Not all self-improvement books or Self help books are made to serve same purpose. Some help you to start your journey, others give you a boost when you’ve achieved experience in certain areas.

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”

— Jim Rohn

Each of the books on this list has had a huge impact on me.I am sure that they will do on you too.
I’ve linked each book title to Amazon so you can go straight to the page and buy a copy.

So here is my list of the 10 best self-help books of all time:

1.The Alchemist

“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams.”

The storytelling in the book is beautiful. But there were so many lessons that the author shared that would be relevant to anyone’s life. Most importantly, it tells us that Life is not about consequences, but about the Journey.

What the book is all about??

  • This amazing novel by Paulo Coelho tells the story of a journey. During which it transforms the thinking and perceptions of the traveller, Santiago, a young shepherd from the south of Spain.
  • He has a recurring dream about finding a treasure. And believing that finding this treasure is his ‘destiny’. So he leaves the comfort of home and travels into the African desert to find it.
  • The whole purpose of this Self help book is to dive inside and find yourself.

The crux of the novel is – “When you want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”.

2.Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad is about Robert Kiyosaki and his two dads. His real father (poor dad) and the father of his best friend (rich dad)—and the ways in which both men shaped his thoughts about money and investing.You don’t need to earn a high income to be rich.

What the book is all about??

  • At the age of 9, Robert Kiyosaki and his best friend Mike asked Rich Dad to teach them how to make money.
  • After 3 weeks cleaning one of Mike’s Dad’s many stores for a poverty wage (10 cents a week!), Kiyosaki couldn’t take it anymore. And increasingly began to think about quitting.
  • This is the moment that Rich Dad chose to give him his first lesson about money. Some people leave their job because they are not being paid enough. Others see it as the opportunity to learn something new.

The RICH DAD POOR DAD tells us the truth of life. –The poor and the middle-class work for money. The rich have money- people work for them.

It’s not how much money you make that matters. It’s how much money you keep.

3.Discover Yourself

If you are looking out for purpose, peace, love, success and happiness in life, then this book by Nidhi Tibrewal is for you. It tells you how you can uncover the inner energy to help you achieve your purpose and goal in life.

The writer aims to touch people’s hearts, inspire them through various methods, and change their perception toward life.
The book is full of short stories with messages that can make the concepts more simple and clear for one to understand, relate and practice.

What the book is all about??

  • The read is easy and enjoyable and touches some very basic principles and guides you to achieve what you dream
  • . It reveals some answers to questions that are frequently asked by most of the people. The techniques explained will only help you to achieve your dreams with ease.
  • The book encourages you to tap your inner energy to guide you and show you the path to be taken and travelled.

The ride is bumpy and the read mysterious, yet the journey is enjoyable and a life-transforming book.

4.The Road Less Traveled

Life is difficult. This is one of the greatest truths. Once we truly understand and accept it,then life is no longer difficult.
It amazes me how much damage I have done by expecting life to be something other than difficult and how much easier my life is when I accept that it is difficult and that I will be uncomfortable.

The Road Less Traveled covers such gloomy topics as the myth of romantic love, evil, mental illness and the author’s psychological and spiritual crises.The Road Less Traveled is the attempt to bridge the gap further, and it has clearly been successful.

Its crux is that :once we know the worst, we are free to see what is beyond it.

This is a book that can show you how to embrace reality and yet achieve serenity and a richer existence. This hugely influential self help book has changed many people’s lives round the globe. It may change yours too.

What the book is all about??

  • Peck is a trained psychotherapist, but has been influential in the movement to have psychology recognise the stages of spiritual growth. He sees the great feature of our times as being the reconciliation of the scientific and the spiritual world views.
  • Peck observes that people in psychotherapy often have little taste for the power that comes with genuine mental health. The Road Less Traveled is rich with stories of real people. Some demonstrate the transformation of a life; in others, people refuse to change or cannot be bothered.
  • The road less travelled is rockier than the regular highway of life on which people seem happy enough.

What is the fuel on the road less travelled?

LOVE. There is a tendency to think of love as effortless. It may be mysterious but it is also effortful; love is a decision, says Peck. Anyone can fall in love but not everyone can decide to love.
We may never control love’s onset but we may, with discipline, remain in charge of our response.

Without discipline we can solve nothing. With only some discipline we can solve only some problems. With total discipline we can solve all problems.’


5.The Secret

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is now a modern classic and has a lot to offer for stress relief.
The Secret,which discusses the Law of Attraction,So writer believes that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life and how to use it in your life,rose to the top of many bestseller list and inspired many offshoots.

What this book is all about ??

  • It puts forward several ideas that are not only surprising but also exciting and perhaps controversial
  • As the Law of Attraction ,the principle that you attract whatever you focus your energy on(good or bad). It works with relationships ,possessions,goals. And everything else you are able to focus even your own health.
  • The book is a masterpiece in itself which empowers soul ,encourages visualization and boosts motivation.
  • The book shares other insights and specifies strategies to use.It’s all about the power of spirit within a man which makes it an interesting and informative read

In short I would say that this book is the detailed discussion of what Allama Iqbal says

The world is for you and not that you are for the world”.

