ago,A rich, nasty lady kidnapped the new born prince of the island on a trip to London.And the King and Queen waited for 9 years to launch a rescue operation.
  • So now the time has come. They make a team of 4 dwellers– Cornelius, the wizard; Hans, a one-eyed giant ogre; Gurkintrude, a growth goddess; and Odge, a half grown hag– to venture into London and rescue the Prince.
  • But the problem begins when they find out that their Prince(now known as Raymond Trottle) has turned into a rich spoilt,over-weight and arrogant child who doesn’t believe in magic and doesn’t want to go home.

Will they be able to rescue him before time runs out, and the doorway closes for another nine years?
To find out go and buy this Book :

10.The Adventures of Tom Swayer

This book by Mark Twain is about a young boy named Tom Sawyer,He lives with his Aunt Polly and half-brother Sid in a Mississippi town.Tom is without doubt very clever.And he can convince other boys just about everything. From the fun in whitewashing a fence to the games they play and the things that happen at school, Tom Sawyer is always a busy boy that normally means he will ends up in trouble.


  • A young girl, Becky Thatcher moves into town and Tom falls in love with her. One day they have a fight and that night Tom sneaks out of his room and go to the graveyard with his best friend Huckleberry Finn
  • There they witness the wicked Injun Joe murder Doctor Robinson. When this comes to light, Injun Joe blames Muff Potter. Obviously this is too much for a young Tom to take, and he is afraid to tell what he knows.
  • He, Huck and their friend Joe Harper decide to become pirates and camp on an island in the river. Aunt Polly thinks they are all dead and plans a funeral, they return home in a hurry. Once back, Tom feels braver and decides to testify against Injun Joe, who escapes from the law.

To read these amazing adventures of Tom Sawyer, Go and buy this book :

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