Creative Thinking: How to think creatively and Get ideas

Creative Thinking is something more than power, it’s super power.

Highly Creative people or even Intelligent people like Thomas Edison, use creative thinking to get creative breakthroughs!

Some of you also want to do creative thinking because of your employer. Whatever the reason is it’s worth it. And it’s worth it to do Creative Thinking.

What is Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking is the ability to give something a new perspective. It might be a new approach to a problem. It also can be something gives you a feeling of aha’. Creative Thinking is not challenge, it’s actually something really enjoy. In fact, if you don’t enjoy something it’s really hard to think about it creatively.

 Let’s just deep into it to understand what it is (note: If you’re multitasking, stop that or this!)

Types of Creative Thinking

I don’t like putting things in different categories but it makes it easy to Understand. So let’s just take a look at the 5 types of Creative Thinking. You can use in different situations.

1. Analysis- Here you first have to understand the problem in order to solve it. Maybe you are looking at a data set, a text, a lesson plan. You need to first analyze it and then to think in different ways.

2. Open-Mindedness- To think creatively, you have to set aside any assumption or biases you may have, looking at thing at complete new way. Being open minded with a problem, and allowing yourself the chance to think creatively.

3. Problem-Solving- Employers want creative employees, who will solve work related issues. When you faced a problem try to come up with solutions, instead seeking for help at first. For Example: If you are giving a presentation, try to come up with possible solutions, instead of just showing the problem.

4. Organization- It might seem counter intuitive because creative people tend to keep things disordered. Actually organization is an important part of creativity. You might mess everything when you are trying a new idea but you need to organize your thoughts to understand.

5. Communication- People only appreciate you creative ideas when you communicate with then effectively. You have to be a good listener and come up with unique solutions by asking the right question.

Let’s see some tips to do creative thinking.

The 6 Thinking Hat (Getting new Perspective)

“Six Thinking Hats” is a concept by Dr. Edward de Bono. It is really important to see the world in different perspective as Albert Einstein noted- “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”  

The 6 hats are 6 different types of perspectives, and it’s really useful to see the same problem in another way.

White Hat- It’s when you’re in gathering information mode. It is when you are focusing on all the facts and details, you will need to address the issue, you’re trying address.

Yellow Hat-This mode activates, when you bring optimism to your thinking. It is when you’re trying to identify the positives of a problem. (Everything had something positive with its negativity).

Black Hat- It’s when you try to see exactly what is going on. You don’t try to be optimistic or pessimistic; you are looking face to face to the difficulties and pitfalls.

Red Hat- It is when your emotion comes into play. Here you allow yourself to let emotion on the surface even express fear. It is when you allow speculation and institution to enter the conversation.

Green Hat- It is your Creativity mode. Now you’ve looked at the problem analytically and emotionally. Now ask yourself, what new idea you can bring? What you already know about the problem?

Blue Hat- It’s your management mode. It’s when you make sure you’ve have done your work productively and done the best possible. It is when you try to get the ‘big picture’ of what you have done!

This is an organized method. First collect the information to clear every myths (White Hat), then you look at the positive side of that to tell yourself it’s easy (Yellow Hat),

 then you accept it as a challenge (Black Hat), after that you let emotions comes into play (Red Hat), you try to think something new (Green Hat), lastly make sure everything you have done is fine (Blue Hat).

This is also useful to look at a problem with different perspectives and increase creative thinking.

 You can use this line to remember the color of the hats.

William Your Boy Rolls over Ground Backside.

Using Diffuse Brain Mode for highly Creative ideas

There are modes in our brain- Focused mode and Diffuse mode.


In this Image, Left hand side brain represent focused mode. Focused mode is used while doing something with your active or conscious brain; it’s used in activities like doing math, understanding a chapter, reading, etc.

Second section represents diffuse mode (creative thinking). It your less active or things in background happens, you can also called this you creativity mode; it activates when you walk looking at things around, while you take a bath, ultimately while you sleep.

Focused Vs Diffuse Mode

Focused Mode

It is you Left Brain; working at problem with full focus, you can also call it your conscious mind.

It includes your short term memory.

Helps to learn and understand in small chunks

Diffuse Brain Mode

It is your Right Brain; you can call it your unconscious or less conscious state of mind.

It also includes Long Term Memory. This part also decides what to and what not to store in Long term Memory.

It helps to came up with new creative and innovative ideas.

Importance of Focused Mode

Here is an interesting image. The First two problems can be solved with Focused Thinking but you need a little bit of Diffuse Thinking (or Creative Thinking) to solve the last one.