6.The Power of Now

This book by Eckhart Tolle is a wonderful guide to realize and understand the essence of human being and unlocking one’s full potential.

Obviously many of us forget to live in the present and always tend to repent about past and strive for success and fortune in the future . Somehow we feel that tomorrow will be a better day. As Eckhart points out many times in the book, living in the present is all that matters.

What the book is all about??

  • The book is organized in the form of question and answer sessions and the intention seems to convince the reader about the Power of Now.
  • Eckhart calls the inherent negative energy as the ” pain body “. Which is the reason behind all bad things that are happening including wars and environment catastrophes.
  • He applies the “Power of Now” to human relationships and goes on to explain “true love” which is devoid of any pain.
  • In the current busy world ,we all are in the rat race for success and fortune . The Power of Now has a good message that is All stress and hurry may be stupid after all. What is more essential is to live the current moment.

And I think that message alone makes it worthwhile to read it. It’s very simple, yet very very profound realization of our powerful selves.

7.Power of your subconscious mind

This book by Joseph Murphy, tries to annotate that, how only a mere belief of your subconscious mind posses the power to drastically change your life.

It explains :how repeating the same prayer every day and night can cure a disease. and how the tireless action of the subconscious mind can help you

What is the book all about??

  • Joseph Murphy explained that in ancient times also people worked out many effective ways to tap the incredible power of the subconscious mind. And used it for the healing purposes.
  • Every religion believes that if we put our faith in God, everything will fall in the right place. Therefore faith holds a very powerful position .
  • But have you ever wondered Why our religions talk about it all the time? What actually faith is?Why is that when doctors fail to treat a certain condition all they say is, “have faith”?
  • People don’t believe in miracles but I say that miracles are just the way of your subconscious to prove that it posses great power over your life.

To conclude, this book is an impressive way to make people well aware about the powerhouse they carry within. Our deeper mind is infinite intelligence and power, we just have to calmly think what we want.

8.Talking to Strangers

This book by Malcolm Gladwell describes in detail the mistakes we make when we interact with people, we are not familiar with.

We think we can understand people. WE think by meeting someone,shaking their hand,looking into their eyes,we can get a grasp on who they are,how they feel,and what their motives or intentions are.

What the book is all about??

  • We think that a little bit of personal knowledge gives us a big insight into their character.Job interview shows us if they’ll be a good employee ,a first date can indicate the likelihood of compatibility.
  • This book tells us that We are wrong. Strangers are complex.
  • In Malcolm Gladwell’s book,he highlights just a few of things that make strangers particularly hard to understand: truth, default theory, transparency, coupling.

Reading this book will change how you see yourself and others. More significantly ,it will make you humble. It is an intellectually stimulating book.

9.Think and grow Rich

Think and grow Rich is Napoleon Hill’s most popular book, summarizing his Philosophy of Success and explaining it for the general public.

This is one of the most influential books of all times when it comes to achieving financial independence and self-development. Napoleon Hill penned this masterpiece with the help of few super-achievers of his era.

What the book is all about??

  • This book focuses more on the self-development. How we should use our mind and inner-resource to become much more than what can be measured by money.
  • It is more about how we can develop internally to achieve success and wealth. How our daily thoughts and action makes us who we are. And how we can apply the philosophy of the great achievers and remove mental-obstructions to acquire riches.

The key lessons from this book are:

  1. When you really know what you want, set a plan to accomplish. Let nothing stop you and you will be successful.
  2. Pick a mentor group of your favorite people and if you are ever confused, imagine what they’d advise you to do.
  3. A positive mental attitude can solve all problems.

“When a man really desires a thing so deeply that he is willing to stake his entire future on a single turn of the wheel, he is sure to win.”

10.The Leader who had no title

This book by Robin Sharma, tells that each one of us has a potential to be the best in everything we do without really thinking much about the title. Give your all to what you have and start wherever you are. Your process will improve as you go.

What the book is all about??

  • It is a fable about Blake Davis, who had a bit of trouble being motivated at work and also suffered quite a bit of hardship before working at a bookstore.
  • He was approached by a man who seemed odd and offered to help him turn his life around. The fable is about a day that Blake spends with this man and learns the philosophy of leading without a title.
  • He meets 4 mentors on this journey. Each of them gives him 5 sets of rules to adopt and to apply in everyday life and Business.
  • The way the mentors describe their stories and how they are applying these rules gives them a personal touch that is very relatable.

This book helps to feel and attain satisfaction being at every phase of your life without having a title.It is one of the best book that motivates and inspires you.

Discover how you can demonstrate leadership wherever you are, regardless of your title.

So What kind of books do you like? Which author and which self help books do you prefer? Do tell us in the comment section below.

Also if you are interested in adventure or fantasy books do check

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