Fantasy books for kids: Easy and Detailed reviews.

Every great fantasy novel is a journey into mystery and wonder.They take you in a world, totally different from the real one, a world of dragons,unicorns or wizards and eventually make you believe in magic and becomes a great part of your childhood. So, here we shortlisted some of the great fantasy books for kids and reviewed them. Hope you like them.

Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding it.”

— Lloyd Alexander

1. Charlie and the Chocolate factory

This fantasy book by Roald Dahl can definitely be one of the go-to books for kids.For adults as well it is thought provoking book which gives insights about the shortcomings in parenting


But How charlie went in the chocolate factory??

  • Charlie’s grandpa used to tell him stories about mysterious wonka’s chocolate factory.
  • As wonka has hold a contest for 5 lucky winners and whoever will find the golden ticket shall have candies for lifetime.
  • Charlie is so excited to visit the chocolate factory. There were 4 other children with charlie who won the golden ticket. What happens to them in the factory is according to their behaviour.

To know what happened to the children and how charlie rejoiced in the factory , go and buy this fabulous novel

        2. HALF MAGIC

It is a magical story set in 1930’s America which follows the hilarious and fascinating adventures of four siblings namely Katherine, Mark, Jane and Martha.

This magical tale is full of thrilling adventures but it’s the well developed dialogues and characters who hook the hearts of generations of readers mainly for elementary school pupils.


  • The marvellous adventures in the desert sands, jousting with Launcelot, or dealing with an irritated talking cat are delightful on their own, but the story is really about what real happiness is.
  • Its’s about the cooperation and compromise, reconciling your dreams with the needs and wishes of those around you.
  • Having the courageous red blood and a really must sense to recognize your mis-steps and a try to make wrong things right.

So want to know what happens with The Four siblings,Their mom and a newcomer in their lives Click here and buy this fantasy book:

3.BFG :The Big Friend Giant

There are a number of books that shape the youth of a child. This is one of those books for me, alongside a handful of other Roald Dahl’s classics.


  • The story in which an eight year old girl Sophie is kidnapped through her window by a giant, she think’s she’s done for.
  • But by a miraculous stroke of good luck, she hasn’t been taken by any old monster instead she was in a company of the ‘BIG FRIENDLY GIANT’, who eats veggies ( namely snozzcumbers) rather than people.
  • As Sophie and the BFG get to know each other, they hatch a plan to thwart the other cruel, human eating monsters with aid from none other than the queen of England!!

you will gather, one of the most major themes in the BFG is Dahl’s wonderful use of language and humour, especially regarding the giants dining habits.

All of the giants, but in particular The BFG himself speaks in a decidedly unusual fashion, using plethora of invented words and puns which adds to the humour.

Terror, wonder, love of language and hints at a wide and fantastic world, The BFG has it all…

To enjoy the ride of adventure with Sophie and BFG go and buy this novel:


J. R. R  Tolkien’s The Hobbit is one of the best known and loved one among all the other fantasy books. This is far more light-hearted tale which introduces  to the world the unforgettable Bilbo, Gandalf and Gollum.

Authors from J. K. Rowling to David Gemmel class it as an inspiration upon their own work. A book full of adventures, heroism, song and laughter. If wizards aren’t your thing, you can always try middle aged Hobbit.


  • Bilbo Baggins and his dwarven compatriots journey, “there and back again” in THE HOBBIT
  • Brave soldiers march forward in the face of mortal peril. In the hopes of restoring the dwarves’ lost  kingdom (which was taken long ago by the dragon Smaug).
  • If you like to read books about adventures you will love this book. The setting gave the book an ancient feeling that is seen in fictional adventures books.

One of the most appealing aspects of The Hobbit is that we can all find our inner-Hobbit ; the part of us that wants nothing by an easy and comfortable life. But there is still something inside all of us that perks up at the thought of adventure and  a journey into an unknown path.

If you want to read this book go, click here and buy:


Winnie The Pooh stories collection by A. A. Milne. They are clever lessons disguised as entertaining portraits, teaching children everything from critical thinking to the perils of poor spelling, without ever tipping kids off. The different personas of the animals in the original format can also help to spur conversation about feelings and problem solving.


  • Piglet is timid, but can be brave. Owl thinks he knows everything, but really just make things up. Tigger is fun and happy, but sometimes too excited for his own good.
  • In a time where communication is digital, more children own televisions than books, and the great outdoors is no longer deemed safe.

