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10 Terrific Horror Books for Teens

Hey guys I am really concerned,. Do you think your life is hard? I also thought so once. To make my life easy, I tried to find out ways. After my research, I found out life is easy but we are weak.

Your mother often makes the food you don’t like. Your life is hard. What about children who don’t have anything to eat? You have to really study hard. So much of work huh! What about children working straight 14 hours a day?

If you still think, your life is tough, please go and sit in your mother’s lap. It’s not for you. Okay, I am serious today. But I really need to be. Stop! Acting like a cry baby.The time has come to grow up.

This article and books recommended will help you grow up. Literature is said to be the mirror of society. What people don’t know is? Novels and stories shape our thoughts. When we read horror or mystery thriller books, something in us changes. 

Many people are suffering more than we do. And actually, our problems our very little.


The Shining

Horror Book 1-The shinning


‘The Shining’ is the story of Jack Torrance. He is a caretaker of the Overlook Hotel in Colorado.

Where(hotel) ⇓

 One winter, his wife Wendy and his son Danny travel with him to the Colorado resort, miles away from civilization.

 While the manager of the hotel is giving the Torrance family a tour, highlighting where they’ll be staying and outlining Jack’s responsibilities.

The Shine

Head chef Dick Halloran brings Danny away, explaining he knows he has “the shine.” 

“The shine” allows Danny and Dick to see things others can’t, including dangerous and terrifying events, people and things. 

Danny Exploring the Hotel 

When the employees leave, leaving the Torrance family on their own in the massive hotel, Danny does some exploring on his own.

Throughout the course of the book, Danny is taunted with supernatural beings and is tempted to different places throughout the hotel, where he sees unnatural events

Dannny’s Father(Jack) Alcoholic disaster  

 Danny’s father, a recovering alcoholic, is struggling with abstaining from alcohol now that he’s in isolation.

 He has vivid hallucinations, where he travels in time to a party hosted at the hotel and is ordering drink after drink, having a blast

The unnatural activities paired with Jack’s inability to separate reality from fantasy sets up an equation for disaster.


“The Shining” is a well-written novel. The book includes a lot of little hints and details that come together at the end of the book. 

I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it for anyone looking for a classic thriller novel.


Let The Right One In

Horror Book


Blackeberg is a small suburb outside of Stockholm, Sweden that is without a history but is home to Oskar.

Oskar and his Nature

He is a bullied 12-year-old boy who fantasizes about murder and collects newspaper clippings of killings.  He lives in an apartment complex with his mother and has no one he can call a friend. 

Meet his new friend Eli

• One night on the playground near his home he meets Eli, a young girl. She happens to live in the apartment next to Oskar with Hakan whom she claims to be her father.

Friendship of Oskar and Eli

• Oskar and Eli. In very different ways, they were both victims – which is why, against the odds, they became friends. And how they came to depend on one another, for life itself.

The two share an unmistakable bond, which is put to the test when a series of murders shocks their Stockholm suburb and Oskar learns the terrifying truth about his new friend.


• These two are undoubtedly at the forefront of the story, but Lindqvist fills his novel with an entire cast of people who are similar to each other– overall sad, depressed, and looking for a reason to keep existing.


John Ajvide Lindqvist’s novel is a unique and brilliant fusion of social novel and vampire legend, and a deeply moving fable about rejection, friendship and loyalty.

It is also a heart-wrenching story about the loneliness of being an outcast–whether you are a bullied child or an adult with an apartment full of cats.It’s also about the beauty of friendship and acceptance.

 Let the Right One In is a great companion to be experienced and should be on the must-read list for all horror fans.

World War Z



Situation(Zombie Everywhere) ⇓

 World War Z by Max Brooks depicts a post-apocalyptic world that suffered from a zombie plague which started in China.

How it Started ⇓

After a twelve year old boy is bitten by something while fishing with his father. After the boy is bitten, the military is unable to contain the outbreak and it spreads throughout China before traveling to the rest of Asia and then the United States.

Taste of Further Story ⇓

Max Brooks tells individual stories instead of one. These personal accounts of survival create a larger picture in the zombie world.  It starts with New York City falling and then South Africa taking charge with their ideology to segregate people into small safe zones that have been cleared of zombies. 

Brief Review

   Through his writing, Brooks comments on how people would not be ready for a zombie apocalypse if it were to happen in real life.  One of my favorite quotes from the book is,

“Most people don’t believe something can happen until it already has. That’s not stupidity or weakness, that’s just human nature.” – Quote from the book.

Bird Box


 ⇓ Silence 

Something is out there, something terrifying that must not be seen. One glimpse of it, and a person is driven to deadly violence. No one knows what it is or where it came from.

 Death Everywhere

People everywhere are spontaneously going crazy and dying. Nobody knows the exact cause, but it’s reportedly from seeing something since everyone who has seen it is dead.

