Indian Books: Let’s Fall in Love with Culture

It’s not about me or you, it’s about our India. Two years back, I went to a party. It was in a penthouse. I and my cousins sat together and talked. In the party, there was no dustbin. I will not lie, I ridiculed India for its ways. At that time, I believed India was just a nation.

Today also, I feel ashamed of how I insulted India. Today I know we are not just India. We are a community of 132 crore people. We are a world leader. We are the inspiration of the world. We are proud to be Indian. If you still do not believe me, you must see 14 facts that will make you feel proud to be Indian.

The below-mentioned books are not just books. They are Indian books. They are the heritage of India. They are the real jewel of India. They are one of the reasons we are proud to be Indian.

Presenting to you, the Real Jewels of India


The namesake, by Jhumpa Lahiri, is a culture based novel of a couple and their son moving to New York. And the changes which come with the geographical distance from the home town.


A young Bengali couple Ashoke and Ashima Ganguli leave their home town and settle in the central square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Away from the family, Ashima gives birth to a baby boy. Bengali culture calls for a child to have two names, a good name called by the public, and a pet name to be called by the family members.

Referring to the Russian author “Nikolai Gogol“, Ashoke names his son’s pet name “Gogol “. Later Gogol starts hating his name despite his father’s explanation.

Before leaving college, Gogol legally changed his name to “Nikhil Ganguli”. Gogol moves to Yale, leaving his family, and gets spoiled by the American culture.

After Ashoka’s death, Gogol moves in with his mother and sister, Sonia. Later, Gogol is forced to contact Moushumi, daughter of her mom’s friend.

They marry each other and have spent a year together, they end up divorcing each other. Meanwhile, Gogol knows the story behind his name and regrets changing his name.

“The Namesake” is a cultural and traditional novel based on Bengali culture, with a cinematic overview. You’ll admire the realistic emotional portrayed by the novel which is true to life.


The blue umbrella is an Indian novel written by Ruskin bond. I really loved this simple story of a girl living in a small village, with a captivating moral.


A little girl named Binya lives in Garhwal, a small village. Long back in time, on her picnic to hills, a foreigner gives her a blue umbrella in exchange for her leopard claw pendant.

Everyone in the village was amazed by her umbrella. A local shopkeeper named Ram Bharosa. He was so fascinated by the umbrella and asked her to sell it to him. Binya refuses, saying that her umbrella is not for sale.

Ram Bharosa employs Rajaram, a boy from another village to work at this shop. Watching his keen interest in the umbrella, Rajaram tries to steal the umbrella from Binya and it ends up in shame when Rajaram blames his boss for this act.

Everyone from the village stopped coming to his shop. Binya realizes her mistake of showing off her umbrellas, which resulted in Ram Bharosa’s suffering.

Binya decides to give her umbrella to Ram Bharosa, and in return, he gift’s her a necklace with a bear’s claw.

The blue umbrella is a simple short story which is easy to understand and one of the easiest but great Indian books for a beginner. The story takes a beautiful end with a moral truth to life.


The writer,Savi Sharma tells us a story of friendship, dreams, and love that is heartwarming and inspiring.

I love romance books more than any genre. If you are also into this genre ,reading this can be a fascinating experience.

Everyone has a story. Everyone is a writer. Some stories are written in letters and some are confined to hearts.

– Savi Sharma


Each character – Meera, Vivaan, Kabir, and Nisha – have their own joys, dreams, problems and insecurities. This makes them celebrate life, experience the impossible, achieve dreams, get hurt and rise again with confidence.

The character Meera not only finds love in Vivaan, but she finds her story in him. The story which she yearns to write. The story which would touch millions of hearts.As for Vivaan, he loves to travel the world, escaping from the bad memories which chase him.

The supporting track of Kabir and Nisha is a heartrending love story which proves the point ‘love is powerful and it will make you do things that you have never done before.’

According to me, the most beautiful thing writer wants to convey via this dialogue from the book was this:

Time decides our fate, our journey. And when time changes, everything changes. Everything. Sometimes for bad, sometimes for good. And sometimes, for the best. I never believed that. Until you happened to me.


The book Wings of Fire, the autobiography of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam constitutes an extraordinary reading for all ages. There is something that everybody can extract from this book. A very very detailed description of how great things can be achieved through simple thoughts.


This autobiography covers his early life and his work in Indian space research and missile programs. It is the story of a boy from a humble background who went on to become a key player in Indian missile programs and later became the president of India.

