Preventing Procrastination: How it’s like tiny amounts of poison | Avoiding it by making good habits| 4 tips

How it's like tiny amounts of Poison

Procrastination ZOmbie

For many centuries, arsenic was a popular choice of killers. A sprinkle on your morning breakfast would cause your painful death.

But One day two men sat between an large audience taking a huge dose of arsenic, without any effects even a day after. No it was’t not a trick, let’s see the actual reason why that happen.

The Arsenic eaters started with a tiny dose of arsenic that would not harm.Slowly they build immunity for that poison, now they can take large dose of arsenic.Interesting?Long term?

But In Long Termhigh risk of cancer, ravaging your organs or even worse!

It’s just like Procrastination. You get temporary fun with no side effects in short term. But in long term it can ruin your life,dreams and passion.

In this article we will talk about some tricks/tools to avoid procrastination.

Why we even procrastinate

Procrastination slows your way to your dreams and goals a way down.When it comes to procrastination, we often think that, it’s a matter of motivation and willpower.

But as there are 5 reasons that works behind when ever we procrastinate and we mainly don’t know about them:-

1. Fear of Perfectionism/Failure- We often don’t even start because we are nervous of making mistakes. It can be eliminated with the 2 minute rule(read below to learn about it). For now keep in mind –Perfection doesn’t exist. You should put your best effort and realize that’s all you can do.

2. Lack of Action- We did give the time a task should task but we don’t take a potential step. Remember the time in school- You got a assignment to write a essay on brain adolescence and you end up searching for philosophy or philosophy of psychology, for quotes or something and spent 2 hours or more in it.

3. Becoming Overwhelmed Avoider- Doing something fun by putting off the hard tasks. If you have a complex task to do, then it can be a common problem. To avoid overwhelming and avoiding a task, you should break it into smaller tasks and give yourself a reward after achieving one.

4. Busy Bee Lacking Prioritization- The reason ‘why you procrastinate’,  can be probably you have too many tasks to do or you don’t prioritize one task from the other. You can prioritize one task from the other depending upon how urgent it is.

5. Distracted by distractions- We often procrastinate due to a lots of distractions. So you should try to eliminate distractions by turning off notifications, not working near the television, etc. And you can also again use 2 minute rule’ for this problem.

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Using "2 min Rule" to stop Procrastination

Lets First Understand, why we even procrastinate in the first place.

When we feel uncomfortable about a subject and then we move on something we enjoy. Simple?

But here’s something you don’t know– when you start working the discomfort disappears!

It means- that even if you  start it you can defeat procrastination easily!So lets see how to do that using “2 minutes” rule:-

Tiny Success

“2 mins” Rule: Make The Task easiest possible Here are some examples-

“I will go for jogging for 30 min” converts into “I have to wear my jogging shoes.”

“Study for class” converts into” open my notes”

What we are doing her is making the task more comfortable, so we can start and if we can start we can also avoid procrastination!

Because when you start it becomes easy to continue.

Why it Works?

Many people thinks it’s weird to work for 2 mins in it’s easiest way possible. But it’s actually is like a trick to your brain. When you tell yourself to do a hard task, it’s easy to procrastinate!

But when you tell yourself to wear ‘running shoes’ instead of ‘jogging for an hour’. You make it easy to start, and the trick begins,

You brain stops feeling uncomfortable about the subject and make it easy to continue.

This trick is really useful when you’re about to procrastinate use this trick to stop it.

Habits as a Powerful tool against Procrastination

Habits are energy savers they can save your energy. You can walk easily because it’s your old habit or driving a car. Habit can also help you to procrastinate less by doing the work in autopilot.

But habits can be good and bad both. So here we have some tips to make good habits

Habits loop

Habit Making have four parts:

  1. The Cue
  2. The Craving
  3. Response
  4. Reward

Let’s understand all these parts from a short story:

The Cue: Your room is dark and you can’t see anything.

The Craving: You want light to see because maybe you can hit the wall.

The Response: You switch-on the light.

The Reward: The room is no longer dark anymore. And it’s safe to jump around(not too safe to jump, so kindly walk).

How can you use this to make new habits

Let’s see, how we can make new and effective habit:

The Cue: This is the trigger. It can be something simple like your task in your to-do list and a specific time to do the task. 

The Craving: It’s your why, why you want to do the task? maybe it is what your life depends upon.Even if you don’t have a reason, find a small one.It can double the chance of doing a task.

The Response: It’s you doing the task. Here you can use the ‘2 minute Rule’.

The Reward: It’s the outcome you get by doing a task.If the task don’t have any short term benefit, then you can surf on the internet for 10 mins as a reward.

