Dopamine Detox: How to Fully Reset Your Brain Positively

Do you get bored while studies? Or Do you have a lot of bad habits? Here’s Why.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that acts as a chemical messenger. Responsible for your movement, motivation, and memory.

Your brain focuses on more dopamine activity. And your brain can become so dependent on dopamine. Once it develops tolerance, it requires much more dopamine, and normal tasks will become difficult. So, you have to reset your normal dopamine levels to make a boring activity fun. (or less boring at least)

But Is there any way to reset your normal dopamine levels?

The answer is — Dopamine Detox (or Dopamine Fasting). It is an event, where you have to follow 1 simple rule. The Rule is to avoid activities that give you pleasure, like- Video Games, Surfing on Internet, listening to music, or anything that gives you pleasure and can be addictive.

The here is- to devoid the brain of any good happy activity, and at the end, even a boring activity becomes fun. That way, your brain starts to reset.

Science Behind Dopamine Detox

Way back to evolution, when we hunt and gather food. We need, to be social, food rich in carbohydrates, and other stuff. So, our brain gradually evolves itself to produce more dopamine for these tasks.

In today’s society, we are completely surrounded by instant gratification. We can get a dopamine high whenever we want. This ends up messing with our natural production of dopamine. And we can even get addicted to social media, games, etc.

Dopamine Detox follows a simple logic. We just eliminate high dopamine activities for some time. And then, we started getting bored, and in the end, even the low dopamine activity becomes interesting.

Dopamine Detox have some similar effects of Mindfulness. In one way or other, it’s the same thing! In mindfulness practices you do some low-dopamine tasks (like: meditation) and slowly the low-dopamine task(meditation), becomes easier and easier to do. 

The only difference in Dopamine Detox and Mindfulness is- In mindfulness practices your goal can be multiple(like- self-discovery, self-control, or spirituality), But the only goal of Dopamine Detox is to reduce the crave of high-dopamine activities(social media, games,etc) to do low-dopamine activity without being bored.

Benefits Of Dopamine Detox

What could be the potential benefit of dopamine detox?

Well, it could be limitless. But let’s just read through some:-

  1. Your Attention Span Increases: It makes sense, when you’re eliminating all kinds of distractions, then there is nothing to destroy your focus. And your focus increases day-by-day as your craving for high dopamine decreases.
  2. Rapid Progress: When you spend most of your time on one or two tasks. You will gradually saw rapid progress.
  3. Being Clear Minded and More Present: When you do the things you actually want to, it eliminates frustration and makes your mind more clear. And you start living in the present and do the important tasks.
  4. Things Feel Like When You Were Kid: When you were a kid. When you watch a show, you’re not watching the show, you’re inside the show. After some practices of Dopamine Detox, You will start feeling everything new. It’s just a priceless feeling.

You will find these things inside yourself after some practice of dopamine fast/detox. 

We have discussed a lot about what it is, how it works, benefits, etc. Now just learn how the method actually works.

How To Get Started With Dopamine Fasting(or detox)

A Dopamine Fasting is complete removal of all your favorite pleasure-giving activities. Anything that includes some sort of pleasure is off the table.

Here are the 6 steps to Dopamine Detox:

  1. Start Detox From Morning: Prepare Everything A Day Ahead.
  2. Make a Can and Can’t list: This list is your rule book throughout the detox. Write what you can and can’t and give your best to follow it.
  3. Let People Know About It: Tell everyone(if possible) that you’re not available on the day, so no one can disturb you until it’s important. 
  4. Keep Your Motivation In Mind
  5. Keep Distractions As Far Away As Possible: Turn off notifications and so.
  6. Try To Keep Your Self Away From High Dopamine Activity Even After The Detox

You have to follow the top 5 steps for the Detox and the 6th one is for after the Detox. Normally a Detox is 24 hours long but you can keep it short, according to you. Make sure do a detox, once a week. Until you feel that you’re ‘crave’ for high dopamine activities has decreased.(Now I sound like a Doctor)

Lastly, incorporate those lessons into your lifestyle, when the detox is done. 

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So If you have read everything so far…

You have learned a lot about Dopamine Fasting/Detox. Now it’s time to take Action!

Go and Do it. Do some more research if you want!

Don’t Procrastination, Follow Steps,

Give The Best!

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