Can hardwork beat talent? Hardwork vs Talent

Talent is something you’re naturally born with when you’re good at something right from the beginning. So, if you are born with a talent your future is set? right? Your future serves on a golden plate where you are born extraordinary. And if you’re not born with talent, then you’re just unlucky. If you don’t have a talent you can never achieve anything great and there is nothing we can do about it. right? 

Talented people can be seen everywhere, on television, on articles, and generally all over social media. For example, Christiano Ronaldo is an extremely successful and skilled football player who is considered one of the best football players in history. He has won over 30 major trophies throughout his career. Just because he was talented, right? Nicola Tesla was a great scientist, inventor, and electrical and mechanical engineer who has contributed greatly to the future of design and technology. No doubt he was extremely talented. All this is not possible for everyone to achieve, right? 


Well, that’s what most believe or think.

But the truth is— All we see is the result, the main play, but we never see what happens before the curtains open or the number of rehearsals before the performance. So, we assume it’s just Talent. But there is something else that not many people know about or look over and that is Hardwork. 

Do you know? Christiano Ronald was first made fun of when he started playing football at the age of 11. Now, he is considered a football god. Only because he decided to work harder than everyone else. Nicola Tesla used to spend hours on thinking and working when most can’t sit for five minutes.

The Negative side of Talent 

A person with talent actually has a lesser chance of getting successful in the future. Why? Because the person began to think that their talent will do it all for them and they no longer work hard. But the truth is—No matter how gifted you are, you still need to work hard. Because hardwork is not one of the ways to succeed, it is the only way! 

Many gifted people usually just sit there wasting their gift relying on talent to do it all. And that strategy isn’t a real strategy as nothing in the world, not even talent, can lead to achieving your goal in an easy way.

I am not saying that talented people can’t succeed. What I mean is— Everyone has to work hard to succeed, even the talented ones. Talent is just an edge. 

 “Hardwork beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” -Tim Notke 

Talent is something you’re born with but most people are not born with one. People may call them talentless. Now, when someone calls you talentless it sounds like a cold insult. But really all it means is that now is the time to stop thinking about being gifted and start working hard on what you love to do. Because if all you care about is being talented you will waste your time where you could be doing so much more.

Talent as an advantage

Talent alone can not get you success. But talent along with hardwork is a great combination and gives you an edge. 

What is Hardwork?

Hardwork itself is a quality that someone can have. Hardwork includes persistence, the willingness to go for a certain thing every single day again and again. You don’t give up, that’s an aspect of hardwork. Hardwork is a battle inside you with your failures, frustrations, excuses, laziness. The one who works hard is in a constant battle. Hardwork doesn’t have a number or quantity of how much you need, you just have to do it till you win and also afterwards for a greater win. 

Can Hardwork beat Talent?

First of all, talent is not an elegant thing. You can think of talent as an advantage when you have a natural inclination that allows you to do a particular skill faster and with ease. Talent allows you to give a better result than average in a particular activity with the same amount of time. There can be many types or levels of talent. Without going in-depth to the topic, think of talent as an edge. 

Now, what’s Hardwork? 

Hardwork is when you work to your full potential and push your limits. Anyone who works hard enough can achieve what they want. (Let’s not discuss productivity, smart work, or work engagement to keep everything simple).

Talent can be wasted without hardwork. For example, a teenager who is naturally great at singing. No matter how awesome he is in his skill can’t compete with the best singers until he works hard to polish his skill. Hardwork and Talent together can be lucky, but we do have examples when hardwork alone achieves great results. 

Final Thoughts

I don’t think of any example when people succeed completely because of their talent. Every person in history who succeeded has worked harder than anyone in their competition. It’s important to also understand that the greatest people do hardwork but also in the right direction, towards their ultimate goal. 

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