Fear of The Darkness – Short Story with a Moral


I think I have too many of the experiences I had in life. But when I sit to write one, it’s hard. I could not write anything at all. After a while of struggle, I have finally written something in my words. 

The Story 

Fear of Darkness— It was a Stormy night. I was alone with no one except my dad. I was watching Shin-chan maybe, and then I noticed my favorite toy car was missing. So, I decided to go and search for it. I searched for it everywhere for a long-time but found it nowhere. While I was looking for my car, all of a sudden the lights went off. In many parts of India, electricity usually gets cut off in heavy storms.

I was afraid of darkness, I was 8 years old! I could not go and turn on the emergency lights even after I could see the switches. My mind was searching for scary patterns in that room and the sound of the night seemed like a whisper of a devil. I was hidden, afraid, waiting for someone to save me. After an hour passed by my dad realized that I was missing and started to search for me. Until finally, he entered that room with his torch and called out my name. 

I ran to him and pretended I was just chilling out but I was chilled out. And my dad could see that too. He just said to me “you are afraid of ghosts who don’t exist…”. I then asked, which ghosts exist? There are a few things in life but we don’t usually call them “ghosts”. Then what do we call them? I asked. You will understand it later, he replied. Then we played Ludo till the electricity got back.


You see life. In everyone’s life. We are afraid of many things. We get stuck and sometimes spend our whole life in fear of that thing. We are afraid of problems that don’t exist. 

The easiest way to deal with your fear is to know about your fear. We are more afraid of something if the amount of harm is unknown, aka “the fear of the unknown.” I will write about it in the upcoming blogs. 

I hope that I hope you all enjoyed the story. And got the message it had.

(Note: The story was written for school. I am incredibly sorry if it has anything irrelevant.)

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