Writers and Lovers: Precise Explanation of Story and Language.

Hello, friends, I am back with something new for you. I have not done many single book review. This time I decided to give it a try.’ Writers and lovers‘ is one of my favourite books. Hope you like it.

AUTHOR OF BOOK: Writers and Lovers

Lily King is one of our great literary treasures and’ Writers and Lovers‘ is filled with her brilliance.


King grew up in Massachusetts and received – B.A in English literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. and an M.A in creative writing from Syracuse University. She has also taught English and creative writing at several universities and high schools.

One might guess this new novel was deeply autobiographical even if King hadn’t said much, then also, it reflects her life with similar ups and downs as Casey’s.

Why I like Her??

  1. I have been following Lily’s work for quite a long time now.With time I’ve seen her work grew tremendously.
  2. With every next novel ,she brings a part totally different story with which I can relate to.
  3. I recently had an interview where Lily king I was talking about how she build her characters? And how to start to write a novel?? There she mentioned… that she usually puts the character in an uncomfortable situation or in an environment full of tensions.
  4. Then she continues to find how the character will face the challenges and what will bring out the best in it.

Other works and book

Lily have written many short stories and essays which got published in many of the distinguished magazines and newspapers like Vogue, The New York Times, Los Angeles review of books etc. Her first ever short story got published in glamour train 1991.

  • The Pleasing hourwas the New York time Notable book, won Barnes and Noble Discover Award and many more other awards.
  • Her third novel Father of the Rainwas a New York Times Editors Choice, winner of New England Book Award for fiction and the Maine Fiction Award.
  • But my personal favourite is her fourth novel Euphoria (2014). I completely love her work and could not even get out of the stance of the book. The setting of the story is of the time of World War II. The main characters are stuck in a Love triangle and Everything is at stake.. their relation, careers and most importantly their lives.

Language and tone of the novel Writers and lovers.

It’s captivating, potent, incisive and wise, a moving story of grief and recovering from grief, and of a young woman finding her courage of life.

Readers found themselves in the lingering world of this novel. Lily King is a beautiful writer, with equally strong gifts for dialogues and internal monologue. I feel this book’s philosophies and the way of dialoguing them is just another level. Visualisation of characters’ communication is so beautifully portrayed.

Lily King has the habit of entailing the writers that Casey loves best. In this way, it’s not that much hard to believe that King, too, is telling us the truest things she know.


Lily King and her novel Writers and lovers returns with an unforgettable portrait of an artist as an young woman.
Writers and lovers follows Casey- a smart and achingly vulnerable protagonist. She is the one who at the age of thirty one, is still clutching onto something nearly all her old friends have let go of– the determination to live a creative life.

King has created a woman on the cusp of personal fulfillment and strong enough to stand on her own, someone similar to mighty lady. Casey tells her story in a desperate first person that results in the kind of sentences one might scoff at in a book about writers.

In a sense, Casey has the perfect setup. Her two beaux complement each other perfectly, and yet her inability to carry on with both 8s what makes her story exactly right. She realizes that her reliance on these men for a ‘you complete me’ feeling is unsustainable and undesirable.

She believes, that she has too much to do on his own. After that only, she can be a true and equal partner to anyone else (an important reflection of self dependent woman). When we meet Casey, she is feeling blasted apart by a passionate affair with a poet. She met him at a prestigious writing residency, soon after her mother’s death. Like several of King’s earlier heroines, Casey has been unlucky in love.

She began with a painfully flawed father and proceeding to a series of ‘on and off, here then gone’ boyfriends. Lily has presented Casey as an irresistible female protagonist. We readers immediately falls into her web search for comfort, love and success– an impossible trio.



  • Casey Peabody, the female protagonist of the story finds herself surrounded with different kinds of emotion. In the beginning of the novel author introduces us with the main character of the story.
  • There, we get to know that… The sudden demise of her mother has emotionally wrecked Casey. She has left alone in solitude and often cries because she has no one to share her day with.


  • One day, abruptly she took a decision to move to Massachusetts in the summer of 1997 without any prior planning. Where in the high paced city she decided to go to her college ‘Cambridge’.
  • She is an aspirant writer, who is still struggling so as to publish her first book. Also to earn a living she works as a waitress in a restaurant, named Harvard square.
  • She could barely earn something, which is enough only for her survival… but this is definitely not the life she wanted to live in her early thirties
  • She lives in a small rented house( the mouldy room or potting shed) at the side of a garage. Here she continues to complete a novel which she has been writing for six years now.
  • Casey is a passionate and driven girl. Even in her 30’s the barrier of age could not stop her from following the dream she aspires. She still wants to live a creative life, therefore she is still struggling to become a writer so as to not lead a boring life


  • Right now Casey is leading a Bizarre life. Her mail list is full of final warning from Debt collectors. Everything is so ambiguous.
  • Her mental health condition is not at its best, even her job is insecure. And sometimes she feels like she is unable to breathe. But in all this uncertainty to add more troubles in her life she started to fall for two men at the same time.

So it all started when….

  • Casey usually used to spend time with herself. One day she encounters with the painting at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.
  • This was the place where she finds her love interest….which are two different men with astoundingly different character traits and personalities. In the midst of uncertainty and various emotions finding her the right partner is also uncertain.


  • Everything is blurred in CASEY’s life. But the only thing she knows very clearly is that she had to write and she will write at any cost.

She longs “To write something as good as right where her belt clinches her pinafore.”

  • She knows that ,what she desires is pretty hard to accomplish but she have to do.

There is a Madness to beauty, when you stumble upon it like that.

  1. How the miserable conditions will turn Casey into a better writer ??
  2. Which of the two men will help her accomplish the desire to be a creative??
  3. And who will be more uplifting… to live her own dreams??

So, to find the answers of all these questions..I strongly recommend you to definitely go and read Writers and lovers, an amazing book by Lily king.

Critical Appreciation

Writers and Lovers is a bemusing and exquisite novel ’bout writing and love. It’ s beauty lies in its exact observations.
There’s nothing exotic or startling new about this story, but Writers and Lovers is stellar proof that literature doesn’t have to be groundbreaking to be absolutely compelling.

In fact, King’s novel about the choices and sacrifices involved in holding onto a dream would be a worthy addition to writing program curricula. Not only does Casey’s story capture how hard it can be to believe in yourself…

Stay the course and just finish the damn book when all your friends are getting paychecks and promotions, marrying and moving ahead but also, reassurance that you don’t have to break in the mid to write a great book.

If you are into romance fiction or if you are one of those people who have ambiguity in life.. then you will definitely relate to Casey. And will love to hear her story of how she approaches to find correct men for her and continue

Probably you loved the book so much that you want to buy it now. What are you waiting for? You can do from the link below. If you are in a trauma, that should you buy this book or not? Why not read the preview of the book from the link below.

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