How books can change your life

Can reading books help you in your real life??

YES, I strongly believe that. The ideas which you get, the stories which you listen to and the opinions of different people can definitely mould you into a different person.

But the question which lies is that can only reading books can help??. Well, I guess the answer is no. Let’s understand this by an anecdote of mine

There is a friend of mine who is very hardworking and brilliant in studies but her parents have always had a complaint with her.. that she pays no heed to her physical health. She always escapes from this conversation by giving an excuse… I don’t have time for all this.

Recently I was talking to her in the lockdown period then she told me that this pandemic situation has made her realise how important our life and our health is.

Even if you have a lot of money, respect and popularity but if your health is not perfectly fine… You are risking your life at high stakes. As they say

जान है तो जहान है।

– A great saying

I4: Now she is working out besides giving time to her studies and career. The one thing I learnt from this is that

You can only do a thing when you really want to do it.

-Vibhuti Haldhar

So now the answer is a book can change your life only if you want to change it. There is nothing in this world which can force you to be a better version of yourself.

These three steps will help you to change your life:

  1. Choose the book of your kind
    There are millions of books but only if you choose the genre in which you are interested then only you can help yourself to change.
  2. Understand the value of words
    Don’t just read through the pages but understand what a writer wants to convey.
  3. Apply in your real life
    The most important thing is to apply I it in your real-life rather than just knowing it if it is not been applied then the value reading book becomes null and void

“B3: It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be.”

-Paul Arden

Books can change your life. The main aspect of reading books is to be productive and creative in every way possible. I usually read books to get different ideas. To be creative, to write things which no one else can. So for me, the main aspect of reading books is to be creative.

So now the question is How can you be more creative?? what is being creative??

I think creativity is a very subjective topic. Being creative can differ so much from person to person. My belief is that a scientist, writer as well as a musician are creative in their own different ways. The activity that immediately clicks to you like oh my God “what a thought”, then that is being creative.

Always remember a thing that there may be many people in the same profession or field in which you are but they are not you. You both can have the same idea but to portray that in your style is what makes you different.

How can you be creative?

This is true that you must try to work beyond your comfort zone to improve. But you must never fake things and become what you are not.

There are millions of ideas but a dearth of people searching for it. Books are not only a source of entertainment but also are the real treasure of jewels of ideas.

Follow the path which leads to YOUR Destination. Don’t give up but stick to the idea to which you relate the most.

Imagine! AND Imagine! That’s the main key to be creative.The best part is When you imagine things, you are in the world created by you. You can be anything which probably you can never be in real life.

Every individual has a different story. You can always get ideas and inspiration from influencers but never try to be like him. Do the things in a different way i.e “Your kind of way”.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

-Albert Einstein

There are so many books on creative thinking which if you read and understood effectively will help you greatly. Books on creative thinking talk about what skills you must develop or how can you improve yourself and be skilful. I recommend you to read these books. Go and check out books on creative thinking.

Creativity is a life skill. Trust me when you do things which you like and get appreciated for it, you are on the ninth cloud. Your age or job or anything can not be an excuse to prevent you from being creative.

Does not matter, if you are a student studying in 10 standard, or a young woman preparing for a job interview or an adult working in an MNC, you can always follow your hobby, passion as a secondary thing. It need not be your priority but being creative brings you the internal bliss.

In fact not only people in the artistic field like music, comedy or painting can be creative… A scientist can also be creative, A coder can also be creative. The utter need is to THINK OUT OF THE BOX.

The combination of logic and creativity is usually underestimated. When your technical or logical thinking is mixed with creative thinking, it gives birth to exceptional ideas. These ideas not only change your life but also CHANGE THE WORLD.

For example, Apple iOS is one of the world’s most in-demand brand . It stands out differently. This all could be possible because of the combined struggle of coders, technical team and designing team.

So, Creativity is the basic need of life. Outperforming in your work will always bring laurels to you. And this is only possible when you think and perform out the box.

In all this journey to creative thinking, books are your best companion. As books will provide you zillions of ideas and thoughts to be creative. Hence you’ll realize – books can change your life!!

Now you know creativity is important. You also know books help you to be creative. There is a little quiz for you. What was your oh my God “what a thought” moment? I am waiting for your replies. And also I have got a surprise for you in the comment section.

So with this, I am signing off, hoping you will outshine in your life! I will be happy to meet you again with new ideas in the next article.

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2 Responses

  1. Love Books says:

    My “What a thought” moment was when I read Harry Potter for the very first time. I was literally dumbstruck by the thought that.. How J.K Rowling had come up with idea of a sorting hat or a sport like Quidditch!!(sport similar to football but in air with broomsticks and lot of danger).I have never ever thought of being a writer. No sooner had I read her books, that I realized I want people to read my stories and go “OH MY GOD”!

  2. Mukul Kumar says:

    Great article.
    Even made me pause for a bit to think about what you want to convey to us.

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