Baby Steps: Small Steps, Big Leaps

We want everything in life- (Health, Money, Family, Friends, etc.) But to achieve all these things we have to work hard and be disciplined.

If it was easy, anybody could have done it. If you wanna grow in your life don’t be like that student who is going to memorize a night before exam. Because you can pass school exam like this but not life’s exam. To pass life’s exam you have to try everyday.

It’s like an torture. That’s why most people fail their new year resolutions.

A Simple Solution is to take small steps: Baby Steps. The tiniest action possible with minimal effort or energy.


Be Kind To Yourself

If we have an unfinished task, it create tension or stress, unknown as The Zeigarnik Effect. And when you have a bunch of tasks, it creates a layer of tension. And you also Procrastinate.( if you’re struggling with procrastination, click here)

When you have a lots of things to do, you don’t do anything at all. Or you push yourself too hard sometimes that you didn’t sleep for a night, and then you never repeat the task even for an hour.

It is happening because you are pushing yourself too bad. You have to Be Kind To Yourself by taking small Baby steps.

First do a task 1/2 hour a day and then 1 hour and then 2 hours. Take Baby Steps!

Growing your life One Habit at a time

Why one habit at a time? If you still ask this question , here’s the answer:

Think about time you have to many things to do? It increases stress. Habit is actually a autopilot mode and if you have a lots of habits, it doesn’t stress you. But if you’re trying create a lots of habit , you will end up making none. If it’s still not clear, let me tell you a story of my friend:-

Xiang is my friend. But now he his depressed because he can’t do what he want to, sometimes he thinks ‘he is not enough smart.’ But one day he read a book ‘Tiny Habits’ and he started making on habit at time.

First he just focused a whole week to wake up at 5:00 A.M., then he make a habit to study daily for 2 hours and focused 1 whole month in that. Slowly he changed everything with little baby steps and learned ‘how to walk in life.’

Takeaway: Focus on one habit at a time and give it the time it takes to become a habit (max 28 days). I am sure that Slowly but Definitely, you will succeed. 

Quick Start: Plan to make a new habit and give it the time it takes. If you have planned already make sure to continue. Parth: Do it now or otherwise close this and good luck to your miserable life.


Creating a New Habit with Baby Steps

We can do smaller takes and start them easily but now, we have to keep them. We have to make those small task as your Tiny Habits. But how to make something a habit? Just remember WIN:

• W is for Want: Make sure you really want it. It’s nearly impossible to make something into habits, if you really don’t want it. If not, is there something close to it, with similar results?

I was in my eleventh grade. I was going to buy a new bicycle . My father was kind, he bought me that. Despite of the fact it was expensive. Only to find I don’t use it much.

So please make sure, you want it. Otherwise you will never do it.

• I is for Innate: Does the new had, you’re trying to adopt align well with your innate abilities? Remember that you’re unlikely to to something very hard consistently (day-by-day). Try to adopt something you’re good at or you can be good at, make the difficulty level ‘medium’,  you’re well on your way.

Can a 1st grade, can learn calculus?, No!. Improve your skills step by step. Every step is necessary.

• N is for Now: Create a prompt for yourself that encourages you to perform the new habit now. This can be anything from a reminder to set a time aside to do what you’re setting out to do.

Whenever you do it after the time you decided, you procrastinated. 

Quick Start: Apply WIN in the habit you have choose. If your habit does not fulfill even one of the criteria, repeat step 1 and then verify again.

Please check. This is a really effective way to make Tiny Habits or even Habits. 

Lastly, try to make one habit at a time. 

Take Baby Steps: Tiniest Action Possible

Take Baby Steps

Dr. B.J. Fogg, the author of Tiny Habit, on a podcast talks about “taking baby steps” and he tells a story. Here the story is –

A King was watching a great magic show. The crowd and the king was amazed because the show was outstanding. At the end the audience roared with approval. And the King said, “What a gift this man has. A God-given talent.”

