Best 10 hilarious comedy books

Do you know what best comedy books do?
They helps us to get through the dull times, cope with the difficult times, enjoy the good times and manage the scary times.

Let us take you on a wonderful journey of laughter with these amazing comedy books.
These books will make you laugh so hard that you’ll forget all your pains and problems.

1.Cat’s Cradle

Cat’s Cradle, by Kurt Vonnegut, is the story of one man’s attempt to learn about the late, fictional, creator of the atomic bomb, Felix Hoenikker. With this premise, a story of science, religion, and world destruction unfolds.


  • John, the first-person narrator, wants to write a book about the end of the world. So naturally his topic is the inventor of the atomic bomb, Dr. Frank Hoenikker
  • And about ‘What the people (surrounding him) were doing on the day the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. His research leads him to Hoenikker’s children, old acquaintances and, finally, on a journey that goes completely different than expected…
  • Philosophy, religion, and science play major roles in the book. Writer creates a religion called Bokonism.
  • Discovering the rules and origin of this fictional religion was as much fun as following the plot.

I was thoroughly impressed and fascinated by this novel… shocked by the ideas and thoughts it raises. And finished with my mouth gaping open, yearning for more science fiction books like this.I recommend you this book if you want a science fiction novel having light hearted spirits in the characters with a pinch of comedy.

2.The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy written by famous British writer Douglas Adams is highly popular series of comic science fiction novels. The saga mocks modern society with humour ad cynicism.


  • This is the story of the two human beings who survive the earth’s senseless destruction.
  • And their adventures in space and time while attempting to discover the meaning of life …. In Arthur Dent, the protagonist ‘s case, simply to find a decent cup of tea.
  • The hero, Arthur Dent is a hapless, deeply ordinary English man, characterised by randomness and absurdity.

This novel is an epic parody that satires modern society with biting humour and pessimism. This book is epitome of awesomeness. This trilogy of five is full of good humour and is written in a style that you won’t find anywhere. If there is one fiction series that you want to read, this is it.Also you can check out others books like this in our article ‘Adventure books’

3. Me Talk Pretty One Day

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris is an ode… to all the little moments we usually wouldn’t take the time to write about. .


  • There are some insignificant details that support a larger story but you know what??.. These lines often only get a few part in an entire chapter.
  • Instead of shying away from these moments, David Sedaris goes into great detail to explain them to their fullest. Creating an entire novel out of what most people would consider nothing

This book is full of humorous tales.
It’s one of the book I go for when I am feeling too low or too bored to read something deep. I love how these short stories are written teaching me some valuable lessons with fun…
This is the novel you should read if you feel embarassed for doing silly things. David Sedaris will make you realise there’s nothing to be embarassed of, you should enjoy every moment of your life.

And yes, don’t let this description fool you. Me Talk Pretty One Day is brilliant in its simplicity.

4.The Colour Of Magic

Terry Pratchett’s first Discworld novel, The Colour Of Magic is set on a world full of witches, wizards, trolls, fairies and many other magical creatures.

The world itself sits on the back of four giant elephants. They stand on the back of a giant sea turtle who swims around the universe. The sun and the moon have their own loops around the world and elephants. So none of them have to lift a leg for the sun to go past… Now if you can get your head around all of that, you will be able to enjoy the Discworld series.


  • Rincewind is the wizard and Twoflower is the Discworld’s first tourist. They encounter DEATH and Hrun the Barbarian on their journey through the Discworld.
  • After Twoflower is kidnapped, Rincewind is forced to try and rescue him, along with the Luggage.( A chest with lots of little legs which appears industructable and with no limit to what it holds).
  • Although he manages to resue Twoflower and the two of them set off together towards Quirm, but their adventure hasn’t ended yet. As it turns out they are part of a bigger boardgame being played out by the Gods of Discworld….

Terry Pratchett takes the seriousness from the fantasy novel and replaces it with wicked humour.A beautifully imagined world and wonderfully described characters. This is a must read novel which can stop you from taking life too seriously.
Be careful! Once you have read and enjoyed one Discworld novel you may find yourself making your way through the whole series.

