The Pumpkin Plan Summary

Most of the marketing books I pick up tell me to make a Customer Avataar. I have two problems with this approach,

  1. It’s really not very practical advice.
  2. How do you know whether your ideal client exists or not?

Although the author doesn’t put it this way I felt that the Pumpkin Plan is one of the best Marketing strategies or plans (whatever you may call it). The best part about each and every Mike’s book is practicality. His books are 100% practical with zero fluff.

Cut Off Your Clients.

Wait! Doesn’t a marketing strategy or any business strategy should increase your clients! Yes you are right but you are not right. Let me explain,

We all know the Pareto principle aka the 80/20 principle. It’s very simple in theory and there’s a high chance you might have heard about it. (there’s also a high chance that you might have not implemented it becuase of its abstract nature)

Figure out your top clients and fire all other clients. This step is really important because it will free up your energy and time to do the steps described ahead.

Insider Strategy

Here the fun begins! You need to start interviewing your top clients. You just need to ask during the interview how you can serve them better. You need to take feedback from the client and create a prototype. You need to show this prototype to their clients and take their feedback, again. You need to repeat this process until your client says, “How much this will cost?” It shows that you have solved clients’ problems and it’s time for rebranding.

Rebrand Yourself

You have created something great or optimized yourself for a certain niche. Now, you need to change your name and branding material according to the niche. It’s important because it will ensure that your product is being branded to the right person.

Conclusion: It Might be tough but it’s worth it.

I know it might be tough to implement what is said above but believe me it will be worth it if you try this out.

“Every change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous in the end.”

The Pumpkin Plan is no exception. It’s one of the most practical marketing plans you will ever find.

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