What is your Purpose of Life? 1 Strong Belief that shapes you

Purpose of Life is the central motivating part that gets you up every morning.

Your Purpose can guide you in life decisions, shape goals, influence behavior, and offer a sense of direction.

Purpose can be unique for everyone; Someone’s purpose can be to handle the responsibilities of friends and family or something connected to spirituality and religious beliefs.

Purpose evolves, it changes over time. And it’s something positive. The purpose is the result of rewards, passions, and values. And when these elements evolve, then your purpose also.

But how Someone can find his purpose? 

Start with Why

Your Why of your life is your Purpose.

But here I mean to start with why, whenever you try to do something or think about it, start with why. Here’s an example:-

I have to go for walk.

Why? because I want to improve my health.

Your why for going for walk is your purpose to go for walk. And the same works for your purpose of life. (for more deep examples- click here)

As you find your why and give yourself the reason to do something it becomes pretty easy to achieve that. That’s ‘why’ we need the purpose of our life- To make our life worth living, and to make sure we have done, what we want to.

So have to find our why or purpose, not only for life but also in different aspects of life. We will discuss how to find your why.

Takeaway: Your purpose is your why. And not only in life but it helps in different aspects of life.

What do you think you are?

What often not discussed is about your Identity- who you are … and who you think you are at your core. The two most powerful words in English: “I am.” Whatever you put after those two words determines your destiny.

Let’s say you want to quit smoking. Maybe because you had warnings from your doctor or you decided it by yourself. But if you identify yourself as a smoker and regularly say, “I am a smoker,” it’s going to be difficult for you to quit smoking.

But Only if you believe and say to yourself, “I am not a smoker”, It makes it easy for you to quit smoking. ( I know there some more other factors and this is just one of them.)

As we discussed here, how just a belief can make an effect. So what do you think about yourself or your identity is really important. It can be like ‘I am dumb’ or ‘I am a failure’, or It can be ‘I am Positive’ or ‘I am Limitless.’

Your Purpose of life is also a belief and It is affected by your identity, so make it clear.

Takeaway: So think yourself that you want to be. You can also make some ‘I am’ commitments.

learning by JIm

On Purpose and Passion

Knowing your purpose in life helps you live with integrity. 

People who know there purpose of life know who they are,what they are and why they are.

In English language, they are two words nice and kind, both mean the same thing but there roots are different. Nice comes from a Latin word ‘nescius’ for ignorant. Kind on the other hand comes from a Germanic word kin. 

Passion and Purpose are in the same camp-they’re often confused with one another. Both concepts are discussed all over the Internet, Ted-talks, motivational books as same but they are not.

One can have multiple passion but the ultimate purpose of life is one. Passion is some thing lights up you up and your passion and purpose are connected.

Takeaway: Passion and Purpose aren’t the same. They are just connected.

Note: The links of book are affiliate links. What is it? It is simple, whenever you buy a book from our link, you support Love Books. We stand for growth. That means you are indirectly helping people to grow in life with books.

A Hierarchy of Values

Next, we need to consider our values…as they build you and your purpose of life. If your values are not aligned with your ultimate purpose, you’re not going to do it.

The Spell of Belief System ( Purpose)

This image shows that, how the actual you is not your words and behavior, it’s actually your deep values, beliefs, and mindset. 

When I say values, here I mean End Values. The end value is actually that builds your small beliefs. examples of end values: love, adventure, growth, contribution, etc. One can have multiple values.

The reason we are discussing it is simple- Your values make your ultimate purpose. And they need to be aligned.

Note: When your values don’t match with someone close to you, maybe from friends or family. It creates conflicts and it’s common. And you can’t simply change anyone’s mind, only they can. So instead of fighting, talk less.

Takeaway: You are what you think you are.

Finding Your Reasons

When it comes to doing anything in life, Reasons reaps Rewards. We always think that if I feel good that’s enough but feeling good isn’t important to feel motivated. And you need motivation and it is not something you have, it’s something you do. Your motivation comes from your purpose, beliefs, and reasons.

The Reason is important for a particular task. You have the motivation to eat food because the reason is hunger. The more strong the reason is, the more motivation you have to do something.

Now you need strong reasons. Reasons that are tied to your purpose, identity, and values. If you’re struggling to do something, maybe you’re not sure ‘why’ it’s important. 

Let’s just think about something, maybe you want to learn Computer Programming. So what are three reasons you want to learn it?

  1. I am passionate about and I want to spend my life in it.
  2. I want a better career.
  3. I have to do it because of my family. (Literally Anything)

You can find reasons to do something easily, only if it is important. And if it isn’t important, why you’re doing that, you have no reason. And without a reason, it’s meaningless to do something. 

Takeaway: In order, to do something you need a strong reason to do it.

Finding Your Ultimate Purpose

We have discussed why(purpose), your self-identity, your values, and your reasons. That’s all are important to make a better Purpose. The purpose is what you’re living for.


Ikigai is a Japanese word, loosely translated as ‘purpose’. 

The purpose is the common ground between what we love, what we’re good at, what the world needs, and what we can get paid for. It’s a great first step to discover your purpose. Ask yourself what you’re living for.

Think about your self-identity and how you have or can change as we discussed. Think about your passion or passions and if you don’t have to make one (find your passion here.) Think about your values and some reasons that support all of them. 

Make a Purpose that aligns with your values and beliefs.

For Example- Rohan’s purpose of life to start a company and eliminate Alzheimer’s forever. He think he can do that so he has a good self-identity. He loves biology and his grandma died because of Alzheimer’s, so he is passionate about the subject and he has a lot of reasons for support and motivation.

Your life is different from the story but you know how your life is. So have a Purpose in life, make it.

Takeaway: Your Purpose should be aligned with your beliefs and values. Don’t worry just make one because purpose evolves with time.

Your Purpose of life is why you are living it. And if you are looking for a book we suggest “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek.

Note: The links of book are affiliate links. What is it? It is simple, whenever you buy a book from our link, you support Love Books. We stand for growth. That means you are indirectly helping people to grow in their life with books

Start With Why

 Learn how to…

  1. Find your why/purpose
  2. Build a system for every day getting 1% better.
  3. Use the golden circle.
  4. Make time for making new habits.
  5. Overcome lack of motivation and energy. 

…And more 

Submitting It Up!

» Start with Why

» Develop your Self Identity

» Discover Your Passion

» Make Reasons as supports.

» Find Your Purpose

Enhance Your Learning

1. Why asking reasons are important?

2. What are some End Values?

3. What is your Self Identity?

4. Do you have a Purpose in life?


If you have a Big House, cars, property, everything. But you don’t have your purpose of life or you don’t know why you are alive. Is it worth it to live a life like that? For me: NO!

That’s why we need a Purpose in our life align with our values and beliefs. So it gives a sense of satisfaction and not only that. It makes you, your identity.

And as you have read this article, I am sure you are serious and excited about it.

And I hope your life will be worth living.

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

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