This real story tells us the role of family, relatives and friends in helping a person to achieve his goals. Furthermore from the very indicative title, the chapters of the book are also touching--orientation, creation, propitiation and contemplation.

These chapters contains all years of his life:days as a child, going through adolescence, getting into rocketry then working experience, struggles and achievements at ISRO.

The last chapter includes his colourful life and thought-provoking messages for future generations. These chapters contain his remarkable and worth sharing and inspiring story.

Dr Kalam proved beyond words, keep head high and feet firmly in the ground. Understand the environment, motivate people and guide with vision and unstinted hard work and with these wonders can be achieved.

Nothing can be more inspiring in my life than reading this great book. A warm and intensely personal, deeply passionate story. A must book on your self-help books column. I strongly suggest never miss reading this book, guys.


The Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi is a great mythological fiction which takes you back around 4000 years and you begin imagining the Hindu mythology gods with Amish’s eyes. This pure work of excellence will capture You and just goes on making you imagine and showing Lord Shiva.


The Immortals of Meluha is a journey of a man becoming the destroyer of evils. It reveals us the story of common man ‘Shiva’. And his good deeds transfers him to MAHADEV.

Amish has very well brought up all the elements of Shiva’s character be it the care and compassion for the weak. Be it the anger that he possesses for something going wrong, be it the great valour of great warrior Lord Shiva, or be it the excellent dancer that Lord Shiva is, or be it the lovely chemistry between Shiva and Sati.

It is one of the best Indian books. I can’t be kept it down between the pages. Though the story goes long, every page has the ability to hold you back. It is a book that can definitely make you fall in love with Lord Shiva.

Packed with action, romance, life lessons, strategy, twists and turns, a must-read book in anyone’s list.
It’s definitely worth a read for those of you who are searching for a book to be their first one – this might be it. I strongly recommend this book, if you’re a mythological fan, don’t miss out on this one.


Another fiction romance novel from none other than best idyllic writer Durjoy Dutta.
‘The boy with a broken heart’ heart-touching book with an awesome climax just like the boy series. This book contains
all the genres in its: social, friendship, love, romance.


‘The boy with a broken heart’, the sequel to ‘The boy who lived’ is as enchanting and promising as every book of Durjoy sir is! It starts with an unknown protagonist. As the story advances gradually, every piece falls into place.

The aloofness of Raghu is captivating. How the story unfolds itself eventually is worth the read. The female protagonist Advaita is beautifully portrayed. Along with it, the real face of society is highlighted.

The villain of the story, Meghnad is a powerful lad . She meets his deserved fate in the end and it’s extremely satisfying to know so. The reality of how females are still undertreated in many families is nerve-wracking and eye-opening.

A heartwarming love, which adds charm to the story. Also, the little moments like Raghu’s plot of chai, or the selfless love of Altaf makes it a treat to read. The best part is a climax where Brahmi contacts Advaita, it leaves you shocked and the abrupt end makes me crave for the upcoming sequel that is about to follow.

I found language really simple and easy to understand. The plot is amazing and characterization of every character is awesome. Book is not too long and is very well connected which makes it the best read. It’s a combination of friendship, love, trust, sacrifice and life.

This story of love, exquisitely intertwined with friendship and pains of the past, is not something to be missed…

Palace Of Illusions

Palace of Illusions, written by Chitra Bannerjee Divakaruni is a clear cut page-turner. I have personally heard innumerable tales of Mahabharata since our childhood. It always revolved around the fierce rivalry between the Pandavas and the Kauravas and their dreadful war for the throne of Hastinapur.

Chitra doesn’t change the story, nor does she provide an alternative ending, but instead she offers a fresh new perspective. I think this is cool.
Imagine seeing the tale of great Mahabharata through none other than Paanchali’s eyes–the harbinger of war.

The life of Draupadi, from being born from fire to her deathbed, forms the plot of this amazing mythological fiction. The storyline includes details about her relationship with her brother; the loneliness that she felt in her father’s palace; the relationship with her sister, Shikhandi; her ‘swayamvar’ which otherwise had hidden motives; her life as the wife of the five Pandavas and how she triggered a destructive war.

This was really amazing to me. In women’s nature lies peace. She is considered Parvati (goddess of harmony). It gives the message, don’t take woman lightly, she can also become Durga (goddess of war).

