Learn from Mistakes instead of criticizing ||4 Powerful steps

Learning from mistakes instead of criticizing { 4 Powerful Steps }I’m sure you must have experienced at least once in your life that you’ve tried to win the competition or gain more marks but you were not able to outperform. Or someone else must have performed better than you. How did you feel at that … Read more

What is your Purpose of Life? 1 Strong Belief that shapes you

What is your Purpose of Life { A Belief that shapes you } Purpose of Life, is the central motivating part that gets you up every morning. Your Purpose can guide you in life decisions, shape goals, influence behavior and offer a sense of direction. Purpose can be unique for everyone; Someone’s purpose can be … Read more

Baby Steps: Small Steps, Big Leaps

Baby Steps Small Steps, Big Leaps We want everything in life- (Health, Money, Family, Friends, etc.) But to achieve all these things we have to work hard and be disciplined. If it was easy, anybody could have done it. If you wanna grow in your life don’t be like that student who is going to … Read more

Creative Thinking:How to think creatively and Get ideas

Creative Thinking A Super Power that everyone have Creative Thinking is something more than power, it’s super power. Highly Creative people or even Intelligent people like Thomas Edison, use creative thinking to get creative breakthroughs! Some of you also want to do creative thinking because of your employer. Whatever the reason is it’s worth it. … Read more

The 7 Lies of Learning|Jim Kwik| Limitless|

The 7 Lies of Learning by Jim Kwik You’re are being lied, consistently. Sometimes by yourself. We live in endless stream of misinformation, sometimes we are forced to believe and sometimes make own wrong beliefs. We have heard a lots of myth about learning. Those myths limits your capabilities and mindset to learning. We have … Read more

Preventing Procrastination: How it’s like tiny amounts of poison | Avoiding it by making good habits| 4 tips

PREVENTING PROCRASTINATION How it’s like tiny amounts of poison Tables of Contents » How it’s like tiny amounts of Poison » Why do we even Procrastinate Tips to Avoid Procrastination  » Using “2 min Rule” to stop Procrastination » Habits as a Powerful tool against Procrastination » Making a Check-list against procrastination » Adopt Anti-Procrastination strategies … Read more

10 Terrific Horror Books for teens| YA

10 Terrific Horror Books for Teens Hey guys I am really concerned,. Do you think your life is hard? I also thought so once. To make my life easy, I tried to find out ways. After my research, I found out life is easy but we are weak. Your mother often makes the food you don’t … Read more

Psychology of Flow: 5 Impressive strategy to induce flow

How to Achieve Flow What is flow? Can we achieve it? And if yes then how?  You will learn all that, so go and read down! Home Phone-alt Paper-plane Table of Contents Ξ Why Flow? Ξ What is Flow? 7 Characteristics of Flow Ξ How can you Achieve it? 5 Steps to Achieve Flow 4 enemies of … Read more

Understandin Your Human Relations better

Love Books Our Human Relations and bonds We humans come in this world unvarnished, with no human relations and without religion.Human come in this world all alone but when we’ll go from here we’ll not be left alone because we will be loaded with the memories of our loved ones with whom we are always … Read more

How to control anger? Make your anger constructive.

Anger? Why we are writing on our anger? Anger if not checked can be harmful. And if also really don’t know How to control your anger then this is for you. I am also a victim of temper problems! Similar to any other teenager I also have major temper issues. This was a bit difficult … Read more