5. Bossy pants

Bossy pants by Tina fey is a memoir wherein she shows her different stages of life. And her career as a comedian and a writer for Saturday night live and 30 rock. Her book is all about a child growing slowly into an adult and then going back again to being a child and rejoicing in childhood. 


  • As a young girl, Tina was interested in acting, where she learnt different female behaviours. Following college she later moved to Chicago.
  • After moving to the second city, Tina realized her interest in arts. As it forces people to use their intelligence and creativity without script and props. Also she found her future husband Jeff, in her second city.
  • Tina also focuses on a second part of her life where she narrates about the use of Photoshop. It is harmless because here everyone should leave themselves alone no matter their weight, thin or fat.
  • Meanwhile, From the second city ,Tina was hired to write for Saturday Night live in 1997.
  • And she narrates her life experiences, and tells about her daughter Alice. She concludes her memoir by describing her struggle to have a second child.
  • Subsequently, she doesn’t provide a complete answer to it as the memoir ends.

Bossy pants by Tina fey takes you down to different phases, sometimes funny, sometimes self depreciating, or self empowering. All in all, you will find her book funny and awesome.

6. A Confederacy Of Dunces

The comedy of Confederacy of Dunces is writ large in and between its many lines. A grand farce of over educated whites & corrupt law enforcement in this steamy novel of John Kennedy Toole. It is a story of loneliness amid crowds, amlcomedy that hurts.

The book has a great flow to it with great evocative characters and wonderful dialogues. The book was written in 1963 so you have to remember that it was a different world then.

It also helps to know a little about the social and political climate of that time period to put things in perspective. Talking about Ignatius,the protagonist, he is totally jerk but that’s part of the beauty of the book. Maybe you won’t like him but you’ll find his antics hilarious and you’ll want to know what happens to him in the end.


  • At the center is an anti hero named Ignatius J Reilly. He was a Hypochondriac, melancholic, a walking catastrophe, an unlikely philosopher in a world where few have patience for abstractions.
  • With his clumsy ways, bell bottoms and blunt behaviour, he doesn’t fit in. Entering social contexts with his lumbering, elephantine fashion.
  • I really cannot decide whether to pity or admire him, but loves him all the same.
  • The plot revolves around events in life of this(Ignatius) lazy man–child forced to go to work.
  • It’s not a journey of change, discovery or adventure. Here it keeps one reading to the last page, ’cause it’s the Ignatius failure to become a better man that the book is funny to the end.

A Confederacy of Dunces is a book that I would urge anyone to atleast attempt to read. It will not always be comfortable or complex but you will never forget it.

7.The Importance Of Being Earnest

Oscar Wilde’s well known, The importance of being earnest is a story revolving around two bachelors. Namely Algeron Moncrieff ( Algy) and John Worthing (Jack). The story is a summary of their attempt to win the hearts of two women who claim to love only men named Earnest. 


  • The play begins with Algy welcoming his friend Jack, here known as Earnest. Earnest has come to propose to Algy’s cousin, Gwendolen.
  • He is Jack in the country, guardian of his ward named Cecily. Jack regularly leaves for London to visit his pretended brother. Jack proposes Gwendolen, and on the other hand Gwendolyn’s mother, finds out that Jack was adopted after being found in a handbag. 
  • Like Gwendolen, Cecily claims to only love men called Ernest. Algy arrives and pretends to be Ernest, Jack’s brother. Consequently, both Jack and Algy’s lies are exposed. 
  • Jack admits that he is the lost baby and is the brother of Algy. There, lady Bracknell accepts the marriage proposal and accepts for their marriage.

In the end, all the couples embrace love for each other.The Importance of being Earnest is a hilarious and an entertaining play, with a bit of sarcasm which will not fail to amaze you.

8. Good Omens

Good Omens by Pratchett and Gaiman is by far one of the funniest works of fiction. They both have managed to create a story that weaves together large doses of satire, cynicism and wacky unconventional humour into a cohesive yet surprisingly accurate observation of human life all over the world.

