5 Best Habit Tracking Apps To Achieve your Goals

5 Best Habit Tracking Apps

“It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants.”

By Parth Aggarwal

If you are serious about growing in your life then definitely you will be serious about your habits. A human being is the sum of his habits and these habits can be good or bad. It’s on us. And one of the ways to fast forward your habit installation process is to track your habits. As it is said,

“What gets measured gets improved ”.

And believe me, habit tracking is like the ABCs of habit installation. It’s pretty difficult to install a habit without habit tracking. You can install a habit without it if you want to install a handful of habits but if you want to install consistently good habits you need habit tracking.

How do I know? I have been in your shoes. I have never installed reading habits using habit tracking but most of my habits like waking up at 5 A.M every day could not be installed without habit tracking.

Which habits to track?

Before figuring out which habits to track first check out what are the most important areas of your life. Generally, the most important areas of a person’s life are:

  1. Health
  2. Family
  3. Work
  4. Hobbies

But it can be anything. Because only you can decide what’s important to you.

Figure the top areas of your life and pick up just one thing from each area, which you want to improve. Now think about what are the Habits related to each thing. Congratulations, you got the habits that you want to track.

5 Apps to help you track your habits

I want you to not just choose the app but to choose the philosophy behind the app. Because all the apps do practically the same thing but how they do it is different.

1. Habitify

Habitify- best habits app

It says habit tracking is good but what people need today is strategic habit tracking. To explain these terms let’s take an example,

Habit tracking- ticking off days you read a book.
Strategic habit tracking- how many pages you are reading per day.

Here are the exact steps described by which Habitify helps you in strategic habit tracking.

Step 1: Decide what habits to track
Step 2: Choose the habit tracking method
Step 3: Choose the measurement unit
Step 4: Build the habit of habit tracking
Step 5: Analyze

It’s kind of nice. As many things need more specific habit tracking and it provides that. This is also the app I have started using recently. It has great aesthetics and I liked the features it provides. Not too complex but contains all the features anybody would need.

And an advantage is that it is compatible with all the devices you have.


You can use it anywhere. Android, ios, macOS, web, all apple products.


You can join for free.

In-app purchase: Start from $4.99 for a monthly membership to $64.99 for a lifetime membership.

2. Habitica

Habitica- Gamify Your Life

I think this app provides you with multiple features in an RPG format. If you are a game lover you are going to like it. But if you are someone like me who does not play many games, then probably it can be a tough thing for you to do. Games lover sorry!

But that does not mean this app is not for people like me. It’s still one of the best habit tracking apps. The features in this app are not its biggest power but its community is. This app’s community is great. When you use this app you get the feeling that you are not alone. It is just built like a social media site with a habit tracker theme and with gamification of the whole experience.

You can build up your guild and if one of your team members does lose then the whole team loses. That means it creates another level of accountability, this thing is great.

They have also added a new GROUP feature to add more social components to the app. It includes Team-based Tasks, Group Management Controls, In-Game Benefits.


It is for all. Android, ios, web, mac.


All the features in this app are free. Except if you want the GROUP (Newly added)- $9 Group Owner Subscription + $3 Each Additional 

3. Strides

Strides- best habit app

It helps you in building a perfect daily routine, gives you Progress features, and the best Part- It shows you streaks and success rate and also celebrates your achievements.

It’s flexible, you can add streaks based on yes or no, some projects. I liked the project option because using it you can take a long-term project and convert it into small short-term habits that you can track. In short, it’s one of the best habit trackers apps when it comes to ios devices.


Sorry Android users, not for you. Only for iPhone and iPad users. It gets synced with the apple watch.


Free, Premium version for $4.99/month

Note: Whether you use this app or not, please check out this course by the founder of Strides on habit tracking. It’s awesome. Link: https://www.stridesapp.com/goal-setting-course/

4. Beeminder


This app is a little bit scary but that’s why I love it. Its basic functionality is the same except for the simple fact that your money is on line. Every time you break your commitment it is not going to sit like other apps but will cost you $5.

If you agree to this crazy and yet effective idea then I would say it will be one of the best investments you will make in your life.

A tip for you before you start using beeminder. Use beeminder only for habits you are very serious about otherwise it can get a bit more expensive.

You can learn more about this app here.


It works with all your devices. Android, iOS, Windows, macOS.


It’s free unless you don’t complete your goals. So it’s up to you.

5. Google Sheets

Google Sheets

I know many of you will be surprised at how Google Sheets came into this list. But if I tell you the truth, for the last 6 months I have been using it to track my results and I am pretty happy with it.

It’s the simplest app on this list. It is the most customization on the list. You can design each and everything yourself. The best thing about this is you can share your results pretty easily. The best feature I find here is the variety of formulas you can use and the graphs.

I am a person who likes to do things his way and if you are also that kind of person, you will love Google Sheets.


All devices. No need to talk about it but still if you can say Google’s sync is bad, dude, literally I am going to fight you till I make you say, “Google has the best sync”.


Free if you don’t use the 15 GB. By the way, I have used 8 GB, scared to exhaust it.

habit tracking

Building the habit to track habits?

People talk a lot about habit tracking apps but tracking habits is itself a habit that you need to install. Habit tracking is a cornerstone habit as journaling is. So the question is how do you install it.

It’s easier than other habits to install it. As most of the habits tracker comes with automatic notification. Here are some more tips to help you install this habit,

1.Don’t just say, “ You are going to track your habit”. Carve out specific timings when you are going to do it.
2.Though there are app notifications but also add additional alarms for the timing you choose to track your habits.
3.Reward yourself whenever you track your habit regardless if your scores are good or bad.

How long you have to track a new habit?

It’s one of the most controversial topics about habits. Some say 21 days, some say 100 days. Today, the most popular day is 66 days.

There is no one-shot answer to do this. It depends on largely two variables . First, The complexity of the habit and second your interest level. The more complex a habit, the more time it will take you to install a habit. For example, if you want to drink a glass of water every day you can easily install the habit in 21 days but if you want to wake up every morning at 5 A.M then it will take probably 66 days more.

Another example, If you like football, then definitely you will learn it faster than calculus. It works the same way with habits. If you are more of a reflective type of person then journaling may come naturally to you and you can install it in much less time than any other person would take.

The rule of thumb is that, whenever you feel something becomes a habit, measure that thing for more than 15 days after that. If the results are great then drop the tracking and congratulate yourself on installing the habit. If the results are not good then wait for the next time you feel you have installed the habit well.

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