Audiobooks Or physical books. Which is more preferred??

Is technology really a bane or a boon?? I guess Nobody can claim and prove this with 100% certainty. Therefore this topic stands debatable till the date. And there are lots and lots of arguments which can go along infinitely.

Audiobooks is one of the major product of Technology to mankind.
*But are audiobooks worse than physical books? * Physical books and Audiobooks what is more preferred??

-More interest in audiobooks is because of lack of time. One of the main factors behind this is that you can listen to audiobooks while doing any other activities. That is you can multitask. Reading or listening stories is a recreational activity.

But do you think the sole purpose of the book is just to provide entertainment?!
-I am not giving are proofs or arguments whether audiobooks are better or worse than physical books. But being a bibliophile these are my key points for- Why I prefer physical books over audiobooks? if you are an audiobook lover, then I would love you challenging me.


-When you read any book physical book by turning pages, your eyes are in constant motion to read each word, each line. Your brain is activated more as it is a physical activity.
When you read any book your brain subconsciously makes the image of words in your mind.

And you will be surprised to know that if you want to go back to a particular line, you will remember a blurred image of the position of that word or line or the side of the page and the approximate page no. This helps you to keep a record of what you are reading. Your brain knows the “exact sequence of the activities” which are happening in the story.

When you lay on your bed listening to an audiobook most probably you are not focusing on the details. You are way too relaxed to understand things deeply. You are more likely to zone out and lost the track of the events which are happening in the story.

-This is my personal experience, as when I read books I find myself more attentive rather than this listening. Reading helps me to observe and absorb information in a more effective way. Scientific and psychological studies say that listening books are approximately 28% less effective than reading books.

Note, if you are listening audiobooks for entertainment in your leisure time then it’s up to you. Then it really doesn’t make any difference about What You Are Comprehending either by reading on listening.


To be a good writer or a good listener one of the main skills which you should have is to interpret things in your own style. When you listen to audiobooks the capability of your mind to interpret things, in its own way, degrade exponentially.

For example – My favourite literary device is SATIRE or sarcasm. And you really need to understand the tone and mood of the writer, to know which part is just a statement and which is a satire.

Another life lesson, indeed a necessary one, NEVER STOP LEARNING in life. For students or anyone who wants to improve his English language or vocabulary, reading books can be a great source. There are many professionals who need strong reading capability, faster reading speed and comprehending the text within no time. Learning things becomes much easier when you not only learn but also enjoy.

To increase your reading capability or to improve your command over any Language, Reading books is the best option. But if you are the one who is only restricted to gain entertainment from books audible books is a great substitute.

Being a book lover I had always preferred to take my book in the hand and read word to word. Imagining the characters in a different situation and interpreting all the things in my way. As they say,


-Book Lover

3. HIGHER COST of Audiobooks

Audiobooks are much more expensive than physical books. For example, if I buy a physical book and I finished reading it, then I can give it to my friend to read, who in return will give me the book he bought.

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And this way we can save money. On the other hand, if I want to hear an audiobook then I’ll have to buy it and I can’t even share it with anyone. So this is another reason why I prefer physical books over audiobooks.


Most of the people prefer audiobooks because they think they can do any task while listening to audiobooks simultaneously. But let’s face it, the human brain can not focus on two things properly at the same time.

You can multitask. Like seriously?

While listening to audiobooks if we decide to do any other task simultaneously then we will neither be able to listen to the audiobook properly nor we will be able to perform the task properly. Multitask distracts you and reduces the level of focus. The level of connectivity with the character is reduced and the depiction of dialogues is inappropriate.


Audible And digital books are gaining much popularity lately. Still, physical books are one of the most preferred forms of books. We are here to help you fall in books. And as far as our purpose is accomplished we are happy to provide you with all the best information regarding books.

Preferring Audiobooks or physical books is everyone personal choice, based on your requirements and conditions.

What do you prefer Audiobooks or Physical books? Do tell us in the COMMENT SECTION BELOW.

OPEN CHALLENGE: Let’s get on fire. If you are an audiobooks lover, Then prove in the comment section below. I promise you to answer every comment within one week span. Hurry up!!!

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  1. Mukul Kumar says:

    “I love the smell of the book”.❤️🙌😄
    And I prefer reading a physical book rather than audiobooks.

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