Real facts on reading Habits! Why reading is important?

Do you wonder what are important facts behind reading habits.?? And how reading is actually important??

A person who knows how to read can educate themselves in any area of life they see fit. It has been noted in a research that people who don’t read or are poor readers often have low opinion of themselves and their capabilities. Now, as we live in an age abundant with information, reading is the only way to become informed.

Do check out these points.


Can reading be really therapeutic??
Well, if we listen to scientific studies – it has been told for ages that reading books helps you reduce your stress levels, overcome anxiety

Do you know what bibliotherapy is??

  • It is the use of books for the treatment of mental or psychological disorders. Research tells that books help us feel better and more positive. According to scientist it also reduces the chances of Alzheimer’s in later life.
  • Usually It is seen that people who reads a lot have very less chances of depression, sleeping disorders. As reading puts your brain in tranquil state and helps you meditate in your own way. So what better then choosing a book and be happy with yourself.
  • An Avid reader usually more aware about what is happening around the word. It makes you more knowledgeable and that’s how you become more confident and have higher self esteem. And a person with commanding and charming personality is usually happy with himself.

20% of the teams are are really depressed and only 30% of them get proper treatment. Depression is usually due to the state where you do not have anyone to share your feelings with. And books can be a great help at at this time. When you read books and understand characters which you can relate to- it gives you pleasurable state of mind and happy moments!


Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create

Famous Physcist Albert Einstein thought imagination was more important than knowledge. Because someone with a good imagination had the ability to find new discoveries and to create.

Does everything changes when we read??

  • The more we read, the more enlightened we become. Gaining knowledge empowers our minds and broadens its range. Reading broadens our imagination power by stimulating the right side of the brain. It opens our minds to the other utopian world.
  • Reading a good novel allows one’s imagination to take flight and allows you to forget about your day to day troubles. Reading a good science fiction, for instance, can transport you to a fantasy world that becomes reality in your mind’s eye.
  • We can be open to new ideas have an unique understanding of new things. Reading helps us practice imagination by letting the words describe a certain image while the reader manipulates the picture in the mind.

Imagination is better than reality, ’cause imagination can create a new reality, better than our today’s reality. With our unique ability to imagine, what we only dreamt of yesterday can become tomorrow’s reality. And to attain this you must make reading your habit…….



Reading books and imagining the world they provide to us, activities like this are referred to as the experience of fictional narratives. They may provide people with distraction from daily demands and possibly initiate intellectual inspiration and great humane behaviour in them as greatest feel of empathy.

Do you think that reading can make you emotionally more understanding??

  • It has been suggested in a research survey that people who read a lot become empathic. In which people practice and enhance their interpersonal skills.
  • Understanding others’ mental states is a crucial skill that enables the complex social relationship. It characterise human societies. And what fosters this skill, is reading, reading and reading a lot of fiction literary works.
  • When we read about other people, we can imagine ourselves into their position and we can imagine what it’s like being that person. And this enables us to better understand people, better co-operate with them.

Really all art is metaphor. When we read we become Hermione Granger or relate to Augustus Waters …… We understand them from inside. I believe that this thing only is making us better at being human.


Reading is how we discover new things and how we develop a positive self image. It is a vital skill in being able to function in today’s society.

Let me tell you one experience that basically told me how important is to give your some time to reading books

  • One of my school friend used to read very little. Once he was sitting in library feeling very low. I asked what was the reason Behind it.
  • So he replied that he is worried about what to do next in his life. I suggested him that he should read about his interests, then definitely he would be happy and will find an answer to his every question.
  • Then he got interested in building up the business and discovered self help genre of his utter interest. And from then on he started devouring books.
  • He has read more than 100 books now. And it has changed him as the person. And it has changed his perspectives on life. Readers are more aware about their surroundings. And can envisage themselves more easily in other people’s face.

But where do these effects come from? And why is it important for society?

It is important for society that people behave as good citizens and shoulder their share of burden. It seems likely that reading books in general and literature in particular helps in the development of motivation. Also in the skiils that are required for it.

“Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are.”

Mason Cooley

The phenomenon known as transport plays a vital role in this. All the benefits of reading books are interrelated in this fact.
In short, in modern society, this is important for the bonds and connections between people.

The ability to put yourself in other shoes, develop empathy and a positive self image ..all reduce the barriers getting up and taking part in the society.
And the bridge to reach these aspects are books…… .


Analytical thinking is one of the most used skills which you need on day to day basis! Analytical skills is one of the factors which most of the companies also want in their employees to lift up the company.

But what exactly analytical thinking is?

It’s actually whatever you see around yourself. Then you interpret it in your way. But different people have different perception and different interpretation. What makes you more wise is – to analyse and interpret the situation correctly.

How reading helps to improve analytical thinking ??

  • When you read a book your mind is in process of perceiving the scenario which is written on the paper. The brain cells are actively involved in the process of imagining. You ask question to yourself.

Steps which you have to follow :

  • You improve your analytical thinking when you observe the things around you deeply.
  • Then you analyse it from different perspectives.
  • And then you interpret it it in your way.

Scientific studies have proven that reading increases your IQ level. That’s why you can usually see some vocabulary questions in IQ tests also. But it does not really checks your command in English language. What it test is- your sharpness and inquisitive mind!

I have usually seen people making excuses for not reading books. we all fool ourselves by thinking that we have enough of our School Course books that we don’t need any extra reading. Trust me school books are enough for exhausting us. In our leisure time we usually find ourselves in front of screen.

Some years back I was the person who believed that I can never get extra time for reading any kind of novel,general knowledge books or even newspaper. But now even in 12th standard I manage to read my favourite novel for atleast 20 to 30 minutes a day. And I believe we all can do that.

The time could be -before going to sleep, the evening time when you are taking a break from your studies. If you are finding it difficult to start reading a book. And don’t know how to to spare time for reading in the busy schedule. Then do check out How to start and fall in love with reading if you are beginner.


This is my Reading Partner.You also can use it to plan your reading time and then analyze yourself.

So tell me, what was your favourite thing to do in your leisure time and how do you spare time for reading in the COMMENT SECTION BELOW. Also tell how reading books has helped you and gave you internal bliss. Here, we are signing off…we will meet you next time with some new and amazing articles.

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