So, we have discussed how we can make habits and this also can used to eliminate bad once. Habit can be used as a powerful tool against procrastination.

Because you already tell you brain that it’s good for you and it have some rewards. So your brain help you to do the task and not to procrastinate.

Friends don’t worry if you struggle with it. I also personally struggle a lot with habits. At the same time I also realize it’s power. That’s why if you are serious about habits, please check out,

Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones

– James Clear

 Learn how to…

  1. Build a system for every day getting 1% better.
  2. Make time for making new habits.
  3. Overcome lack of motivation and energy.

…And more 

Making a Check-list against procrastination

We have literally a lots of things to do in a day, makes it hard to remember and easy to procrastinate.

So a check list can help so here are some tips to make effective checklists.

You should make a daily, a weekly and a monthly check list.

Here’s how they should look like:-

› Daily Check ListWith 5-6 task to complete or 2-3 hard task to complete and this should be easy to access

› Weekly Check List- make this list to make sure your daily list is effective and you’re going right. Check this list once a week.

› Monthly Check List- The purpose to make this list is to give you a big-picture of whatever you have done.

When it’s comes to making a check list. There are lots ways to do it. Some people like to put a number from one to five beside each task, depending upon the most and the least priority task.

The way you make it didn’t matter but the thing matters is, making it easy to access so you organize the task without using your mental energy.

It’s really effective and don’t ignore this step.

teens time

Adopt Anti-Procrastination strategies

Procrastination is like a habit–this means you can’t break it overnight. It only get stop, when you avoid practicing it!

And We have some strategies that can help you a lot:

Forgive yourself for procrastination in the past- Studies have shown that forgiving yourself, can reduce the chances of procrastinating in the future.

Minimize Distractions- Turn off notifications and avoid working near the television. And cut down everything triggers the distractions!

Aim to do most important task first- Prioritize your all daily task and do the important task first.

Not Tomorrow do it now Complete the task as soon as they arise, because if you avoid it at once, then you will avoid it multiple times.

Re-phase your self-talk- Change thought like ‘I need to..’  into ‘I have to..’. If you do so you will sub-consciously tell your brain, the importance of the task.

Give yourself a reward- As we talked earlier, reward can be helpful. So give yourself a reward like a cup of coffee or playing games for a while or surfing on the internet.

Commit to it- Write the task you want to do, and do it in a specific time. And commit to complete the task by focusing on doing, instead of avoiding.

A bonus for you because you have made so far–Passion. You are serious about growing in life. Have you ever procrastinated playing your favourite game? Have you ever procrastinated things you love? Probably not.

Try to put your efforts to activities you are passionate about. I can understand still you have to do things that are not your passion. It’s ok. Try to link them to your passion. Better, find ways to make the work more fun! If you don’t know what your passion, find it here.


So we discussed alots of things.

We know why we procrastinate and the reason behind it. 

We know what is the 2 minute rule and how to use it.

We know how to make habits in a effective manner and how it can be helpful in procrastination.

How making a check list ☑  can be helpful to make habits and to eliminate procrastination.

We also discussed some really effective strategies to eliminate procrastination.

Lastly, I would say that Practice makes Progress, so you need practice what you just learned. And I am sure that you will eliminate procrastination.

Let’s do some activities to again review what we just learned!

Submitting It Up!

» Use 2 minute rule to stop procrastination 

» Make good habits to procrastinate less

» Make a Check list and prioritize each task to keep balance.

» Anti Procrastination Strategies 

  • Forgive yourself for procrastination in the past

  • Minimize Distractions

  • Aim to do most important task first

  • Not Tomorrow do it now

  • Re-phase your self-talk

  • Give yourself a reward

  • Commit to it

Enhance Your Learning

1. Why a person procrastinate?

2. What is the 2 minute Rule?And how we can use it?

3. How to make new habits and eliminate bad ones?

4. What is a check-list?How it is helpful in procrastination?

5. Try to recall at-least 4 anti procrastination strategies.

Book Recommendations

Solving The Procrastination Puzzle: A Concise Guide to Strategies for Change

– Timothy A. Pychyl

 Learn how to…

  1. Tackle Procrastinate
  2. Strategist for procrastination and time management.

…And more 


We have discussed almost everything you need to know about procrastination and how to tackle it.

We have also gone though some book recommendations, so if someone want to learned more they can read the book.

Lastly, Humans really don’t have time to procrastinate and if you procrastinate the time, you  will procrastinate about your success also.

So whenever you have an idea to put things off, procrastinate about it!

We strongly believe that a passion in life can reduce the chances of procrastination-

click on the link to learn more about passion-

You can also watch this video, if you’re interested.

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