Code of Honour |10 Powerful Mindset for Change|


1.We must be responsible and accountable for whatever things we commit.

  • Fill Goal’s page every week. 
  • Verbal commitments are important but we don’t judge on that.
  • Compensate for the leaves you have taken.

2. We must be frequently communicating with our peers.

  • At least a weekly conversation with other teammates.
  • We must have basic understanding of other’s work.
  • We must fill up our goal’s and reflection page.

3.To be a life long learner, both professionally and personally.

  • To never be feared of learning something.
  • We must acknowledge and support everyone learning.
  • We should raise voice when we see fixed mindset.

4. We must be brutally honest for good and bad and for others and ourselves.

  •  Giving honest reviews on others work but more importantly oneself’s work.
  • We must always be ready to criticise other’s work not the person.
  • Criticism also includes praising others whenever they deliver great work.

5. Leaves must be the last option and we must try to come back as soon as possible.

  • Cut down time and more passively if possible.
  • Mention the estimate date to come back.
  • Transfer your work to someone else in the team temporarily.

6. While doing anything, we should keep in mind our purpose.

  • Our how must follow our why.
  • We must take calculated risks.
  • Follow your why even if you don’t know how.

7. We must value our and other’s time equally.

  • Anything must be given only that much time as required.
  • We must always process fast.
  • We must try to make our calls as effective as possible.

8. During less team members.We must act like a leader and be responsible.

  • Cut down unimportant task temporarily.
  • Don’t be panic and at-least start.
  •  Cut down on  least important and impact things

9. We must show transparency, with whatever we done.

  • We make ourselves and others feel confident.
  • We must try our best to message in group instead of private messages.
  • We don’t do back-bitching.

10. Respect is less about our behaviour and more about the cause.

  • We must fight if necessary…of authority.
  • Complete aceptance with good and bad behaviour.
  • Think a minute before you pass an jugdement.