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Our Human Relations and bonds

We humans come in this world unvarnished, with no human relations and without religion.Human come in this world all alone but when we’ll go from here we’ll not be left alone because we will be loaded with the memories of our loved ones with whom we are always bonded in never ending rope.

When we landed on this stage, we did not know about the wonderful life we are going to be experiencing. We were just like clay mixture which was waiting to be get moulded into a definite shape,which was going to have his own spine, which was going to be mixed up with other essentials and eventually it ended up making a strong bond with those necessities and after that only it gave him a perfect and strong anatomy. And now let me explain it to you who is this clay mixture and who are these essentials. A child is that untouched clay ball and those necessities are those bonds which help him stand out through his all life..

So today our Lovebooks family is here to tell you the importance of human relations, how we make them, and how they build us.

When we establish human connections within the context of shared experiences we create community where ever we go. All human lives revolve around all the relations which he creates and breaks.

What is a family:

Usually, a family is a group of people closely related to each other. But no, the real definition is.The family is the one where we argue, we fight, we even stop talking to each other, but at the end, it is always there standing beside you. The love we share among the family is always there.In today’s worlds when every relation, every human relations are losing its meaning, we need to realize the importance of family ties. We all have unique bonds with each family member. And these bonds which we share are the strongest unit in one’s life.
The never ending love we get from them, those quarrels, those patch ups in no time are the things which strengthens and bonds with those inexplicable parts of our life.
Most importantly, the things we learn  from our family brings us together.

For instance, we learn how to deal with the world through them. We develop a very strong emotional connect with everyone of them. Although, how much we fight inside our homes, but when the third party is trying to harm anybody of our family, we forget our internal blocks, and backs each other.
They make us feel better, we share in happy moments together. That sense of belonging which we get from them is so tranquilizing.
All that famous writer Ruskin Bond can say in one line about these human relations is:

“The world keeps on changing, but there is always something, somewhere that remains the same.”

Our Relations with our Mother

A Mother and a child develop a special bond with each other, even before the birth. All those months spent together mark the beginning of a sometimes challenging, yet rewarding relationship.

Many of you surely have heard the most famous quote of

Rudyard KiplingGod could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers. “

and I truly believe these words of his. We say that God created mankind but our mother created us.
Let me explain what’s the specialty of the bond between a child and a mother.

There are two examples proven scientifically – 

  1.  During pregnancy, if the mom suffers any organ damage, the baby in the womb sends stem cells to repair the damaged organ. That’s the bond between a mother and his baby.
  2. The voice of mother only can have the same effect as if we are hugging someone close and it relieves all are tensions.

A mother not only gives us life but does our upbringing and also protects us. Thus she is Our Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

She is the one who inculcate in us social behavior. She is the bridge to the other bonds of our life. She is the one who tells us who is right and who is wrong, what is  good and what is bad for us.

For instance we can forget our bond with our mother but she’ll never and can’ t forget the bond which she first felt when you were breathing in her womb.

Human Relations with our Father

A Father and a Child shares yet another unique bond. We are emotionally attached to our fathers. They are our role models. They teach us  how to lay a foundation of security, trust and love.
Every father- daughter/son bonds goes through stages-

  1. When you are a child-Also known as hero son – dad‘ or ‘hero dad- Princess daughter phase. This phase develops an emotional connect between the child and his father.
  2.  When you are a teen-This phase makes you feel that your father is neglecting you, always scolding you or always giving a huge lecture to you. But this phase, I think is most difficult one. In this stage you and your father are connected by only one thread that is understanding. If you’ll understand your father he’ll also understand you. At this age the difference is the only generation gap/
  3.  Your rest whole life, this bond will never skip you whether you are in dissection, or in ecstasy, whether you’re alone or with dozens, whether you need or not.

A father is neither an anchor  to hold us back nor a sail to take us there, but a everlasting guiding light whose love shows the way. And they are our fathers who teach us to value ourselves. For me indeed, this bond is the special of specials.

Human Relations with Nature

A child who doesn’t even know how to breath, for the first time he comes in contact of fresh air, but he cries. But why he cries❓He cries because nature is establishing its bond with the new born. The bond which will end when we’ll end. Crying of babies at their birth is the nature’s process of clearing their throats for their first breathe.

Our bond with Nature is also very special. Think when you are depressed or just solemn and before you there is exquisite view of mountain covered with snow, down there is valley and colonies of beautiful flowers alongside the murmuring river flowing in her own way, and the water glistering in the dim shine of setting sun.

 Will this view not soothes your soul❓While imagination of such a view only is making me so exultant that I want to be there only. Having nothing but just a glimpse of such therapeutic scene can heal us when we are broken from inside. This is the bond between the nature and we humans.

Walk in the company with your bonded nature, slowly. The relaxed pace calms your mind and soothes your soul. Contact with Nature is one of the ingredients of happy and healthy life. Nature is our second mother and it’s true it raises us like a mother only.

