How to Crack any cometitive exams: 5 tips to get ahead of others.

crack any competition

Surely this pandemic has hit different stratas of the society in very different ways. From migrant labourers to a normal student studying for the board exams have their own dilemmas and plight due to lockdown and especially for students are looking to crack competitive exams.

Usually, 17 to 22 are definitely very crucial years in one’s life as most of us are trying to build a career and finding ways to live life up to the standards which we set for ourselves when we were kids. Our parents have high aspirations and hopes to live up to that mark. Most of us also give our 100% but definitely this whole pandemic situation has made these tough years even more terrible that we are finding it very difficult to choose appropriate career and pursue it.

But whatever might our thoughts be…. Some of you actually many of you will definitely be thinking to give and try to fight government competitive exams for CA, UPSC, NDA, JEE, NEET, CLAT and many others.
And we all know how cut throat competition every student has to face nowadays. Even the brilliant most students of our country have to go through a lot of pressure and tedious hard work to achieve what they aspire from their life.

Obviously, there is not a calculated method or a perfect recipe to crack any of the competitive exams but definitely, there are some tips and strategies that one can keep in mind.

To gain a seat in any of these exams not only depends on your caliber, your hard work, and your interests in the subject but it also depends on your attitude with which you try to achieve your goal and that makes you different from others. That stands out from the crowd and proves your capabilities and deserves a seat in the prestigious institutions.

There are lots of aspirants who are competing and standing in between you and of your job. Want to have a look? Here it is,

Therefore, you have to strategize and plan well .Here are 5 tips and strategic points you must keep in your mind at the time of preparation,


To prepare for government exams you need to follow a proper strategy in the right direction with right guidance. You have to follow a particular plan so that you do not walk on the wrong path and end up losing your opportunity.

Firstly you have to make a schedule according to your convenience. You should know that you cannot achieve a goal by exactly following the steps of your idol. Maybe what is appropriate for someone else might not be the best option for you. Every person is different and everyone has their own different necessities and abilities. So you should find yours, not only blindly follow what others are telling you to do .

For instance, as everyone tells us and also it’s true that waking up early is good for your health. If you are not preparing for any exam which is in 6 months or 1 year then you can always try to adopt a better habbit.

But if your exam is in 3-4 months then I don’t think it’s a good idea to mess with your routine. If you are comfortable with waking up early in the morning and study, do that. But what is the use of doing it if you feel sleepy the whole day and can’t concentrate on anything. You will end up wasting a lot of time. Since there are some people who can study at night with full concentration and if you want to, you can do that as well. You should know what works best for you.

Scheduling your time does not mean torturing yourself to study 16-18 hours, especially for papers like boards or SBI PO. If you are concentrated enough to grasp everything you study and do not get distracted by anything then you don’t need to study 24*7. The mantra is

“Focus on quality rather than quantity”


Analyse paper pattern keenly. Check out what is exact syllabus for the exam you are preparing for and what is the difficulty level of the questions which have been asked in previous- year papers.

First of all, you should be thorough with the syllabus– You should know that in these exams certain topics have been given priority over other topics as per the past many years. You should know what topics you have to prepare first so that you have a upper hand on those topics.

If you have a lot of time for your preparation, start with the sections in which you are weak. You should also simultaneously give some time for strong topics so that you do not forget them.

Then in the early phase of your preparation at least solve two to three previous year papers and check how much you are able to score. Go through the previous year’s papers. When you will solve question papers you will have a crystal clear understanding of your strengths and weakness. This will help you to properly plan your further preparation and will save you a lot of time.

At the end, start giving mock tests when you have less time left.
When exams are near you must scrutinize your performance in mock tests and analyze which section needs more attention and in which section you are spending the most time. Using the feedback from the mock tests, plan your further studies and keep revising all the concepts.

One of the most important point you have to keep in your mind is that if your exam have negative marking for every wrong answer you have to work on your accuracy. You must work on your accuracy in case of negative marking so that you prevent yourself from answering questions if you are not sure.

4. Also don’t forget to eat healthily and hydrate yourself.

“Life is simple but we constantly try to make it complex”

I can understand that you have many more important things. I can understand that you have a lot of pressure on you. I just want to ask you one thing- “God forbids, you get extremely sick, will you be able to study? “.

If the answer to the above question is a no, then don’t you think you should take yourself a bit more.

  • Eat healthy food and avoid overeating
  • Drink good amount of water daily.
  • Everyday take out some time to work out
  • Everyday take out some time to meditate

You must also not forget to keep your mental health in check especially in Lockdown. It can be very easy to give up to stress and go mad. I am a perfect example of it. I need to do some activities which keeps mind calm and happy. The students who are under the pressure of some of the toughest exams, you must do some stressbuster activities, especially in Lockdown.

5: Revise: Please take this seriously

What is the biggest thing that differentiates between you and topper? It’s without a doubt revision. You study something once but you are going to forget it the next day, then what’s the point of studying it. Don’t believe me. Please check out this research,

forgetting curve
The Forgetting curve

You can use Anki to use free digital flashcards. It’s free but it is also the best app out there. Thankyou Anki Developers. Why should you use Anki? It can be a pretty hard job to schedule your revisions but Anki makes it so simple that a sixth-grader can do it. You can also create some revision spreadsheets. These spreadsheets help you to keep track of your revisions. If you want to know more about it, you can check out this video

You can also keep a formula notebook for revision. A formula notebook is something where you store all the important formulas, equations, and derivations. You can also create one-pagers. Though one-pagers have never worked for me still it works for many people.


We all know how competitive everyone is to get into those prestigious colleges and universities through this exam.
Besides your hard work and skills what will make you succeed in this exam is proper guidance and study material.

It’s just not about hardwork but also smartwork. These strategies can not assure you selection but will definitely increase your chances of selection considerably especially revision.

In the end it’s okay if don’t get selected but you must give your best. I know that this exam could change your life but this exam cannot ruin your life. Many students inspite of their efforts does not gets selected and they get demotivated for their whole life.


“A piece of paper cannot determine my life”

Thomas Edison

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