8 Simple Tips To A Better Relationship With Others

We meet many different people throughout our lifetime. There are different kinds of people we meet in school time, college as friends and acquaintances and professionally as colleagues, family members, and even strangers sometimes. No two persons are of the same kind, of the same opinion same mindset, or of the same goals. You and I can be similar in 99 ways but we cannot be exactly the same.

You must have noticed that We really get along with people who are similar to us and even sometimes get attracted to the people who are the exact opposite of us.

But the Crux of this is we keep on meeting different kinds of people and we keep getting attached to them and start expecting things. But many times it happens that after a certain period of time gradually due to the difference of opinions or having a different take on certain situations … we start to develop misconceptions about each other. And eventually, end up in a fight and hence stop talking to each other.

There are different reasons due to which we tend to break our beautiful reactions with parents, friends or the lover.

8 Tips to build a better relationship with others

We all live in a fantasy land of “FOREVER HAPPILY TOGETHER”. We keep dreaming about living forever with the people we love. With Bond and a great deal of the time we usually forget that with time insecurities tend to grow up may lead to one or the other consequence and if we cannot handle the situation maturely. It is most probable for that relationship to end.

When two people separate both have to suffer and go through a great deal of pain a lot of emotional and physical stress is well mental stress. And due to that suffering and agony, we tend to keep grudges against that person.

Here are some simple ways in which you can have successful relations with people and with these small practices you can make yourself and other people happy.

1. Practice Honesty

Honesty is the most underrated and yet the most important aspect of building a relationship with anyone. The foundation of any relationship is formed with the help of truthfulness and honesty.

If you are trying to be happy with someone by telling lies just for the sake of avoiding any kind of arguments or fights, then definitely you are on a way of destroying your relations. Our elders have always told us to take the correct path rather than going on the path which seems easier.

This is due to the reason that the path may look shorter and easier but you are not aware of the disastrous things which can threaten your life. Similarly following truthfulness and honesty may seem the hardest thing to do but believe me when you start doing it, things will start to fall into place by themselves and will make your future task very easy for you.

2. Being Reliable and Credible

Honesty and truthfulness bring a lot of companions with them. They bring belief openness, frankness, liability and reliability, and whatnot. These are some of the most important factors which bind a relationship stronger.

Nowadays what happens is that we have thousands of friends on Facebook and Instagram and other social media sites, hundreds of friends in school, and maybe only a few friends in a heart. You know what is the actual difference between all of these friends and relations. You be friends with people who you think will always be on your side, no matter what happens in your life they are the people you will always find beside you. When you go through your loss they are the people who will try to help you and make you feel a little better.

What is that thing which makes you think that “they will not run when you need them” ???
This is called Belief. You have told them your deepest darkest secrets with this belief that these secrets cannot be out in public. You believe that your friend will not judge you on your mistakes and will always be there for you to correct these mistakes.

Many people are introverts and don’t feel like sharing their feelings with people. But they have the right kind of people with whom they tell everything and empty their hearts Inside Out. Because they believe their loved ones, friends, and family…, because they are Frank and comfortable in telling all their weird habits mistakes, and the darkest secrets of their life.

3. Don't Doubt Them Based On Rumors

At least once in your life, you all must have encountered those kinds of people who like to gossip and spread rumors about everyone. You very well know that nobody wants to share their feelings with them because you never know when those will be used against you.

This kind of people do not share any kind of real bonding with anyone because all this see is the profit of being with people and take amusement by telling and spreading fake stories about people.

These stories and rumors can make you feel suspicious and probably you will start doubting your friends without even knowing the true scenario.

[If you criticize, and feel regret later, click here, to learn how to stop that]

So now what’s the solution to this problem.

See the thing is… You can not escape from these kinds of people and these kinds of misconceptions. But the only solution to this is just to COMMUNICATE.
Just tell them what you have heard and make them believe that you do not believe these rumors. Ask them what is the real thing. Daily Communications can make your relations better.

4. Don't Be Arrogant And Rude

Usually, honesty is misinterpreted as brutally correct or the cruel way of telling the truth …but that is not The thing. You can always be truthful without being rude. Many people think being the critic and being brutally honest about whatever their opinion is correct.