Friendship Relations

Friendship is human relation, which we all are familiar with. And friendship is Necessary
Before talking about how?Lets review some quotes:-

An ancient Greek playwright Euripides wrote-“One loyal friend is better than 10,000 relatives and 2,300 years later Dr. Wayne Dyer said that- ” Friends are god’s apology for your family

We concluded to two things:

1. Good friends are better than some relatives(Quiet funny??).

2. The Value and Need of Friendship is still the same(even after Internet).

Genius Australian scientists have found that ‘For Old people having friends increased there chance of survival and living longer life

Friendship is one of the human relations that improve with time. Think about the time you meet someone for the first time and then think how you interact to them now. We are Humans(social creatures) and we have a superpower called ‘the better suggestion‘, but the problem is we can’t use it for our own good(why god,why!?).But we can give it to others and others will give it to us and helping us for a better career/decisions.

How to Improve and Understand Relations with Friends

The Key to the problem of friendship is to be found in an odd sounding place:a lack of sense of purpose. The problem is that, we’re unfairly uncomfortable with idea of friendship having any declared purpose because we associate purpose with the least attractive and most cynical of motives. Yet purpose don’t have to ruin friendship and in fact, the more we define what a friendship might really be for.

 There are at least for things, friends can help and you can help then as a friend:

1.Networking We are small creatures in a vast world, And our individual capacity is entirely insufficient. So we need friends who can align their abilities and energies to ours.

2. Reassurance– We many time experience regret, rage and confusion. Yet the reassurance true friend gives us a access to a very necessary and accurate sense of their own humiliation and follies. So we can judge our self slightly positive.

3. Fun– We all have stress at some one of our life and we need someone to have fun talks, jokes. Friend like this can make life fun.

4. Clarifying our minds– It’s hard to think of our own, we fell angry but don’t know why? We feel something is wrong with our but don’t know what? And a friend holds us to the task, and they ask gentle questions but probing questions which act as a mirror and help us.

Maybe a friend can one or more of these 4 qualities but the thing is you should also have at least one of these quality. Friendship is a bonding gives you emotional, social and mental support. And lastly be the friend to the friendless.


Improve friendship by reading and sharing horror books-https://lovebooks.in/horror-books-for-teens/

Love Relations

We human beings have two relationships in which we are not bounded by blood but they are the ones we choose,one is partner in crime and other is life partner.we all human beings experience this feeling of love for someone special at some stage of life.

When someones happiness becomes priority and the only way to our happiness, a bond establishes itself.And to imagine whole life with someone the bond needs to be different and strongest and this type of human relations needs more time ,more efforts, more love ,more trust, more of everything that any other relation demand.

Lovers have their own journey filled with love and fight,fight and reconcile,and then again fight but the thing that keeps them together is their bond ,formed by love,understanding,trust ,respect and support.

The only thing that makes this bond stronger with time is effort,to love and to accept each other with all flaws .When the efforts are made equally from both sides,every hardship and hurdle becomes easy to deal with . The person not only stays in happy times but also supports in bad times. And so is this bond one of the strongest bond we human beings experience…..the love that lasts forever with us, the unbreakable bond of lovers.



The thing I strongly feel is that- no matter how our work keep us and most part of our life engaged. No matter how much success you have got. How powerful we are or How prosperous we have become. We always need people around us to celebrate our happiness, to share our pain. To enjoy the new born and to mourn over the gone ones. To support you during the emotional breakdown when no money can Heal the internal pain.

Everyone needs to be loved. Everyone needs to be cared, to be pampered when in pain. Nowadays it is often seen that ruin a beautiful relationship with closest of a friends or family members. This happens because we have no time to be with them. To have a heart to heart conversation. We are so busy in our scheduled time table that we don’t even realize “Every next moment is creating more gaps in the relationships. Instead of making a bridge, we blame each other for the gap“. Misunderstandings ought to occur when there is no communication. We do not realize that- if we will not nurture the sapling of relationship it gets dried up soon.

We all want supporting people in our life but little do we realize that we also need to be the one. Let us acknowledge the people around us, support them in all their thick and thins.

Few ways which will help you to enhance your relations with your friends and family members.

  1. Small gestures really matter
  2. Walk under the starry sky sharing
  3. Thoughts about your hobby
  4. Appreciate for the smallest of the things

Even if it is just a smile or a brief conversation about how the day went. Small caring gesture can really be the ice breaker to start a deep conversation which can enhance your bonding. Appreciating others make them feel confident. The words to utter have special impact on the ears.


When you speak nice about each other it eventually helps to enhance your HUMAN RELATIONS. But appreciation doesn’t mean you have to say nice about something even if it is not .So tell us in The COMMENT SECTION BELOW How close you are to your family members ?? How your friends have helped you in low phases of your life.

Hope to meet you soon with another interesting article

With this is, I sign off.

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