 Struggle of Malorie(without spoiling story)   

Upon the death of Malorie’s sister, Malorie finds refuge with five others who have survived the apocalypse. Every day is a test for them trying to survive in a world where your eyes could lead to your imminent death.

Leaving You with a Question(including review)

Malorie learns of a more civilized refuge camp and decides the risk of traveling up the river blindfolded, while risking their lives, is worth the opportunity for her children to have somewhat normal lives. The only question is can they make it without opening their eyes?

Interview with the Vampire


Louis Vampire ⇓

Louis is ready to tell the story of how he was made a vampire and what happened to him afterwards. He is being interviewed by a human, and slowly we get to know more about him and the city of New Orleans where he lived.

Lestat turns Louis into a vampire

A vampire named Lestat turned him into a vampire in search of Louis’s money and property. Louis cannot accept his new life and hates himself for having to kill humans to survive.

 Lestat as a Vampire Teacher

Lestat isn’t the best vampire teacher around and cares more about living comfortably than actually explaining the fundamental things about vampire life.

⇓ Lestat turns a Girl Vampire!

Just as Louis wants to leave, Lestat turns a little girl, Claudia, into a vampire. Louis hadn’t killed her when he took Claudia’s blood, and Lestat turned her so Louis was forced to stay and take care of her.

Plan to escape to Europe

Claudia is more vampire than Louis will ever be, and soon she is becoming tired of Lestat. She wants to escape to Europe with Louis, but first they have to get rid of Lestat… Which is difficult since he is immortal. They finally go to Europe anyway in search of more vampires… And encounter quite a few on the way.

Meet other Vampires in Paris

One of their final stops is Paris, where Louis meets Armand and other vampires. Louis is enchanted by Armand, but Claudia doesn’t like him nor the other vampires… And because she is afraid Louis will leave her.

Taste of Further Story

Claudia forces him to turn a woman into a vampire. They aren’t as safe as they thought though; a surprise is waiting for them when they visit the theatre Armand owns.

 Brief Review

This book is full of lush description and it centers on the themes of immortality, change, loss, sexuality, and power.


Story Line

⇓ Dracula: Buying a property  

Dracula is a famous horror novel written by Bram Stoker in 19th century. The story is about Count Dracula, a vampire who wants to buy a property in England. When Jonathan Harker visits Transylvania to help Count Dracula with the purchase of a London house, he makes horrifying discoveries about his client and his castle.

⇓ Prey of Dracula ⇓ 

Soon afterwards, many strange things start to happening in England: an unmanned ship is wrecked at Whitby; people are disappearing and others spread news about a mortal plague.

Harker’s Friends: killing Lucy to save her soul ⇓ 

Furthermore, Harker’s friends have been visited by Dracula. Lucy, Jonathan’s girlfriend is the first victim, she becomes a vampire and she is killed by her friends to save her soul. Unfortunately, Mina(Lucy’s best-friend) is a new victim.


Dracula was not the first vampire in literature, but he is easily the most important. He’s a monster, driven by his hunger for blood and his uncontrolled lust to take what he wants.

The plot is amazing from the beginning to the end. It’s really exciting how Dracula plays with people’s minds. I’d definitely recommend it. It’s really awesome!


The “house of leaves” by Mark Z. Danielewski  is an unusual story, relating to a house which expands on the interior, then the outside. The first narrator of the story, Johnny Truant, is an employee of a tattoo parlour and a professional unreliable narrator.

Story Line

 Finding A Manuscript

Lude, the truant’s friend, recommends him an apartment of an elderly deceased man named Zampanò.

After shifting to Zampanò’s apartment, he finds the manuscript written by the elderly man, of the documentary film , “The navidson record”.  

 What is in the Manuscript

Zampanò’s part of the narrative deals with the navidson’s family.  A family of four people, namely Will Navidson and his wife Karen Green, along with two childrens, Chad and Daisy, recently moved to a new house in Virginia.

Extraordinary House

After returning from the trip, the Navidson family notices some changes in their home.

On investigation, they find that the exterior of the house is smaller than the interior, while the interior is comparatively bigger than it appears outside.
On each day passing by, they could find the interior getting bigger and bigger, allowing a dark cold passage to form on the exterior living room. This hallway makes up the larger room, to an extremely big open space, consisting of multi corridors and  an unending spiral staircase. 

 What happened next?

On finding this extraordinary house, navidson and his brother Tom, along with some colleagues are interested in video graphing the never ending series of stairs, which finally results in the murder, insanity and death of some characters.

Nevertheless, when Truant’s investigation he finds absolutely no evidence and clue of the house and the film which was ever made expect of Zampanò’s manuscript.


The book, House of leaves is an interesting book with unusual plots, which is merely an horror book, which thereby ends as a love story. The book isn’t as interesting as it seems at the beginning but when the plot starts taking in turn it seems mind boggling and pretentious nonsense.


NOS4A2 by Joe Hill is a story which stresses on a woman trying to save her son from a vicious supernatural killer.

Story Line

⇓  Who?

