Why A Student Have A Part-Time Job After 10th

Most of us really don’t know what we have to do once we get out of High School. We have a very little perspective about the actual problems which one has to face once they go out and face challenges by living all alone.

In our early days, we get pampered by our parents so much that we almost forget that we have to stand up on our own sometime later or sooner.

And I think it is a great idea that if we grow a culture of an after-school part-time job for high school and older students can bring a great change in the life of youngsters.

Is It Practical And Have Any Benefits At All

This idea is nothing out of the box as in many places across the globe while pursuing their graduation many people start to live on their own. Taking up up all the responsibilities, fulfilling their needs, and exploring their financial capabilities.

All of these activities make a person grow mature and helps them to gain perspective about the real problems which actually exist in the real world.

Some of the benefits are:

Financial Independence

You all know how parents fulfill all of our needs since we were little kids. Sometimes they used to gift us things Because they want to make us happy. And sometimes because we are too adamant as a kid that they have to give up in front of our obstinate behavior.

This happened because very few of us knew the actual value or worth of the things. Always our parents keep fulfilling our wishes because they don’t want us to be disappointed but this makes a child believe at everything in the world is easily approachable and can be achieved easily without no hard work.

That is why having a part-time job while schooling helps us to know what it takes to fulfill our needs. And how painful it is to keep working so hard so as to afford a small cake, toy, clothing, or anything else which we were drooling over for many days.

It will teach children how to manage money. Getting financially independent is what makes a person more responsible. It will help you to actually differentiate between the things that you want and the things which you actually need. Wasting a lot of money on insignificant things will become less with time.

Gain Experience

This will help a child to gain experience. As before job many of the youngsters have to work as interns or do apprentices. These all are things which help you to gain experience for the work which you actually have to do once you get into a real job environment. So why not it begins earlier. Once a student starts to work after high school he will be in a much better position to handle real problems which may occur during their work hours.

Many companies need the experience to keep people in a job of responsible position or designation. This would help the big tech companies as they would not require to educate their new employees about nitties and gritties of the work. And this will also definitely help youngsters to get right into their dream company once they have enough experience and qualifications.

Balancing Life's Stress

When we are in school completing our primary education, enjoying eating lunch with our friends we neglect to learn the things which could be really important and beneficial for us. We live in our own bubble and think ourselves invincible. But this is actually not true.

For example: Maybe you are one of the most brilliant minds in your school. Your friend is a great pianist, your other friend is a great dancer, and the other one is the best athlete in your school and everyone really adores you and appreciates you for your hard work and talent.

But when you get into a college for under graduation, you will see thousands of students who are just as brilliant as you in academics, excellent in cultural and sports activities because they are also best of their school.

A time will come when you will start feeling a part of the crowd and will be completely demotivated to even fight for yourself and prove your worth and talent. And that is how most of the youngsters lose themselves, their whole personality while running in the mad rat race.

So if you chose to apply for a part-time job after high school from the beginning it will teach you to balance all your mental pressures and the work you have to do. At a young age, everyone is inspired and motivated to compete in the world.

It will help you to handle all the frustration and stress as you are living your life with your friends and also trying to figure out what you have to do with your life at a very early age. Because in the late twenties or early thirties there are a lot of other pressures to deal with.

Builds A Better Personality

Getting engaged in a job will not only yield you experience for work but also it will help you to acquire better life skills.

For example: if the part-time job is of receptionist or salesman or at a call center. You will acquire the skills of communicating with strangers. You will be in habit of listening to what the other person wants to say. You will learn to be patient even in the toughest times. You will learn how to deal with a difficult customer and give the best you have which is most appropriate for them.

You will start to interact with different kinds of people. They can help you to gain different perspectives about different kinds of situations in life. It will also prevent you but you make decisions that could have bitter consequences in the future. As teenagers used to get into a lot of trouble just because of little fun. But little do they realize what impact it could make in their lives in the long run.


Overall, having a part-time job not only helps you financially but also in other important aspects of life too. It also makes you out of the rat-race to work on your passion without any fear.

If you wanna do a Part-Time Job but don’t know where to start or what skill you should learn first. Then, Click here to learn about the part-time jobs for students.

Thanks for reading it so far. Now let’s end this with a super irrelevant and unobvious quote.

“A man who pays his bills on time is soon forgotten.”

~Oscar Wilde~

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