How to make the most of your time?

Without time, our life would only be a picture. But with time it becomes a movie. and I think that the purpose of our life is to create that one movie that is worth watching, the day before you go to sleep forever.

But unfortunately, we don’t know when the time to watch this movie will come. That means we can’t draft the storyline. We have to keep the movie worth watching all the time. and how do we do that?

My answer to that question is—

Have a dream and break it down into episodes. And how do we do that again?

Life of Elon: Chunking your Goals

Well, let’s have a look at Elon Musk’s life. He had the dream to die on Mars. It’s pretty clear but the road to get there it’s hard and unexplored. But what he managed to do is to break his goal into chunks. 

So he started, “Ok what do I need to die on Mars?”; “Okay, I need a spaceship!”; ” Hey! NASA, do you have a spaceship for me?”

NASA says, “Yeah alone it’s just five gazillions”

Elon: “wow! that’s too expensive”

Elon: “Now, I need to build a cheaper spaceship first.”

That became his short-term mission now he surrounded himself with smart people that had helped him to do so. And they don’t work just for money, they work for him because they believed in this dream as well.

And Now that is what makes him unique. He could show everything he could show a microwave and everyone would be like wow. And not because it’s a better microwave because everyone knows that that’s the microwave that he needs on Mars to make his popcorn to watch his movie.

And the bottom line here is he had a dream or he has a dream and he breaks it down. And down and down and down till he has something where he can start from. 

And I believe we all can do the same because we all have dreams locked somewhere but we postponed them. 

“I’m too busy”; “I don’t have time”; “I’m too old”. All excuses: it’s hard to follow a dream because then you have to move out of your comfort zone and you need time. 

1. Keep the Child Alive

I have two solutions for this problem and I think the first one is to keep the child in you alive. The child in you keeps you curious and creative. It helps you to stand up when you fall. Kids have more energy than mature depressed adults have. 

And the cool thing about having the kid in you alive is that you do only the things that you like to do. And that makes you feel good even if they are super hard to do but you have the energy and the motivation to do so.

2. Time

And the second thing is: we don’t have time. I think it’s important to know where your time is going. So to think about it, the thing is that emotions distort the perception of time.

For example, a boring Tork feels longer because it’s boring. And the fact is to walk around these emotions is to track your time with some kind of software on hardware. But the thing is, it’s not easy to do.

And so going back if you have a dream, break it down and down and down and down and down till you have something where you can start from and then just do it.

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