Do You Know? You really have 168 hours in a week.

When I first came face to face with this fact, I was really amazed. We all know that a day has 24 hours. It means that you have 24*7 hours in a week. Isn’t it a lot? You don’t believe me. Let’s do some math ( I am terribly bad at it,though.) If you work 50 hrs a week (it’s more than an average person per week), you are left with 118 hours per week. If you sleep for 8 hours per day (it’s not required, though), you are left with 52 hours per week.

Isn’t it amazing? You got 7.42 hours per day. This is something which blew my mind(like literally blew up my mind). I know, know, You are yelling at me from behind the screen, 

Bro, I work 80 hrs per week? 

First of all, I would like to give a knockout blow. Recent studies show that an average person works around 30-60 hours. It’s a high chance that you are a part of this bracket. The question is- Why do you feel that you have worked more than you have actually done? The simple and short answer is working on less priority work. For example, time spent during commute, lunch time, talking to friends in the office, etc. can not be considered work. 

Why do people say, “ I don’t have time? ”

I have a really interesting story to share with you all to explain this. Initially, when we started there we were a team of writers who used to write on this blog. In the present case scenario, there are only two active members. When I asked them, why can’t you write? The answer was simple, “I don’t have time.” I laughed (obviously, in my mind) and said, “No problem.” 

All of them are good friends. Therefore, I know their routine. They can spend time on talking with other friends but not writing. I am really not blaming them. I am myself  guilty of watching on average 2 hours per day watching youtube per day. It was just that this blog was not their priority and I can completely understand their perspective. Although I want to kill them for saying no, all of them are still good friends. I didn’t want killed them because I didn’t want to end up in jail. (For your information, I am not a psychopath.)

What’s the solution to this?

If I tell you the truth, there is no straight way answer. However, keeping a time log diary is really one the best steps you can take. What’s a time log diary? It’s a diary where you simply track every half an hour of your life. It actually need not to be a diary. It can be a spreadsheet, notebook, journal, softwares like Toggl, or anything you want. I am one of those antic pieces of the world. Therefore, I prefer using a simple diary. (Did I say simple? Actually, it’s a mess but it works)

Most of the productivity gurus talk about- “Make a time table and schedule everything.” I agree with them( on this thing). Infact, timeblocking is the third activity I do after waking up( as I am a morning person). The problem is that you cannot do effective time blocking if you don’t know how you spend your time. If you learn time diary stuff, please check out Laura Vanderkam’s Time Log Spreadsheet [add the link to the freebie of Laura Vanderkam]. Although I hate the fact she wanders off so much from the topic in his books, she is one of the best experts on time management.  

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How To Analyse Your Time Diary? 

I have been keeping a Time Diary for a year now. It’s embarassing that I learnt to analyse my Time Diary only a few days back. I learned it from 168 hours by Laura Vanderkam. I always sucks at math. Therefore, I am not surprised by the fact that it was a bit hard for me to learn this. However, it’s actually eye opening.

By the way, it seems very simple when I have learned it. You just need to decide one thing. After choosing, add up the amount you spent on it that day. You also need to do a weekly review. For the first time, you need to make categories and their subcategories. Write down the hours spent on each category and their subcategories. Now, add up all the categories and their sub-categories. The sum should come equal to 168 hours (an error of 5 to 6 hours is acceptable). The analysis of my time diary is really shocking. 

For example- I got to know that on an average day I spent 5 hrs on my freelancing business (I help coaches to get clients by helping them with their blog content). I was spending more time on it than I had realized. Now, I am motivated to increase it further. 

I also got to know that on an average day I watched youtube for 2hrs. It was really painful. Now, I am motivated to bring this number down(sorry my favourite youtubers). 

Conclusion: You Are In Control Of Your Time.

In the end, it all boils down to your mindset. I struggle with it but I am getting better at it. It’s your time to take control of it. It is not going to be easy but will be worth it. Time is your biggest asset. I don’t want to stalk you by saying statements like- “You will never get the lost hour. Once the time is gone it’s gone forever.” (This is true, though). I would like to say,

“It’s your time. If you take control of your time, you can do the things you always wanted. In my case- I can play basketball, read more books, work more on my business(it’s frustrating sometimes but mostly fun)”

Bye, Bye. Hope you learned something today. Don’t forget to tell me- “One thing that you learned from the article.”

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