It’s among all the delightful and enchanting fantasy books therefore it should be read by everyone.To make Winnie The Pooh a profound part of your life go and buy


Journeys to the end of world, fantastic creatures, and epic battles between good and evil .The book that has it all is Chronicles of  Narnia by C. S. Lewis. The Chronicles of Narnia are classics of children’s and fantasy fiction with a strong and enduring following.

It’s clever fusion of classical elements, with easy storytelling, magic and talking to animals, make it easy to enjoy. The Chronicles of Narnia need no introduction.


What more could any reader ask for in one book?

  • This C. S. Lewis series comprises seven children novels where children have adventures in the magical land of Narnia, participating in battles and quests.
  • Under the watchful eye and guidance of Aslan the lion. The main characters of the story are four children :Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy.
  • They discover a mysterious wardrobe in their uncle’s house, that leads them to the magical land of Narnia.

Overall, this is a good children’s book incorporating the strong moral traditions and teachings. This is terrific fantasy for young readers of both genders. You will be able to see a part of themselves in one of the four children.

An essential read for young fantasy readers.Go and buy this book

7. Harry Potter Series

The Harry Potter series by JK Rowling contains a set of seven fantasybooks based on the adventures of a boy named Harry Potter. The books are both very well-written and laugh-out-loud funny, an intoxicating combination.

The books defying the generalised set of reality take us to the wizarding world. And that is just chapter one of what’s interesting.


  • Harry, clueless to his wizarding identity joins Hogwarts and conducts several successful adventures to protect the school and prevent the return of Lord Voldemort. Alas! Lord Voldemort does return and in the books
  • Harry has been seen planning strategies to destroy hocruxes so as to kill Lord Voldemort. Eventually Harry does kill him but not without the help of his friends Ron and Hermione.
  • The most eye catching trait of the series is the development of Friendship between Harry, Hermione and Ron. Also the particular wit of sideline characters like Neville longlbottom.
  • Characters like Albus Dumbledore take you on a journey of wit and at last dedication of Severus Snape.

In conclusion, do we love this series, After all this time??Always.To go and buy this book, click here

8. Alice’s adventures in wonderland

Can you imagine a world down the rabbit hole!

This classic by Lewis carol is an interesting and beautiful story with so many colorful illustrations. Alice is a girl with as inquisitive nature as children of her age usually are.
With every new chapter reader gets to meet a new character who brings along new thrill and new vibe with it.


How did Alice reach to wonderland! What she saw there??

  • This story teaches many lessons in a happening way. Alice chase the white rabbit then found the rabbit hole and tries to find its way through wonderland.
  • It is a charming fantasy for kids as they will enjoy whole lot of stupid stuff happening and with some amazing senseless subplots which brings humour to the story.
  • Adults can also understand the satire with hidden meanings and hence captivates the mind of reader.

To know more about Alice’s adventures get it from:

9. Wonderful Wizards of of OZ

This book by L. Frank Baum is a wonderful and delightful Story with arbitrary magical scenes with a tint on action and thrill .It is one of the ideal series of fantasy books for kids which tends to have interest in actions novels as well as fairy tales.


Were wizards good or bad!! What did wizards do with dorothy??Let’s take a glance into the story

  • It is about a girl Dorothy who lives with her uncle and aunt in kansas. One day when cyclone hits their place, she and her dog Toto lands in a magical world.
  • As the story proceeds Dorothy meets Munchkins and a good witch of east who tells her to find wizard of oz in emerald city who would help her to get back home.
  • In the hunt of oz she meets The scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and The cowardly lion.

This book is a complete package full of educational values with simple and motivating characters and some absurd scenes of magic and adventure which children of young age love to read!!

To enjoy this novel get the book:

10. A wrinkle in time

This book by Madeleine L’ Engel is compelling and imaginative for creative children.It takes your mind in a different zone of imagination altogether


Tessering or A wrinkle in time!! What is this??

  • Meg Murry’s father was a renowned physicist but he has been missing for 2 years. Meg and her mom were annoyed by the sudden arrival of a stranger who says “i just got caught into a downcraft and blown off course” These words are somewhat suspected that she is tessering or travelling through the time .
  • She along with her brother and friend sets on a rescue mission to save Dr. Marry who has stuck on a different planet.

To know more what happened next and how Meg’s adventurous mission got succeeded read this intellectual yet interesting fantasy book of kids.

So what do you think about these fantasy books??

And if you want your mind to go for some outing with these mind blogging fantasy books than go and buy these books from our links which will help us in getting a bit of commission too.

Do tell your opinions in the comment section and share the problems you face while picking up this bunch of fantasy books .I will surely reach you with the solution to it.

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