Learn from Mistakes instead of criticizing ||4 Powerful steps

I’m sure you must have experienced at least once in your life that you’ve tried to win the competition or gain more marks but you were not able to outperform. Or someone else must have performed better than you. How did you feel at that time? what were people around you telling to you? What was your mental state ?

Many times it would have happened that your favorite players and team have performed good still they don’t manage to win the trophy as some other team had done more practice than their’s. Don’t worry even if you are not associated with any sport , you must read the whole part we don’t have sport references more😁.

Most of us don’t realize that when we commit any mistake we would blame everybody or everything but not us. Rather than taking responsibility of our mistake we start defending ourselves as the situations were not favorable or anything other excuse. Don’t Blame!

How this mentality effect you!?

Do you know criticizing others, makes you mentally weaker! When we defend ourselves for everything we have done wrong, then we tend to set a trap for future. We will commit same mistakes again and get trapped in the vicious circle set by our mind!

2 Reason you don’t admit your mistakes

1. We try to defend: The general human tendency is is to get really happy when someone appreciate us and get really sad when someone pinpoint some mistake in us. Receiving hate from a fellow friends or even strangers is one of our darkest nightmares. 

Therefore we defend ourselves and don’t want to admit our mistakes. We try to hide our mistakes in short coming from the world.

2.The Ego factor: Maybe all of us don’t have this but some of the people I have ego problem. if you are one of them then you probably do not accept your mistakes because you think OK you are are excellent in everything you do and you are superior to everyone around you and therefore you do not tend to you accept your mistake and listen to anyone suggestion.

Now you have learnt to acknowledge if you have this problem of defending yourself when you do a mistake and also how does it effect in your mindset.

4 Steps to accept and learn from mistakes

You have to learn and accept your mistake

But What you can do?
These are 4 steps which I personally follow..

  1. Start taking Responsibility of your actions
  2. Stop the Blame Game
  3. Learn to Unlearn and try to make it better
  4. Move on

Let us understand each one of them in detail

1. Start taking Responsibility of your actions

The very first thing you need to tell your mind before starting any work is that.. “Whatever the outcome will be, I will not regret my decision and will take full responsibility of my actions. If I succeed I will celebrate will full authority and if I lose I will admit my mistake.”

When you tell your mind, these words, an algorithm will be programmed that will guide you to take appropriate steps.

Whenever I think about taking any important decision, my sister tells me just one thing… ” Whatever it is, it’s all yours!” If you succeed, it is yours! But even if you do not, it is YOUR time, YOUR resources and YOUR efforts… “Nobody else has nothing to do with it”. Taking responsibility makes your intellect stronger and will surely help you to grow as a person.

“The more you are willing to accept responsibility for your actions,the more credibility you will have!”- Brian Koslow

2. Stop the Blame Game

First of all while giving an argument, Stop using phrases like ” Destiny has a way of doing it’s task”, ” Luck did not favor me” , “GOD, Why always me!? “. When you blame anybody else for whatever has happened to you, then there is least probability that you will make an effort to fix it in the future.

Blame Game is the most common mistake every loser do. Yeah a loser! You will think that, it would be harsh to call someone a loser because we have taught that “Failures are the stepping stones to success”, yeah so when you blame anyone else for your failures,then those stepping stones will get drowned in the deep dark ocean. And eventually you will be called a failure or a loser in life.

“When you blame others, you give up your power to change”– Robert Anthony

These words may sound harsh to you, but if you think you are also one of those people who commit these mistakes, then wake up. Because ‘IT’S NEVER TOO LATE’. And if you already think yourself as a loser then mind it my friend, Nobody is a loser by destiny. If you want to succeed in life, ‘ Write your destiny, RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE.”

3. Learn to Unlearn and try to make it better

Learn to Unlearn and MOVE ON
According to me this is the most important aspect which we all miss to follow. Usually what we have been taught in the early years of our life, remains intact to our mind. Bit sometimes we tend to learn something wrong things which is very difficult to unlearn.

 As an adult also we keep a mindset towards certain things. We have to acknowledge the fact that if there is some mistake which we are constantly making is due to a habit we have learned. We have to make effort and unlearn that or to do it in a more appropriate way.

For example: As a child I used to learn light stuff or read by leaning on my bed. Gradually it became my habit and when in higher classes I used to do the same, I started to feel that I am losing my focus and tends to sleep whenever I makeup my mind to study.

 That’s a really wrong habit. I think we’ll will agree on that.
Similarly many of us must have some wrong habit which you are aware of but still not capable of improving. Like listening songs while studying or anything else.

Move on

Last but definitely not the least MOVE ON!
The biggest mistake I do after making a mistake is I cling on to it for many days and can’t get over it. Many days, weeks and fortnights past but I am not able to walk through this dreadful journey.

 I just keep thinking of the mistake and make myself feel more dejected. I am sure you also have felt this situation in your life.
But you know what…. this Over thinking also can help you to do the improvements.When you keep thinking about your mistakes you will analyse your wrong steps again and again and will try to make it better.

But if you are over thinking just to make yourself sad, then clearly you are not on the right path. You must know that you have to MOVE ON

Crying over and over again on the same problem will not get you the solution. As
“You can’t start next chapter of your life if you are re-reading your last one!”


Here are some takeaways from here:-
1.Acknowledge the fact if you are being defensive when you did a mistake.
2.Don’t blame anyone else for your mistakes.
3. Unlearn the wrong habits and Move on. 
4.Think with a calm mind.

Submitting It Up!

 1.Acknowledge the fact if you are being defensive when you did a mistake.
2.Don’t blame anyone else for your mistakes.
3. Unlearn the wrong habits and Move on. 
4.Think with a calm mind.



You have to learn how to receive criticism even if you have done a wrong thing. in people around you give your suggestion about your actions evaluate their perspective and if you think OK what the person has said is right about you you can accept the criticism admit the mistake within open heart.

 And if you think suggestion is not worth your time then leave it as it is I move on.
Do not bear grudges any person who is trying to help you by giving constructive criticism. 
At the end Thank the person who is always ready to help you and be grateful to God that you are having honest people in your life who gives you advice is which will help you in the long run of your life.

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