How to read books faster:Step by by step guide to read books fast.

My story

I started reading books because I wanted to improve my grades. You know I was in a hell. I was in this hell because my grades were going down. I don’t want that. Then I read my first book RICH DAD AND POOR DAD. Yeh! it’s a finance book.I was thinking if I cannot get good grades, my life is shit.

This book made me realise this is not the case. If you don’t get good grades, still you can have a great life by building business. My mind calmed and my anxiety was released. Then I had this great idea. It changed my life. Why I cannot a have a successful business and great academics.

What now?

I had become a consistent reader. Now my main struggle was how to read more books. I took courses and read books on how to read faster. The result is this Step by Step formula for reading faster.

Clearing misconceptions

I warn you it’s not a how to read faster guide like others. You will not hear about saccades or visual pacer. These are advanced topics. If you don’t know how to drive, can you race? Get your basics right then you an jump to complexity. If you know the basics and you can to help to Tim Ferris post on speed reading.

So as promised here is your,

Step by Step guide.

Step 1: Find time.

Step 2: Find a friend.

Step 3: Get your tools ready.

Step 4: Get your right book.

Step 5: Set up your why?

A bonus for you.

The whole concept is to prepare your mind. If you are alert with something, you will do it faster. All the below steps will make alert and as well as dedicated. Believe me, you can increase your speed. Follow the steps and stick to the process.

STEP 1: Find time

You need to find time. I know you will consider me mad. You are probably reading books daily. So why do you need time? It’s important. If you don’t have specific time, then you cannot maintain consistency.

My mom always say study a little everyday and eventually you will prepare everything. It’s just like that. If you are consistent you will read more books.

Take a white sheet. Make vertical columns from your waking time to sleeping time and then and horizontal columns with days.Using this sheet, plan out your whole week on Sunday. Clearly mark when you will read.

Step 2: Find a friend

I always struggle with being disciplined. If you are like me, finding a friend could be very helpful. The biggest issue of 21st century is discipline.

What if you could double your discipline?

This is what happens. You and your companion discipline is added. Please partner with people serious about books. It can be devastating if you do it with wrong person.

Match both of your timings. Read at same time. If you well short of discipline borrow his. I mean call him. Be on call and read with him on line. Try to read the same book as your friend is reading.

Have a sunday reflection session. Here you will discuss you weekly, monthly and yearly book goals. You will also reflect and discuss what you have read this week.

Step 3: Get your tools ready.

Some apps can be really helpful. They will help in different ways.

  1. Google Sheets– keep a track of books you read on it.
  2. Spreeder– Every week once a day practice on it. It will help you increase your reading speed.
  3. Memory palaces– It’s an memorization tool. Use it to memorize 10 best points in a book. If you want to know more about it, check out Magnetic Memory Method.
  4. Mind palace: It is an interesting step. You can use it to summarize whole of the book on a paper. You can use Xmind for creating mindmaps.

Step 4: Get your right book.

This is a point which many readers don’t consider. I did this mistake many times myself. I was a beginner and read complex books. It not only decreases my speed but also give the message that reading books are hard.

I am personally a self-help books guy. If I read a book, I make sure it will change my life better. This way I am much more motivated and reads fast.

Find the book in a genre you like. Check it’s difficulty level. Don’t try to force any book on yourself.

Step 5: Set up your why?

Take a paper and create four sections on it. In four sections write four most important parts of your life. For example mine are finance, my dream(will discuss it some other day), family, self-development.

Write the name of the book on the centre. Fill out in each section, how this book will help you. Now comes the fun part make an aeroplane of it. Keep it next to where you keep book. It will constantly remind you your why?

Mission Accomplished

What if you stick to the process? Your reading speed will increase drastically. You will read more books per month.You can learn more information in less time. In short your life will become much better.

My results

I have followed the same steps as listed. And today,

There is no looking back.Today I read 3 books per month.

Always be true to the process. Don’t look for shortcut. Follow it well, you will read books much faster. It will be hard but it will be worth it.

Bonus: My thankyou to all.

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