A well known child abductor, Charles Manx, returns back from coma in a hospital in 2008. The story’s flashback to the previous events to the year 1986 where a young lady named Vic McQueen.He has some special quality to back to any location she’s seeking answers for by riding her bicycle through the shorter way bridge.

Vac’s Habit

She lies to everyone regarding her ability to find answers to her questions. On one such event, while travelling to the bridge, she comes across a woman named Maggie, a librarian with a similar ability, who can use Scrabble tiles to determine the location of missing items or information.

Manx asks his co worker, Bing to acquire some Gingerbread- flavoured Sevoflurane. Bing believes that he uses Sevoflurane to incapacitate the parents of chillax who are targets.
Back to 1996, Vic plans a trap for Manx and somehow gets him arrested and imprisoned. 

What Happened Next ?

In the year 2008, Vic gets into a relationship with Lou, and gives birth to a son named Bruce Wayne Carmody. But her scars from the past doesn’t let her live happily with Lou. Moreover she gets threatening phone calls from “Christmaslands’s vampires “for arresting Manx.

In the year 2012, Maggie discovers that Manx is still not dead even after legally being found dead in prison. Later on a test drive, Manx kidnaps Wayne and injures Vic, where the FBI assistant, Tabhita Butter questions and doubts Vic on her own son’s abduction case.

Vic escapes from the prison and joins with Maggie to kill Manx.

Manx kills Maggie in a library, where Hitter comes to detain Vic, yet she and Lou escape and try to implode the bridge to Manx’s town.

On the other hand, Lou gets into a relationship with Tabhita. And takes Tabitha and Wayne to Manx ‘s  house and destroys each ornament named under the child kidnapped by Manx. Thereby allowing some vampire children to arrive in the real world.


NOS4A2 is an incredibly amazing book that is surprising, scary, touching , sad.

You will find yourself in the complete awe of awesomeness

The Bad Seed

Story Line

⇓ World’s most polite girl or something else ⇓ 

The whole novel revolves around little Rhoda Penmark, the world’s most polite girl. She is the image of a perfect childhood,but underneath all that lies in the heart of an ice cold killer.

Despite her mother Christine choosing to ignore the most obvious signs of serial killer, even she can’t turn blind eye when bodies start piling up everywhere the child goes.

Evil Rhonda ⇓

Soon, Christine begins researching her bloodline and what she learns will shock her family to the core. If you want to know from where does little Rhoda get her murdering tendencies and how does Christine tie into it, then go straight and click on the link below to make this horror piece yours property.

The female criminal is still considered rare, and forget about suspecting such an adorable, innocent looking girl of being a cold blooded killer. But, what makes this book so effective and still quite chilling, is the clueless Ness of everyone around evil Rhoda.

With psychological crusades and atom bomb fears fed in bits to haunted houses across the countries, it was no surprise that author William March used the former to create one of the most feared little girls in the country: Rhoda Penmark, protagonist of The Bad Seed.


The Bad Seed is a must read for any horror fan.

The Bad Seed reads a lot like the movie adaption, but the writing is such a product of the cinema, that you can actually imagine the characters acting out the story in that flowery, post radio acting that was so popular at that time.

This book is not a supernatural thriller, but is spine tingling and hair raising.

IT by Stephen KIng


When the opening chapter of a Stephen King’s book starts with a six year old talking to a clown who lives in a sewer , chances are things are going to take a turn for the worst. Sadly, in Derry, if things could get worse, they absolutely do.


LOSERS CLUB is a group of seven bullied twelve year old who face down the clown pennywise, a terrifying demon from an alternate dimension, who starts a murder spree throughout the town of Derry. Now the question is how these bullied Seven rise to face their ultimate terrors.


King is a master weaver at unfolding to inner minds of children and their frank and open belief systems. That is what we see here also in this book, LOSERS are standing up and prevailing against those beating them down emotionally and physically.

Stephan King weaves in homosexuality, racism, antisemitism, sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, domestic abuse, misogyny, friendship, first love and of course psychotic murderer and mayhem.

This is not simply horror, it is so much more and being such a long and detailed book, when it ends, that feeling of being immersed in another world disappears as if something is now missing.

I highly recommend this transporting work of pretty great artistry.



IT by Stephan King is the book about fears and childhood, in particular the special elements like friendships that seem they will last forever, the sprites that’ll never end

King remembers things vividly and through his words allows us to remember the excitement, the awkwardness, the ability to laugh genuinely and hard at the dumbest of things.

 But IT, it is not all fun, there are the bullies, there is a feeling of inadequacy and isolation.

This is not just a horror story, indeed it is less about horror and more about coming of age.


Steve Jobs last words were “Oh vow, oh vow, oh vow. Your last words could also be this. There is a condition. You must be fearless. You must be able to look into the eyes to eye with your fear. And insult them, boycott them.

Please don’t be a cry baby. I really want you to overcome your fears. Bye-bye fearless teens.

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