Imagination As An Ultimate Source Of Happiness |5+ examples

Happiness can come from within, Happiness can come from a sudden thing, Happiness can come from anything, what I agree with, Happiness comes from everything! Similarly, Everything comes from Happiness and you can have everything and Happiness if you can imagine Everything!

For attaining positivity, one needs to find and live the happy moments in life whereas I create happy moments in my life, by imagining them. And I imagine them like I am living them in real because my characters live them,

Getting Lost In Imagination (through books) and Finding Life

I connect books to the core of my heart and get lost in the imagination in a way that may get an impact on my real life. What if, I can’t cherish the moments by beholding them in reality, If my favorite character takes the pleasure of that feeling, it is like I HAVE LIVED THE MOMENT.

That is the power of Books, That is the power of Literature, it takes you to another world of romance, happiness, excitement, charm, fascination, and passion.

And what I adore the most about Literature is: it makes me connect to some worthy moments, which I may never get to live in real life, it takes me to another world, which tends to make me forget the harsh moments in real life, it may take me back to my bad memories, or make me squall when my character faces some, but I adore it because I may at least come out of it anytime, which is absolutely unlike real life.

• ‘That moment when I felt dejected, they commenced the conversation with glosses, knowing the true scene even I started forgetting my losses..’
When I am in the worst trauma or have lost a closed one or feeling homesick, and then one character from the book, comics with his friends or enjoys a trip or flirts with his crush or eats the chapatis at home or got his dream job. I become the one, happiest among all of them.

• ‘That night when I am surrounded by the thorny bushes, music pierces my soul and thus clutches’…
When I am undergoing the worst breakup or missing my beloved or facing a complicated relationship, and then one character from my favorite novel kisses her wife, dances together, sings the love promises, hops in merriment. I become the one, happiest among all of them.

• ‘That night when I saw the crescent moon, I recall my childhood, when my life was captured in small balloons…’
When I am mentally unstable or tired of growing up or disappointed by worldly desires, and then my protagonist character from that old novel behaves childish or sleeps in his mother’s lap or plays in mud or dreams of growing up. I become the one, happiest among all of them.

• ‘That moment when sun rays peep through my window, I try to collect them in my wish-jar..
When I am facing failures or the world is mocking at my downfall and I can’t find any hope in my life, and then one brave character from the book solves a mystery or achieves his passion or strives to win the battles of life or fights till last breath. I become the one, happiest among them all.

• That night when I slept sobbing and weeping, still I rouse happily, adoring birds chirping….
If I have not learned anything from life and want to end it and then my Book or any Character gives me a lesson of never losing hope and ends on a happy note, I become the happiest among all the human beings in the world.

I get everything from Imagination, I get motivation, I get confidence, I get inspiration, I get Lessons, and ironically by living in imagination. I learn the reality of living in the actual world. Some books, some characters, some dialogues leave an impact in our life, which no living being can! I love those lessons and I learn everything from them.

Books and Literature are all about imagination. We have been created by Almighty and Imagination is created by Us. God controls us, he has sent us in this mortal world, whereas the imagination which I set is immortal. I dream of the best things in my imagination and stops imagining when I can’t get something desirable.

This is my own kingdom, I am the king here and I am the residency, I, invent my own gadgets, design my cars, cook my delicious food, face the crests and trough of life, travel the world, sing a song, dance like I am set free, laugh like no one is judging, share all my secrets, talk to stars, dance in rain, write poetries, dive in oceans, travel through ages, save the world with my superpowers or sometimes kill someone whereas sometimes solve a mysterious murder case, DIE and then can become ALIVE again!

This is the power of IMAGINATION, I can assure you even God doesn’t have this power and you are supreme because you are blessed with this.

“The “World runs fast on motors and I just walk-by”

A Deeper Dive into Literature

I can become the architecture of my own adventures, Literature allows me to ‘Be the hero of my own film’! Like Physics, Chemistry or Biology has a Laboratory, enclosed in four walls, for scientific researches, Literature has the whole world or beyond as a Laboratory for Imagining explores.

It is not confined to a particular place, you have a universe in your palm if you hold a book in your heart! It has no Time Boundary even, you can create the future or erase the past or live the present to the fullest. Literature has no end, nor does Imagination. It is fathomless, it is clairvoyant!

In this materialistic world, the only thing you can get free of cost and in abundance is Imagination. Your blood relations, your best friends, your lover, all may leave you but Literature will not. Imagination and Literature are like two famous lovers, who are connected by souls and time, people or any other hindrance cannot part them away ever. They will be together till eternity and their relationship becomes stronger with each passing day.

And like a couple deeply fallen in love with each other, Literature and Imagination are incomplete without each other, Literature is no more erotic without imagination and Imagination has no existence without Literature.

As quoted by Robert Frost, in his poem ‘Birches’
            “That would be good both going and coming back.
            One could do worse than be a swinger of birches.”
So never let your imagination die, so that Literature lives long

I am penning down this because Literature has given me and you so much in life, we can never pay the debts and will be obliged to it throughout our lives, you really can’t return those smiles, tears, joys, excitement, nervousness, curiosity, love, romance, anger, jealousy, knowledge and of course Imagination! Just we can do is, pay tribute to it, which we can by respecting it the way it deserves and by imagining and living more and more, each passing day!


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