But the wise counselor said to the king, “My Lord, genius is made, not born. This magician’s skill is the result of disciple and practice.”

The King became angry and said, “This magician has a gift that you and me don’t have.”  Counselor just disagreed, The King ordered his guards to arrest the counselor and keep him in the cell with two piglets.

The Counselor daily practice a little to keep the two piglets in his both hands, slowly after some years the piglets became boar. When the wise counselor goes in front of the king with his really strong body, with two boars in each hand.

The King was amazed and said, “What a gift this man has. A God-given talent.” Then the wise counselor just said, “Genius is not born, it’s grown”

How can you use this

Maybe you don’t want to cook the dinner, try to make snacks before the dinner and then try to make dinner.

Maybe you have to give a speech next month and you want to prepare for that, try just to write the key notes first.

Maybe you have your whole syllabus undone, try to just do the first chapter.

It is important to get started and if you have, it becomes easy to continue. So break down your task into smaller tasks and make sure to enjoy your small achievements.

Quick Start: Think about an important task you’ve been putting off. What it is? How can you break it down into small baby steps that you can do each day.

I know taking Baby Steps is really simple for everyone. Because it’s simple. But you have to do consistently and it’s the hardest part. It’s hard not because it’s hard, it is hard because we don’t know how to make it easy.

You need motivation yourself, how to trick your brain and a lots of things, you can’t achieve in one article. And how can I leave you in this mid journey?

We have searched for several books. And ‘Tiny Habits’ is really awesome to understand some untold and deep facts to make Tiny Habits and take baby steps.

Note: The links of book are affiliate links. What is it? It is simple, whenever you buy a book from our link, you support Love Books. We stand for growth. That means you are indirectly helping people to grow in their life with books.

Tiny Habits(Book)

 Learn how to…

  1. Make Tiny but effective habits.
  2. Increase your capabilities using baby steps.
  3. Create a stack of habits but impactful.
  4. Improve 1% daily.
  5. Make lasting changes.

…And more 

Other important topics that goes behind

We know a lots of stuff. But there are some small important things to keep in mind. Remember: You have to take every step to reach the mountain.

A Gentle Reminder- You can use an app (Loop: recommended) or you can tell your friend to remind you.

To do List- It is really important to organize your daily routine. You can’t keep everything in your head.

Interest or Passion for the Task- It’s simple, if you don’t like something you hate it. So make sure you like the task.

Positive Attitude- Don’t think you can’t do it. Because the word Impossible says I’mpossible. Say some affirmations to yourself.

Quick Start: Make a To do list.


So let’s summarize everything:

You shouldn’t pressure yourself and Be kind to yourself. Take Small Baby Steps.

Grow your life one habit at a time.

Use WIN (Want, Innate, Now) to make new habit.


Note: It’s really short because our goal is not to cover a lot, our goal is to uncover a lot.

Baby Steps counts, as long as you are going forward.You add them all up, and one day you look back and you’ll be surprised at where you might get to.

– Chris Gardner

Summitting It Up!

» Be Kind To Yourself

» Make one habit at a Time

» Use WIN to make new habit

» Take Baby Steps!

Enhance Your Learning

1. Why you should take baby steps?

2. Why take one habit at a time?

3. What is the full form of WIN?

4. Which new Tiny Habit you are going to make?



 We often try to do big things but we don’t understand to do big, we have to start small.

We can’t reach top of mountain only by one step. We have to take every step, you can’t skip any steps.

Instead of studying 13 hours a day. Just study 3 hour but consistently!

It seems simple but we don’t put it in action, I know only a few of you have actually done those ‘Quick Starts’. And if you haven’t do it! Commit to it!

Because that’s makes the all difference.

A chain reaction or a series of steps, like 10 push-ups daily. Can have a really big impact, known as The Domino Effect

From this video you can visualize Domino Effect.

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