She hasn’t portrayed Draupadi in a pitiable manner. She illustrated her as a powerful woman with shades of grey and white. I feel this is the strength of the novel.
Hence, if you want to read Mahabharata from a lady’s perspective, then this book is waiting for you.
I would definitely urge all the readers to up this wonderful book and experience Paanchali’s Mahabharata.

And if you are a feminist just like me, it’s a must read.

The Last Song Of Dusk

The Last Song of Dusk by Siddharth Shanghvi is a tale soaked in melonchaly. It is wrapped as a is written with the objective of ripping your heart and shredding it into pieces.

It’s a book that stands close to being a classic…..reading it is like a listening to a melody on your vintage phone . It slowly dissolves in your soul and makes you feel the silence as a peaceful song .


It is the story of astonishingly lovely Anuradha . She moves to Bombay to marry Vardhmaan, a charming young doctor. Their life together has all the markings of a fairy tale. Then, their firstborn son dies in a terrible accident. This terrific tragedy transforms their marriage into bleak landscape.

The pair starts fresh , heartbroken, in a old villa by the sea.They are joined by Nandini, a dazzling and devious artist. The story is intensely gripping–just when you feel that no more misfortune can befall these characters, a dark tragedy is just around the corner, waiting to happen.

The clear message of the book is in its opening line: “In this life, my darling, there is no mercy.”

The book doesn’t teach you to overcome obstacles and emerge a strong person. It teaches you that the right company , a little love and trust is what you need to get through life.

The Last Song of Dusk is a story of fate that will haunt your heart like an old and beloved song. Overall, it’s a terrific read. Please don’t miss out on this book.

Her Last Wish

Warning, Her Last Wish, can bring tears in your eyes. A young couple who have vowed to live together. Go through the jungle of life by holding hands. Vijay who is overloaded with expectations and is never sure about his actions.

Astha enters his life and moulds his shattered bits into a beautiful soul. Wait, fate has different plans. Soon, he finds out that she has no time left to live and the battle of survival begins. He fights with his wife’s medical condition along with her. He wants to fill the remaining days of her life with all happiness. 

Does Vijay manage to fulfil all the wishes of Astha?
What was her last wish?
What can the fear of losing your love make you do?

To know the answers to them, you should read the book yourself. If you understand love a bit, you will surely read this

The God Of Small Things

The God Of Small Things by Arundhati Roy is an exceptional book. The story is based on the twins, Rahel (girl) and Estha (boy) with an amazing setting in Ayemenem, a place in Kerala.

The story is based on Ayemenem, Kerala, where two twins, Rachel (girl) and Estha (boy) get united later in 1993.


Ammu Ipe is fed up with his father and mother. She shifts to Calcutta with her distant aunt. Here she gets married to escape from her father.

She later discovers that his husband is an alcoholic and he abuses her physically. Later on, she gives birth to Rachel and Estha. She leaves her husband and goes back to her brother, Chacko. There also lives Navomi ipe, twins maternal great aunt.

Flashback: Navomi ipe, also known as baby kochamma.  At her young age, she fell in love with a Christian priest, Mulligan and converts to Roman Catholic against her father’s wish. Her father eventually rescues her and sends her to America. (flashback over).

Twins start enjoying the company of Velutha( a Dalit servant). Meanwhile, Ammu and Velutha, also fall in love. Their love affair is soon exposed. Ammu is locked in a room while Velutha is arrested. Twins are accused of being the cause of this love affair.

Twins along with Sophie(a guest; came for celebrating Christmas) flee from the house. While escaping, Sophie dies and in panic twins return home. Baby Kochamma plays a dirty plot.

She makes Chacko(Ammu’s brother) that Ammu and twins were responsible for the death of Sophie. The result is Ammu is kicked out of the house. Estha was mad to live with his alcoholic father.

Rahel gets married and moves to America. She gets divorced, before returning Ayemenem. At the age of 31, Estha and Rahel meet each other. At the end of the novel, out of their desperation and loneliness, they both have sex with each other

After reading this book, I found myself dumb. Please go and read this damn book. This is all I have to say.

Our tribute to our Nation.

Be vocal for Local

-Prime Minister

It is unfortunate. I think it is disaster. People around the world recognize us but we don’t.

This Independence Day, show your patriotism. Support the Indian economy, by buying these Indian books

India is the second country, with the highest youth population. Whenever I hear this, I feel proud. This is my proud statement. What’s your proud statement? Let me know in the comment section.

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