Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Course Review

I saw the news. Kavya Chopra, the first female to score 100% percentile in JEE. You know, something burns inside of me when I saw this news. I also wanted to do things this big. I also want to be something more.

I am not at all good at academics. So how I am going to do something big? What are other ways you can hit big? For me, the answer is simple, business.

Warning: You can say I am in love with business. Meri Mehbooba, Mehbooba.

Sorry for the bad joke. If you are standing in front of a door filled with diamonds, what are you going to do? Of course, find the key to the door.

In this 21st century, not only online business is not only the key to wealth but also of freedom for simple and non-techie people just like you and me.

I personally have not very strong academic. I came from a society, where marks matter the most. And for my parent’s marks matter the most. And for sure I cannot get good marks. I always wonder, is marks everything.? My questioning leads to me an answer that marks are not that important. But this answer leads me to a New Question. If I am not going to get good marks and a good job then what I am going to do?

Today I know what I am going to do i.e help students and youngsters, just like me, to understand life and excel in it. This is my mission and my life. And what is the best way to fulfill my mission is through online business. I believe if a person as dumb as me can start an online business then you can also.

Do you want to be a cry baby or want to grow up?

Each one of you has a talent. Identify your talent and use it and instead of wasting your time in your studies or other activities. And I a going to show you the way to monetize your talent and put a dent in the universe. I know everybody cannot be good in studies but everyone is good at everything. One of my friends puts it best,

If I am going to use Instagram, I am going to be an influence and not a viewer. I will use it to my advantage not let it take advantage of me.

by Nistha, a creator and trustworthy companion

If you have still have any doubts still the best way to explain you is this Vardaan Song by Carry Minati. If you have doubts watch this and then read ahead.

Now let’s dive into this course:

WARNING: This is not a get rich quick scheme. If you are really ready to do the hardwork and get ahead financially in your life then only think to buy this course.

This Course has Six Modules:


There is nothing special about this, just introduction.

Niche Finding Formula-

Personally, I believe that this part can be better. But yeah choosing your niche is the first and important part.


I personally struggle a lot with this thing. I have heard the names of click bank and others but didn’t know how which product to use. Rahul Mannan not only tells you how to choose the product but also teaches the easy math behind finding a profitable product

Traffic Secrets-

The most interesting and the hardest part of this course. Do you know what’s the problem with learning ads? There is so much to learn about that one gets overwhelmed. Rahul Mannan tells you you only thing which a beginner needs to succeed. This not only the best part of this Module but the course itself.


Some extra things you must know.

Funnel Building-

This was really an eye-opener for me. I have always have heard the term funnel before and thought it some tool of expert marketers. But this is not the case, anybody even a beginner can use it. And if you use click funnels the process becomes much easier and fast.

Email Marketing-

If you want to go from Delhi to Mumbai, you can go by bus, train, or car. That means using a plane is a choice not compulsory. But if you want to go from Delhi to the USA, you need an airplane. It is a compulsion. Similarly, if you want to earn pennies using the online business, then no problem. But if you want to hit big, then you must do email marketing. This module has average videos. You can easily find them on youtube but the email templates provided are really helpful.


I personally believe this part could have been better. But I must tell you that outsourcing is hard but ultimately pays off.

Surprise Bonus-

As the name goes, it’s a surprise. I can only give you a hint: It will help you apply whatever you have learned from this course.

Here’s What You’ll Get More :

Weekly Live Training – This ensures that you are in touch with the new and Important things going on in the affiliate marketing world.

Private FB Group– This is great and you know one of the best parts of the course. Because many times you get stuck in the learning process and if you have somebody to talk to, it really helps.

BONUS 1: 1 Hour Coaching Call With Rahul Mannan-I would just say priceless. I just have a suggestion for you, use this coaching call only after applying what you have learned. Because this way, you will know where you have a problem and can ask for help from Rahul Mannan.

BONUS 230 Days $100 a Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge (₹4,997)- This part combines all that you have learnt and teaches you the practical knowledge of your work.

BONUS 3: Premium Hustler T-shirt (₹497)

The course duration is 24+ hours.

This Course is in the Hindi language & a little bit of English is used.

It gives lifetime support with a dedicated Facebook group with like-minded people.

What people have to say about this course?

Personally, I found this course really amazing. I would recommend it to every beginner who is starting with online business or affiliate marketing. But I have not earned any income till now with this course. It can be because I am still applying the things taught in the course and till now not applied all the things taught in school.

Here are the some of the results of topper of this course,

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