How To Focus On Studies Without Getting Distracted? 4 Tips To Eliminate Distractions

How To Focus On Studies Without Getting Distracted
How To Focus On Studies Without Getting Distracted

The truth is I don’t have the answer to this question or I should say that I am searching for the answer to this question. This post is also my inquiry to reach the truth of this question. At the same time, it’s a post of all that I have learned about this question so far. 

I have nothing in special. I have no special skill or talent. I was not good at academics in school and sports, Uh! I have never taken it seriously. My struggle gone worse in class 10th. In class 10th, I was suffering like anything. This suffering forced me to work on my productivity and focus skills. I am not the best productive person on earth or even an expert. In spite of this fact, I am going to share whatever I have learned to help you.

Let’s start with lessons I have learned to focus on my studies without getting distracted. 

What is Distraction? 

I know the candidates in your mind are social media, Netflix. They are pretty good contestants but I want to ask you one question- What about people who do social media marketing? Is it a distraction for them too? I don’t think so.

Now, we again come to the same question- What is a distraction? I can give you a simple definition, “When you decide to task ‘A’ but instead do some other task, it is called distraction.” Therefore, you cannot call something a distraction if you don’t know what are you getting distracted from. 

Time Blocking

It’s the habit that helps you decide, you are getting distracted or not. What is time blocking? There are many complex definitions but the most simple one is- “ The process of figuring out what to do and when to do is called Time Blocking.”

I want to admit that adopting the practice of time blocking is not hard. In spite of this fact, it is very difficult to master Time Blocking. Why? It is difficult because it depends on many other factors. For example, The more clear your goals, the better will be your Time Blocking, The better you are at batching, the better will be your Time Blocking. If you want to learn more about time blocking, please check out “The Importance Of Planning Every Minute of Your Work Day” by Carl Newport.

Build a morning Routine

Bro! I am not a morning person. I cannot wake up in the morning. Relax, I am not asking you to wake up at 5 A.M. I am just asking you to wake up half an hour before your day-to-day takes over. A typical example is- Let’s assume your school or coaching starts at 8:00 A.M and you need to wake up at 6:30 A.M to not get late. In this case, you just need to wake up at 6:00. Is waking up just half an hour before is a tough task? I leave the answer to this question up to you.

Why should you wake up half an hour before? It’s scientifically proven that the first few activities you do in the morning affect your day drastically. Okay! By somehow you wake up. What to do in this half an hour? The basic concept is to do a set of core habits to set you up for a complete day. 

I do it for an hour. I divide an hour into three parts,

In the first 20 min, I exercise while listening to an audiobook/podcast.

In the second 20 min, I do time blocking.

In the third 20 min, I read books.

If you want some tips on how to wake up early, you can check out “8 Tips To Wake Up Early In Morning” by Yabesh Dutta.

Ritualising Everything

Hey, I came here to learn productivity tips not to perform rituals. You are right but ritualizing things do help. What do I mean by ritualizing? I mean that you need to set up certain cues for your studies. For example, Whenever I am studying, I will have a rubber band on my forefinger. This ritual says to my mind, “It’s time to study.”

You need to also get ritualize your study. It can be anything simple as sitting on your desk to starting a Pomodoro. We are given prasaad at the end of rituals. I am not sure whether I like rituals or puja and all but I definitely like the prasaad. It’s the same here. Whenever you make a successful study attempt, reward yourself. It’s better to keep the variable. You can watch a video sometimes or eat your favorite snack. I personally every successful attempt read a book, watch a youtube video or walk.

It does not mean you should not adopt time blocking. It’s one of the habits that have changed my life and can change yours too. 

How do you create consistency?

Although the above techniques are great, they will not work without one principle The principle is something very simple and you all know it. It is consistency. You know the mantra! Didn’t you? The problem is you cannot implement the principle. 

First, change your mindset. Consistency like willpower is not a muscle. It’s is designed something by you. For example, Let’s assume: If you don’t complete your syllabus by a certain date, you will be sentenced to 1 year of jail.

Will you do not complete the syllabus on time? It might sound silly but the world’s best performers design consistency just like this. For example, The renowned writer Nir Eyal made a commitment to complete his book by a certain date. It is not enough just enough to commit and Nir Eyal knows it well. Therefore, he made a pact with his friend. The pact goes like this, “If Nir Eyal does not complete his book by X date, he will have to give his friend (name of friend) $10,000.”

Tell me to know, was I wrong? I repeat it again,

“Consistency is not developed but designed.”

By Parth Agarwal(Yes, I am quoting myself.)

A Practical Way To Build Consistency.

It’s really easy to say, “You should build consistency.” The problem is these so-called productivity gurus have no way to build consistency. It’s community. It’s accountability.

It’s consist of four parts,

  • Start with only one productivity habit . If you try to do everything, you will end up doing nothing. 
  • Find two factors which directly effects your productivity habit . 
  • Find an accountability partner. 
  • Review your performance on the productivity habit evey week. 

You can try finding people from your circle or you can join our community. To join our community, you can contact us through our contact page by typing ‘Grow Club’. It’s free and just our way of giving back to society. Our community is a group of productive people who wants to grow in their life. Our community just makes the process easier but you find your accountability partner from your circle, itself. In fact, my first accountability partner was one of my best friends Yabesh. He is still up to this date my accountability partner.

In the end,  don’t forget to live your life. It’s good to focus on studies but don’t miss out on your life also. Bye, Bye, sayonara.

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