The characters are one of the biggest strengths in this book. They bring a lot of charm and humor to the book by managing them uniquely. The side plots are another strength of this story. Despite being seemingly random and independent stories, these are actually laying a solid foundation for the main plot by providing lot of background support.


  • The plot is as complicated as the relationship between the angel Aziraphale and the demon Cowley, who have been frenemies on earth.
  • Together, they need to stop the apocalypse, but the problem is that they seem to have misplaced the antichrist.
  • This book is both farce and horror, homage and parody. Heaven and Hell have basically been in a cold war for well forever. But if you want to know how these two totally different entities came together to save the earth then go and pick this novel.

Perfect for when you just want a good laugh and some ridiculousness in your life.This is a fun story that uses the side plots to make light of what can be very serious and topical themes. The plot is well paced, well thought out and gives an enjoyable story.And if you want to read more fantasy books like this then go and check out our article on fantasy books for kids.

7. The Code Of Woosters

The code of woosters by P.G. wodhouse is another book of the hilarious series of Jeeves. Wodhouse never fails to make us laugh out loud with his amazing sense of humour and fabulous writing styles. I assure you that you will fall in love with the character and bizarre situations. It is filled with charming and childish quarrels.


  • Story sets up when Aunt Daliya gives Bertie Wooster the task of bringing a Solid Silver cow-creamer for her husband.
  • Uncle Tom,her husband desperately wants creamer so as to include it in his silver collection. But what prevents him to buy that crema is it’s high price.
  • Hence Aunt Daliya convince Bertie to go to the antique shop owner and put legitimate questions on the creamer’s quality. This would make shopkeeper lose confidence in his own product.
  • But having done this, Bertie found himself creating bizzare and amusing situation. And unfortunately he drew attention of Sir Watkyn Basset, a magistrate Judge, towards him.
  • Basset had once fined Bertie for stealing policeman’s helmet. And now Bertie doesn’t want to mess with him further for anything.
  • Basset was also keenly interested in the cow-creamer and buys it without any price negotiations.
  • To add spice in Bertie’s life, Aunt Dalia summons him the task of stealing the solid silver creamer from stern and tough Basset.

How Bertie will accomplish in his mission of stealing creamer?? What amusements will Bertie and Jeeves,the servant, will experience throughout their adventures and journey?? To know answers to all the questions go and buy this book.

10. The World According To The Garp

John Irving’s “The World According to Garp” is a novel about the life of T.S Garp. and the T. S. Garp’s mother wanted a husband. 


  • Jenny fields, a nurse once encounters a TECHNICAL SERGEANT GARP. He was a turret gunner, dying because of a severe brain damage. Jenny observes his infantile state, and perpetual sexual arousal .
  • Out of her kindness she tries to make him comfortable by masturbating him several times and reducing his agitation. Driven by her deep desires and longing for a child, She makes love with the brain damaged gunner and names her son “T. S. Garp” . She raises the young garp alone by herself.
  • Like his mother, young garp has strong interest in wrestling, sex and writing fiction. Soon after his graduation he wrote a novella in Vienna. Young garp marries Helen, the daughter of a wrestling coach and begins his family.
  • Meanwhile, his mother publishes her book , “A SEXUAL SUSPECT” which makes her famous . She  becomes a feminist icon. Garp becomes a devoted parent with his great desire in wrestling and the safety of his children. 

The world according to Garp is a fictional masterpiece, with self indulgence and longing of heart. It’s a sensational story with interesting characters playing their roles amazingly.and if you want to take a look at this book, just click the link given below to buy it.

What kind of books do you prefer when you feel low and bored. My personal choice is Comedy when I don’t fell like reading any dark, serious or action sequels. So tell Me what is your GO-TO choice in the COMMENT SECTION BELOW. Also tell what kinds of book of do you want us to review in future. Comment your suggestions. We’ll choose the best of them.

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