But what is the consequence of that kind of behavior is that maybe your friends your family and your close people can listen to your advice because they are accustomed to this behavior of yours… But sometimes it can’t be tolerated and can be painful to understand what you are telling.

But definitely, this does not mean that you start flattering or telling white lies on the face of people because that will create a whole lot of mess and will definitely ruin your relationship…. What you can do is Be GENTLE with you your loved ones!

5. Being Silent Can Be Dangerous!

Many of you might think that if any wrong is happening in front of us and just because you don’t have anything to do with this, you don’t need to utter anything about that.

Inconsiderate and ignorant behavior is almost equivalent to embracing wrong behavior. When you remain silent at the time you should be speaking up for the truth or if you chose to say the half-truths by omitting important Facts and Crux of the matter you are equally responsible for the wreck of a relation. Having a real bonding with people you love is a very heavenly feeling.

Because you give your 99% in front of those people but due to your 1% careless behavior your most important people can go very far away from you.

Make yourself an honest man and then you may be sure there is one rascal less in the world –
Thomas Carlyle

6. Never Pretend

At the age of 16 or 17, mostly everyone has a sixth sense of judging people. when your friends your family is in trouble you have got to be with them. When you just do a formality of asking for help or if you do help for just returning a favor or out of any selfish need, people will immediately get to know that you are just a temporary person in their life.

Maybe there are some problems which are not in your hand and cannot solve be solved by you. But only a sense of assertion your friends and family get with your words and gestures is enough for them to get through that problem and face that and fight that situation, no bravery.

7. Be Yourself

This is one of the most basic pieces of advice which will be given to you by my most random people all the time. Believe me, this is the most important one too. In a real relationship pretending to be something else or someone else is never an option.

When you try to do something fake you are disturbing the law of nature. Or to put that in simple words just to get validation from your peers when you try to do things which you wouldn’t do otherwise give few a lot of mental pressure and gradually this becomes an addiction. You will merely become a part of the crowd.

Maybe This will work for a few months, for a few years but this cannot be a permanent eternal thing. Every relation demands you to be true to yourself because if you cannot love yourself you can never love someone else. This will only make you frustrated and probably you will evolve into a toxic person and become over-possessive about people around you.

8. Be Respectful And Understanding

One thing that everybody needs in relation to the mutual respect. If you cannot respect each other’s decision, it never yields a successful relationship.

The most common complaint of everyone especially in the younger generation is that “Nobody understands me.”.But nobody thinks what is the real reason behind it. Probably you are the person who never wants to understand someone else’s opinion and always want everyone else to understand your opinion. That is not how things work. When you start reciprocating everything you want from everyone else you start getting What you actually want.

Also most of the time this is seen in the youngsters that they substitute time, care respect, and understanding with money. Money can buy all the materialistic things but it can never buy you a happy relationship with people.

So start respecting each other’s time and decision and then probably you will see a lot of good change in your relationship with your friends family and your loved ones.


No two kinds of relations are the same in attributes. Every kind of relationship has special importance and impact in everyone’s life.

Nobody wants to be around people who act like crabs who hold you back whenever you are trying to grow up and climb the ladder of life. Be with people who are happier for your happiness. And be a person who can climb mountains to lessen the pain of your loved ones.

Definitely, every kind of relation and bonding needs you to flourish together with people around you and grow into a happy and more successful human being. But by success, I do not mean financial or career-oriented success. By this, I mean how much you grow as a human being, how much you contribute to society to everyone who needs you.

You have a relation with the mother earth, you have a relation of mankind with everyone how much do you hold the love for everyone else is what makes you a successful human being.

Submitting It Up!

» Practice Honesty

» Being Reliable and Credible

» Don’t Doubt Them Based On Rumors

» Don’t Be Arrogant And Rude

» Being Silent Can Be Dangerous!

» Never Pretend

» Be Yourself

» Be Respectful And Understanding

Enhance Your Learning

1. Why you need to be honest?

2. Why you need you relationships to be better?

3. How a better relationship could effect your life?

4. What to do think is the most effective tip?

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