My Journey And My Life

Hey Guys. I don’t write usually but all of my other team members are on vacation. Therefore, here I am.

I was never a genius. In reality, not even an average student. I have some anxiety issues which I am still working on. Today, I want to show you something. In this world, there are only very few things we can be proud of. In my case, they are even fewer.

In spite of the above facts, I have one thing that I am really proud of. It is a strategy or a technique or whatever you want to say. I cannot say I invented it becuase it’s actually it’s a mix of many strategies I have learned in my life. I have just brought together the right mix.

I call it ‘Grow’.

We divide people into small groups. These small group then selects one habit by voting. We work on this habit for 66 days. During these 66 days, every week we have a call where we analyse each other’s performance.

This is one thing I have built. What have you built? Let me know in the comments section below. Bye, Bye.

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