Why you have never finished your New Year Resolutions


But will you achieve it ?

Written By Parth Agarwal


Everyday I used to write down in my time table that I am going to study for 6 hours today. And as the same story of every student. You would know, at the end of the day, I would have studied only two hours.
Now I have become better but the question is, does this happen with your new resolution too?

If yes you are at the right place.Can you guess why it happens so? It happens because installing a habit is really a tough skill to master. That does not means you cannot master it. It’s just that no has told you to learn the skill and here I am to teach you that.

 And believe me, it may be a bit hard especially if it’s your first but the rewards are much more than the hard work. What we are going to do now is understand what it takes to keep new year resolution But before we dive in how to do this?

I have a question for you. Why you should even listen to me? Is what I am going to tell you, really going to help you?

I have installed 4 habits successfully myself.

1. Reading book

2. Wakingup at 5 a.M. 

3. Making a time table daily

4. Making to do list daily.

And I am going to tell you, exactly, the same things which I have learnt . And with the help of which I have made the installation of the above habits possible.

Tables of Contents

Four cases where you can learn something about making resolutions

» Case 1: Writting down your goals 

» Case 2. Measure your results.

» Case 3. Feel Motivated

» Case 4. Get Accountable


Case 1: Writting down your goals


So let’s start with the case 1

Rahul is an extremely ambitious boy. He wants to achieve many things in his life. His present goal is to reduce weight. He is Excited to achieve his goal. After a month , he finds that he has not achieved his goal.

One day ,when Rahul reached school , he heard something from his friend Aakruti . He got to know that he also has put a new year resolution to reduce weight. She was able to reduced 2kg in a month .


So what Aakruti has done that Rahul has not? the same question was in Rahul’s mind. Rahul smiled and asked Aakruti what she has done to reduce her weigh? She replied I wrote down my goal to reduce 3 kilogram in one month on a sheet of paper . And everyday I review it and write down just three things, I am going do to achieve my long term goal.

What did you learn?

 Actually, there is difference between a wish and Desire. A Desire is in written and you review it and do something every day for it .

Essential Tip: You can write and paste your goal paper where you can see it daily.

Case 2. Measure your results.

Rahul is progressing but his progress is a bit slow. He has been able to reduce 1 kg in a month.
Still trying to figure out ways of how he can improve.

One day when Rahul was playing football. His coach called everybody and did his weekly review of players performance.
His coach called them one by one and looked into his spreadsheet and commented on each players performance . And gave suggestions on how to improve. After Coach completed his work, Rahul got fascinated and asked his teacher,” Why did you keep records of each player”

The Coach replied, “How do you know that your scooty is going to get out of fuel”. he replied,” I see fuel metre and when it is low I recognise that my scooty is out of fuel”.

“Exactly”, said the coach and continued “same thing here, my dear . I keep records so that I can understand which players are doing good and which players need help”.  Rahul realised if keeping scores can help in improving football, then it can also help him to reduce weight . Rahul started keeping record of three things. First was his weight measured weekly. Second how many times he eat in a day and third how much hours of exercise has done per day. Rahul has started seeing tremendous results. He reduced  2 kilo weight in next month.

What did you learn? 

After doing what you have learnt in case 1. You are going to measure your performance in two ways. You are going to do it the juice and orange way.

So what does this orange and Juice mean?
To get orange juice you must have first have oranges. It is as simple as that. As in the case of Rahul, he wants to reduce his weight . Reducing weight is his juice, the final outcome That Rahul wants. And diet and exercise are oranges. The things which help him to achieve his end goal. So we are going to measure both. You will have to find some way to measure it. It can be a bit hard but worth it.

Essential tip: You can make simple charts with the help of google sheets. You can check out this video if you want to learn you can watch this tutorial.

Note: The links of book are affiliate links. What is it? It is simple, whenever you buy a book from our link, you support Love Books. We stand for growth. That means you are indirectly helping people to grow in life with books.

Case 3. Feel Motivated

After applying case 1 and case 2, Rahul seen tremendous results. But the problem is that, he could not keep his results consistent. Now he gets bored doing exercise and wants to eat unhealthy food more.

Basically, he is lacking in motivation. Slowly, due to his lack of motivation. Rahul has forgotten about his goal. After that he ended up with  his normal and fatty life. Then one day , one of his friends asked him to play cricket with them at 5 AM.

Thereafter everyday Rahul waked up at 4:45 and goes to play with his friends. Why do I tell you all of this? One day when he waked up at 4:45, he realized one thing. many a times he has tried to wake up at 5 a.M. but he could not . Buut this time he did wake up at 5 a.M because this time he has to play with his friends.

Now he called his friend Suhaani who has earlier showed interest in reducing weight. And agreed her to be partners in reducing weight . So Rahul started with his friend Suhani to reduce weight.

What do we learn from this?

If you want to make good habits you don’t have to install it alone . Installing it with somebody makes the task much easier and also keeps you motivated. And the second thing we must always keep looking for motivators.

For Example playing cricket was motivator for Rahul . Rahul’s progress is going on really on another level. last month he reduced 4 kilo weight. Isn’t that amazing.

Case 4. Get accountable

Rahul’s friend Suhani with whom he was reducing weight has to go to his Nani’s house. After returning neither Rahul nor Suhani tried to contact each other and have forgotten about their goal of loosing weight.

This month Rahul only lost one kilogram weight. This was a wake up call for Rahul. He came with a solution. There are going to do a weekly call discussing their score and results. To have this call is mandatory, if they cannot do it in person to person , then they will do it on call.

What do we learn from it ?

Case 1 case 2 Test 3 can give you tremendous results but so that these results do not get lost.
you have to do a weekly analysis of your results . It is also compulsory to make a one powerful commitment to ensure your score board keeps on mo

Now your chance

Now you have learned everything you need to install a habit successfully. So are you ready to achieve your New Year resolutions? 

I don’t think so! : there is one last thing  I need to tell you .

Earlier in the article  I have told you everything you need to install habit . But I must tell you that installing a habit is not that easy and especially if you’re doing it for the first time.

Warning : Do not try to install all the cases together. Take it easy. Just apply case 1 for 1 month and when you are successful with it then only start applying  case 2.

 You cannot do everything together . You will have to go step by step . I am again warning you , please apply one case at a time because if you try to do everything you will not be able to do anything 


Submitting It Up!

      » Write down your goal and  review it daily. 

» Measure your results.

» Never install a habit alone.

» Hold regular meetings to review your results and planning.

I cannot tell you everything in this message or article . And by the way nobody can unless he is a super-human. That’s why I have gathered for you some book recommendations . This  will help you understand the above stated statements in more depth.

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