So Focused mode is something you need, it’s not useless

Focusing Intently but Briefly

Sometimes we work on something for hours long, but we are just unable to solve the problem (it can be a math problem). There are two possibilities whether it’s too hard to you or you need the help of diffuse mode. You can take a break of 5 min/30 minutes.

Here are some Diffuse Mode Activators (can be used as short breaks)

General Diffuse mode Activators(Creative Thinking)

  1. Walking
  2. Take a Bath
  3. Draw
  4. Meditate or pray
  5. Sleep (Ultimate diffuse mode activator)

Activators that can be used as reward

  1. Play Video Games
  2. Surf on web
  3. Talk to friends
  4. Favorite Netflix Episode 

By doing these thing first you get relaxed and secondly your Diffuse Mode, gets some time to solve the problem in background. That’s why when you work on a problem in the night and try it again in the morning; it seems easy to solve that problem.

This method of taking breaks won’t work if you don’t have enough knowledge, diffuse mode needed.

Before creativity or diffuse mode, we have to use focused Mode without that we can’t think creatively.  So let’s take a tour and see how to understand something.

Building Better Chunks (Using Focused mode)

Creative Thinking big picture

Top-down arrow represents ‘big picture learning’ and Bottom-up arrow represents ‘Chunking or Chunks.’

We have to make chunks using focused mode, so we can have big picture or creative ideas. Here are some points to build better chunks.

Avoid the illusion of competence: You are reading your science book, you just read a fact. You though you got it. But actually you don’t. Try to recall, without the answer in front of you. Because your brain thinks he know the answer but actually the book did.

Practice makes Permanent:  Try to practice more frequent you can.

Recall the material at different places

So we have discussed some points to build better chunks,

Let’s just dive into some points on how to use diffuse mode

How to use Diffuse mode? To do creative thinking

Example of Diffuse Thinking

[ Diffuse Thinking is time you need to make the wall of knowledge ]

We have discussed about a lots of things about diffuse mode let’s just see summarize it and see some practical ideas.

Diffuse Mode is when your sub-conscious tries to solve the problem in background. We have discussed about some Diffuse Mode Activators. 

You can do some General Diffuse Mode Activities, when you have free time. And you can do some Activities as as a reward, after completing the task. When you do these task it’s often possible that you can get a really creative idea or you solve a problem.

This technique is too useful. That famous personalities like Thomas Edison also used it.

To learn more about Focused and Diffuse Mode(click here)

If you want to read a book about creative thinking, then we suggest ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ by Daniel Kahneman. This book contains deep knowledge and it’s one of the most successful books.

Note: The links of book are affiliate links. What is it? It is simple, whenever you buy a book from our link, you support Love Books. We stand for growth. That means you are indirectly helping people to grow in life with books.

Thinking Fast and Slow

 Learn how to…

  1. Think creatively.
  2. Take productive breaks.
  3. relax under pressure.
  4. understand cognitive ease and use it.
  5. Use Question Substitution.
  6. Use basic human psychology. 
  7. Learn yourself!

…And more 


We have discussed about two key points- ‘Changing Perspective’ and ‘Using Diffuse Mode.’

Changing Perspective- Here we discussed about ‘The 6 Hats of Thinking’ and memorized them using a mnemonicWilliam Your Boy Rolls over Ground Backside.

Diffuse Mode- It is when your sub-conscious mind works in background. To let your sub conscious mind do what it want to do, we have discussed some Diffuse Mode Activities.

We did have discussed about other facts too, but the that not the key ideas because Our goal is not to cover a lot, our goal is to uncover a lot.

learning by JIm

Submitting It Up!

» Changing Perspective 

  • ‘The 6 Hats of Thinking’

» Diffuse Mode

  • Importance of Focused Mode
  • Focused Vs Diffuse Mode
  • Focusing Intently but briefly
  • Diffuse Mode Activities


Enhance Your Learning

1. What are the 6 Hats of Thinking?

2. What is Diffuse Mode?

3. What are some Diffuse Mode Activators?

4. What is the difference between Focused and Diffuse Mode?

5. How can I use this knowledge practically?


Can you afford to be not creative with your life? If you are serious about your life then you will definitely say, Yes.

At any given moment of time you don’t have all the resources. Everything is not right anytime. You have to use your mind. You have to get creative.

Creativity is one of the most important skills of information age. Artificial Intelligence is eating up so much of jobs. So you need to be creative and build your own path.

Start today by eliminating using negative sentences. Don’t say I cannot do this or that but say how can I do this or that.

Start being creative and finding problems to your solution. God help only those who help themselves.

You’re being lied consistently sometimes by yourself about limits of leaning.

click on the link to eliminate those limiting lies-

You can also watch this video, if you’re interested.

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