The 7 Lies of Learning|Jim Kwik| Limitless|

The 7 Lies of Learning by Jim Kwik You’re are being lied, consistently. Sometimes by yourself. We live in endless stream of misinformation, sometimes we are forced to believe and sometimes make own wrong beliefs. We have heard a lots of myth about learning. Those myths limits your capabilities and mindset to learning. We have … Read more

Psychology of Flow: 5 Impressive strategy to induce flow

How to Achieve Flow What is flow? Can we achieve it? And if yes then how?  You will learn all that, so go and read down! Home Phone-alt Paper-plane Table of Contents Ξ Why Flow? Ξ What is Flow? 7 Characteristics of Flow Ξ How can you Achieve it? 5 Steps to Achieve Flow 4 enemies of … Read more

How to read books faster:Step by by step guide to read books fast.

My story I started reading books because I wanted to improve my grades. You know I was in a hell. I was in this hell because my grades were going down. I don’t want that. Then I read my first book RICH DAD AND POOR DAD. Yeh! it’s a finance book.I was thinking if I … Read more