How To Fall Asleep Fast? Tips And Steps To Master Sleep

Being unable to sleep can be frustrating and have consequences on the next day. However, you can learn to sleep using some tips and steps. 

We will look at different methods and rules, avoiding what disrupts sleep. Different things work for different people, so look for the stuff that works best for you.

In this article, we will talk about the small tips to follow before bed and a technique at the end to fall asleep quickly.

Let’s, first jump on the tips and tricks that help to sleep with ease.

Tables of Contents

» 15 Tips To Sleep With An Ease 

» A Technique To Fall Asleep Quickly

» 4-7-8 Method

» Progressive Muscle Relaxation(PMR)

» Conclusion 

15 Tips To Sleep With An Ease

Is there something that affects your sleep? Or can you use that for better sleep? The answer is- Yes!

You can have a good and sweet sleep by doing some simple stuff. Try these tips and tricks to help you sleep better with ease:

1. Create a consistent sleeping pattern:

Going to bed at different times is a common habit among many people, but this can interrupt the body’s circadian rhythm.

Circadian rhythm is a selection of behavior, physical and mental changes. If you sleep at a particular time, then your brain will make you feel sleepy. This step will make it easy to sleep.

Not only that, sleeping at a particular time will have other potential benefits too! (like- giving a general idea of how much you sleep daily)

2. Keep the room as dark as possible:

When you make your room dark, your brain releases melatonin, the sleep hormone. Melatonin is essential for good sleep. It will help you get a night of quality sleep.

3. Avoid nap during the day:

If you take naps for more than 2 hours, it will affect your nighttime sleep. 

You should always avoid naps after 4 p.m. and for more than 2 hours before 4 p.m. Follow this rule and have a good sleep.

4. Do some exercise during the day:

Exercise has a positive impact on sleep too. It makes you tired at the end of the day and makes you fall asleep.

According to the current study, the best time to exercise is in the morning for 10-30 minutes.

Exercise not only gives a good sleep but also numerous other benefits.

5. Avoid Blue-Light 2 hours before bed:

The blue light from your device’s screen reduces melatonin levels and makes it hard to fall asleep.

Don’t use any blue light-emitting screen, 2 hours before bed. You can read a physical book instead.

6. Read a book before bed:

Reading books will make you relax and decrease your anxious thought patterns. And makes you fall asleep faster. However, it is better to avoid books that might cause strong emotional responses.

7. Try to Avoid Caffeine:

Caffeine is a stimulant. It stimulates wakefulness and can disrupt your sleep patterns, makes it harder to fall asleep. You should avoid taking caffeine 4 hours before bed.

8. Try meditation or mindfulness:

Meditation and mindfulness can help you reduce anxiety, which often disrupt sleep. Using these techniques, you can calm your mind and reduce busy thoughts. And lets you fall asleep.

A study has also found that meditation can improve sleep quality and decrease stress.

9. Change the room temperature:

Sleeping in a too hot or too cold room can negatively affect your sleep. You should set the right room temperature, if possible.

The temperature at which people feel the most comfortable varies. However, the National Sleep Foundation has found that the temperature between 16°-20°C (60°-68°F) is the perfect temperature to promote sleep.

10. Listen to music:

This tip won’t work for everyone, but some people can benefit from listening to music before going to bed.

Listen to the music that makes you feel relaxed and avoid any music that triggers any strong emotion. 

11. Take a hot bath or shower:

Taking a hot bath or a shower relaxes your body and helps you to regulate a reasonable body temperature. It also gives you a better feel.

Try to avoid a cold shower before bed because it regulates wakefulness. A cold shower has different benefits, but you should try to avoid it before bed.

12. Don’t Force To Sleep:

Do you think about sleeping all night instead of sleeping? It’s happening because you’re adding too much effort to it.

Just relax and think about something else or start counting, just distract yourself from the idea.

13. Avoid noisy environments, if possible:

Noise distracts your mind. It will badly affect the quality of sleep. If you have any sleep problem, it will make it worse.

If you can’t do anything about the noise, use earplugs or play soft music. 

14. Avoid Excessive Alchohol:

If you think alcohol can help you sleep, then here’s the truth. It will help you sleep, but it won’t give you any quality sleep. You will feel heavy-headed after you wake up.

Try to avoid any excessive consumption before bed. And it does have other health consequences too!

15. Lastly, take Melatonin:

Melatonin is known as the “sleep hormone.” Your body produces it naturally to induce drowsiness and sleep. People can also take it as a supplement to increase the chances of falling asleep.

Personally, You should prefer it as the last option because it better to go natural.

A Technique To Fall Asleep Quickly

After going through all the tips. Let’s jump on the technique to calm your mind to fall asleep quickly.

We will talk about two popular methods first is the 4-7-8 Method to distress your mind and Progress muscle relaxation(PMR) to relax your mind and body.

4-7-8 Breathing Method developed by Andrew Weil, M.D, is the best method to distress.

4-7-8 Method works like this:

  • First Exhale the air, you have, completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound.

  • Now, close your mouth, inhale through your nose quietly with a mental count of 4.

  • Hold your breath to a mental count of 7.

  • Exhale completely through mouth, making a whoosh sound, to a count of 8.

Use this method after you have done the 4-7-8 method. This method makes your blood pressure go down and lets you distress.

Now come to the Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) method developed by Dr. Edmund Jacobson.

This method has been also effectively used to control stress and anxiety, relieve insomnia,  and reduce symptoms of certain types of chronic pain.

PMR Relaxation Script

  • Lightly Raise your eyebrows as high as possible for 5 seconds. This will tighten your forehead muscle.
  • Relax your muscles immediately and feel the drop. Wait for 10 seconds.
  • Smile widely for 5 seconds. This will create tension in your cheeks. Relax.
  • Pause for 10 seconds.
  • Tilt your head slightly back. Relax as your neck sinks into the pillow. Do it for 5-15 seconds.
  • Relax your complete body. Feel as your body sinks into the bed.
  • Repeat till you fall asleep.

You will some practice and with the time, believe me, you will be able to sleep within 2-minutes or less. Try to use both methods one after another to get the best results. 

Have a good quality sleep. Best Of Luck.


Getting natural sleep is the best way to ensure that the mind ad body gets the rest they need.

Things we discussed above, will increase the chances of falling asleep without any additional medication.

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